June 23, 2018

VIRAL: Owen Benjamin ROASTS Jordan Peterson, Tommy Robinson and more

Rebel Staff

"Roastmaster General" Jeff Ross advises his fellow comedians to "only roast the ones you love." In that spirit, Owen Benjamin (who co-wrote this stirring song about Tommy Robinson, in collaboration with his fandom, a.k.a., "The Bears") set out to make good natured fun of some of his friends and heroes on "the right."


During a live chat, his fans suggested people like Jordan Peterson, Milo, Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder and Candace Owens, and Benjamin spontaneously came up with "insults" that fit them perfectly. Pretty impressive — and hilarious.

So perfectly that this video quickly went viral!

And, yes: It's a roast. He's joking... 

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commented 2018-06-23 17:27:57 -0400
It was Owen’s “Unbearables” who were giving him the names on his livestream during the roast; he was freestyling and nailed it! Thumbs up Owen!
commented 2018-06-23 15:26:14 -0400
I am not Familiar with this Guy but he made me belly laugh a few times.

Of topic but a good video. 2hrs.

The Tommy Robinson Scandal – How Did We Get here.
commented 2018-06-23 12:53:43 -0400
Harsh dude.
This is a heck of an intro to Owen Benjamin. He is actually a puppy dog.

“If you think that what I just said was serious you are so ……. …….. you shouldn’t be able to drive a car, and I’m dead serious. You should not have a drivers license I’m dead serious.”
He roasted (off the cuff) almost all the interesting youtubers and good right wingers.
commented 2018-06-23 12:46:41 -0400
dope shit, as the kids used to say