February 01, 2016

Want information on Canada’s Syrian refugee plan? Look to Washington and Homeland Security

Brian LilleyArchive

Americans are taking serious note of Canada’s plan to bring in 25,000 refugees on a fast-track basis and it seems they aren’t falling for the Liberal’s “don’t worry, be happy” nonsense either. 

Later this week, U.S. Senate’s Homeland Security Department will be holding a hearing on Canada’s plan and this may be good for us.

As you know, we at the Rebel have been getting stonewalled in our efforts to get basic information regarding the Syrian refugee initiative through access to information requests but it seems the Americans have been getting briefed so maybe now we’ll find out something useful.

One thing is certain, they’re not likely to be given the same B.S. and bafflegab that the government has been feeding to the media in Canada.


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commented 2016-02-02 15:40:38 -0500
Oh great, now Trump’s going to build another wall and make Canada pay for it.
commented 2016-02-02 04:45:25 -0500
Now Goodale is involved. McCallum must be passed out in a ditch from too much scotch blend – again.

Ah the liberal fossils. Useless as ever.
commented 2016-02-02 03:37:24 -0500
Look at the bright side. At least somebody is going to hold the Liberals accountable.
commented 2016-02-02 00:38:44 -0500
Henry… You may be disappointed by the article but I am absolutely mortified by the act or acts committed by our treasonous prime minister elect Justin Trudeau..
His communist father and a Jesuit along with his treasonous son will go down in history as the two absolutely worst prime minister’s/elected civil servants in Canadian history.
commented 2016-02-01 23:24:39 -0500
I’m disappointed by a major factual error in this article/video. Brian talks about the “US Senate’s Homeland Security Department” in both the printed article and the video. That implies that Homeland Security is some kind of function of the US Senate. The Department of Homeland Security is a major department of the US federal government and is NOT in any way a part of the US Senate. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Department_of_Homeland_Security]. Jeh Johnson, the head of Homeland Security, is a member of Obama’s cabinet and was appointed by him, not the Senate. Johnson may have to occasionally report to one or another Senate committee but he is Obama’s man. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeh_Johnson]
commented 2016-02-01 23:02:28 -0500
I don’t know if any of you out there realize this or remember it but Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre Elliott Trudeau was a card-carrying communist who was denied entry into the United States until he became Prime Minister and then they had no choice but to let him travel freely there..
It seems the Apple has fallen right next to the tree.
And yes climate fallacy there will be much blood on his hands… He will be bathing in the blood of Canadian citizens and enjoying it.
commented 2016-02-01 20:09:05 -0500
Was on a business Trip in the US before XMAS and showed our Truedope immigration policies !
They were not impressed!
“Damn were getting surrounded"
That’s for sure I repied, contact your Congressman!
commented 2016-02-01 20:00:36 -0500
Keep coming at them 10X Brian!
Treasondeau has something to hide, and we must find out what it is.

Any harm to a Canadian by Treasondeau and his cabal’s dereliction of duty will be blood stains on their hands and face that will not wash off, and will not be forgotten.

commented 2016-02-01 19:44:05 -0500
Let us pray that Trump wins in the USA, I am sure he will not delay in the placing of a fire cracker up Trudeau’s over worked Rectal Orifice
commented 2016-02-01 18:10:16 -0500
3 months in, 45 more to go!
commented 2016-02-01 17:56:18 -0500
Just ask any established American families how their Middle East experiment is working out for them… It’s so bad they can’t even hide it anymore.
Justin Trudeau will have a lot to answer for
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