April 10, 2016

War for Islamic control of the Philippines takes another 18 lives

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Over the past decade, several peace treaties have been signed with jihadi groups in the Philippines, but inevitably, the jihadis simply adopt another name and resume fighting for control of another part of the Archipelago. 

The latest story on this now very old yet forgotten struggle took place today with the Philippines vowing revenge after 18 of its soldiers were killed by a jihadi group

April 10:

 Philippine military officials vowed Sunday to "destroy" the Abu Sayyaf extremist group with more offensives after fierce fighting over the weekend left 18 soldiers dead in the government's largest single-day combat loss so far this year.

Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and top military officials flew to the south to meet most of the 53 soldiers who were wounded in fighting with Abu Sayyaf militants that raged for nearly 10 hours Saturday in the hinterlands on Basilan island. At least five militants, including a Moroccan fighter, were killed, the military said.

Here is the story from yesterday about the actual attack:

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippine military suffered its largest single-day combat loss so far this year when 18 soldiers were killed in fierce fighting with Abu Sayyaf extremists that also left five Islamic militants dead, including a Moroccan fighter, the military said Sunday.

At least 53 other soldiers were wounded in Saturday's daylong clashes with the Abu Sayyaf militants and allied gunmen in the hinterlands bordering the towns of Tipo Tipo and Al-Barka on Basilan island, regional military spokesman Maj. Filemon Tan and other army officials said.

The large combat casualties were reported as the Philippines marked the Day of Valor Saturday to remember Filipino veterans who died in World War II.

But wait, didn't the Philippine government sign a peace treaty with the main Muslim terrorist group, MILF (Moro-Islamic Liberation Front)?

January 2014:

On January 24, 2014, Philippine government chief negotiator Miriam Coronel Ferer and MILF chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal signed the final annex of the peace agreement in Kuala Lumpur. Two months later, on March 27, 2014, the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro was signed in Manila and witnessed by Philippine President Benigno Aquino III, MILF Chairman Al Haj Murad Ibrahim, and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. The agreement would pave the way for the creation of the new Muslim autonomous entity called "Bangsamoro" under a law to be approved by the Philippine Congress.

So the Philippine authority caved to Muslim terrorists and allowed the creation of an Islamic autonomous zone within the Philippines proper. 

And then in 2015:

While MILF and other Muslim terrorists claim their fight for total Islamic manifest destiny in the Philippines is merely "defensive," the initial offensive by the Philippine Government was to capture people being sheltered and nurtured by the Islamic terror group  that are way beyond the terms of any peace treaty.

How long has this particular problem existed in the Philippines and why does no one seem to understand the nature of this conflict?

For that I ask you to turn your attention to this WW2 era Hollywood film, made when Hollywood could tell the truth about American military expeditions for global freedom and the preservation of autonomous peoples.

1939 Samuel Goldwyn film: The Real Glory, with Gary Cooper and David Niven in a story that took place in 1906.

So it would seem that at one point, everyone did know about this conflict and understood its nature perfectly.
What has happened since? 



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commented 2016-04-11 12:01:05 -0400
Speaking of moderates, they are actually the majority. (When I say moderate I mean those who are not violent.)….and they are irrelevant.

1.2 billion Muslims around the world

15-25% are the radical minority

75%are the peaceful majority

Which means that there are still 180-300 MILLION Muslims who are dedicated to the destruction of western civilization. That is no small number.
The peaceful majority is irrelevant.
A Muslim woman asks a question of Brigitte Gabriel, and probably wishes she hadn’t.
commented 2016-04-11 09:00:01 -0400
Maurice. Thanks for the video link. I suspect the speaker is in the extreme minority of that faith in both Canada and the U.S.
commented 2016-04-10 18:13:41 -0400
Following the Spanish American War of 1898 the U.S acquired the Philippines from Spain as part of the truce agreement . When the Americans arrived in the Philippines they found that Muslims were trying to take over much like they’re trying today. In charge of the Americans was General John Pershing , later the American General in charge of American forces in WW1. The Americans ended up having to fight the Muslims but Pershing had an ace up his sleeve. He declared that any Muslim who is killed fighting American forces will be buried with a pig in his grave. That ended the fighting right then and there.
commented 2016-04-10 17:45:57 -0400
No surprise here.
commented 2016-04-10 13:56:28 -0400
Ha, good point Glenn.
commented 2016-04-10 13:50:00 -0400
You know what….suede garments just might serve as effective armour against unwanted groping.
commented 2016-04-10 13:43:43 -0400
Looks like ‘bending over’ to me.
“The MILF, the largest Muslim rebel group in the Philippines, agreed in March last year to disband its guerrilla force and surrender 15,000 weapons in exchange for control of their economy, culture and politics.”

MILF may still be honouring the peace treaty but Bangsamoro looks like an offshoot group who don’t.

commented 2016-04-10 13:02:58 -0400
Saudi Arabia and the UN have deep pockets.

The, so called, leaders of the western world, having all been put in place by the UN, do as they are told.

Justin Trudeau is a good example of the type. Money is the bait.

Trudeau has to be stopped, if we do that and then purge Canada of it’s infestation of Muslim Bed Bugs, then perhaps we may survive.
commented 2016-04-10 12:49:52 -0400
“But wait, didn’t the Philippine government sign a peace treaty with the main Muslim terrorist group, MILF (Moro-Islamic Liberation Front)?”

Yes they did, and it still holds to this day. The peace agreement hinged on the passage of the BBL which did not happen within the alloted time. Despite this, the MILF is still honoring the agreement. In fact, the MILF is fighting along side the Philippine military in efforts to erradicate extremist groups such as the Abu Sayyaf. Here is a link to one recent example:

MILF joins govt forces in combat as ASG camp falls in Basilan

Also, the title of this article is very misleading. The Moros have no desire to control the Philippines…

To quote a line from this article again: “why does no one seem to understand the nature of this conflict?”

It is clear from reading this article that the writer doesn’t understand this conflict or the current events taking place in the Philippines. SMH
commented 2016-04-10 12:39:40 -0400
We need an army of women armed with big guns and pig skins to bury the Islamists in. Two things they are ascared of. Dying at the hands of a woman and going to Allah in a pig skin.
commented 2016-04-10 12:35:30 -0400
47:25 "……. this is your country, and if its your country, you’ve got to protect it. But you never will as long as you’re afraid of men like this! He thinks you’re only fit for slaves, and that’s because you act like slaves. Fear has made you slaves!

You don’t negotiate with terrorists EVER. Every single concession made to supremacists, every time we concede and call it being ‘inclusive’ ‘fair’ and ‘who we are’ we bend over to be done over, we seal our own fate. The free world will not be free much longer.

The Philippine government found out the value of making deals with terrorists. Signing a peace treaty with them was the same as signing the death warrant for their own country. They waved the white flag and surrendered. Act like slaves they will treat you like slaves.
commented 2016-04-10 12:10:19 -0400
Muslims cannot be trusted. Nothing new here. Where are all the “moderates” and trolls decrying this latest violence against the people of the Phillipines?
commented 2016-04-10 10:01:19 -0400
So moslem thugs are a bunch of MILF’s?