October 02, 2016

War on Halloween: Home Depot pulls “peeping Tom” prop after one woman complains

David MenziesMission Specialist

September wasn't over before the first salvo was fired in the War on Halloween: 2016 Edition. Home Depot pulled a Halloween prop called the "Scary Peeper Creeper" after a woman saw the decoration at a Markham, Ontario store and lodged a complaint.

Apparently, Breanne Hunt-Wells thinks the Scary Peeper Creeper makes light of predatory behaviour against women.

It looks like a goofy Halloween prop to me but in an interview with CBC Radio, Hunt-Wells says there’s nothing funny about the Scary Peeper Creeper, saying:

“I fail to see the humour in it. It makes light of a very serious crime. Voyeurism is a crime in Canada.”

Hunt-Wells is a co-parent (a.k.a teacher) and says she researched voyeurism, noting that it often escalates into sexual assaults, including rape.

Who’d have thunk it? A $29 Halloween prop is somehow linked to rape culture?

Home Depot caved with one complaint from a Nervous Nellie sending the decoration into the graveyard of discontinued merchandise.

Too bad. I wanted to buy a couple of those to upset the sensibilities of scaredy-cat social justice warriors!

But I wonder, has Home Depot thought this through? Just think of all the groups that can now claim offence over various Halloween decorations.

Condemning Halloween for costumes that are linked to cultural appropriation is now passé! It’s time to wage war on props that are somehow seen as being offensive for ... whatever.

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commented 2016-10-03 20:34:18 -0400
Liza Rosie: Yeah that one was pretty cool but I would have preferred if they covered the magnet finer up with something flesh colored or painted. When the girl came around she told me I was one of the unlucky ones who got the short form. I said no I’m one of the lucky ones. My sister got the long form and said the person kept coming back even after they sent it in. I guess if you are getting paid they don’t care.
commented 2016-10-03 16:20:44 -0400
Awesome! I wish I had that peering and tapping from the inside out to greet the census lady this past summer. I’ll be prepared for the next one.
commented 2016-10-03 03:19:38 -0400
I would be a lot more scared if it was a horrible looking face such a Notley or Wynne looking in my window.
commented 2016-10-03 03:02:54 -0400
I have to have it I have to. I wonder where I can pick one up If Home Depot isn’t carrying it anymore.
commented 2016-10-03 00:35:22 -0400
Eh. If Home Depot wants to pull it, they can pull it. The prop is clearly a sadistic-looking voyeur, and shouldn’t have made it to the shelf in the first place. The face doesn’t fit with the Home Depot image, and Home Depot should really be vetting their Halloween decor more effectively.
commented 2016-10-03 00:25:36 -0400
@ Sean Penson commented 3 hours ago
This hallowe’en decoration is extremely frightening, and it should have been banned
That is why you cower at home in your mommy’s basement and real men actually go out and “man up”.

I know you might not believe this, but you do come across as a complete limp wristed and weak dicked coward at the best of times – so your response does not surprise anyone here.

Least of all me.
commented 2016-10-02 22:41:20 -0400
Mass muslim immigration is what is truly frightening
commented 2016-10-02 22:27:17 -0400
I usually agree with most of what David Menzies has to say but not so much on this one and not because I think it is offensive to women but because it is to realistic and to scary for young children; maybe even for an old woman like me. Most Halloween paraphernalia is supposed to be scary but most has to do with fantasy or movies, etc. It can still scare some children, perhaps more than we realize, but this face would look real and just be there. I guarantee nightmares would ensue. No need to ban it but a little thought about where and how it was used would perhaps be wise.
commented 2016-10-02 21:44:21 -0400
This hallowe’en decoration is extremely frightening, and it should have been banned
commented 2016-10-02 21:33:11 -0400
Liza Rosie that was pretty funny and scary. Almost as bad as this story. http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2016/09/28/muslim-woman-hijab-poses-playboy/ I think this is how they cure sex addiction in the middle east. When you turn to the centerfold she is in a full Burka brandishing a sword ready to all West Side Story on your privates. I think lost all feeling in my nether regions but I’m too afraid to check. I think I’m living in Seinfields bizarro world
commented 2016-10-02 19:11:13 -0400
This Woman had better stay away from Muslims, they look scary and wear Halloween Costumes year round. Oh yes, they have Sexual Emergencies also.
commented 2016-10-02 19:04:54 -0400
It reminds me of the creepy government peering into my life…….. geez I think I’ve been triggered.
commented 2016-10-02 18:56:54 -0400
Shebel Raj – you are such a realist! That was great.
commented 2016-10-02 17:55:52 -0400
It is now a draw between Greig and Shebel
commented 2016-10-02 17:32:40 -0400
Is it OK if the children, dress up in long black robes and cover their faces with just a slit left, so they can see. and they carry a a small case with a lock and wires hanging out of it that are attached to a cell phone ?
commented 2016-10-02 17:01:56 -0400
Come on people the pumpkin genocide is real, you cannot just turn away.
commented 2016-10-02 17:01:07 -0400
Greig NICE!!
commented 2016-10-02 17:00:37 -0400
commented 2016-10-02 16:57:48 -0400
DH yes Harpers war on women was a real conflict right? IDIOT!
commented 2016-10-02 16:42:44 -0400
“Voyeurism is a crime in Canada.”——— except at the Gay Pride Parade . For Homos- it is a Virtue . Right , Breanne?
commented 2016-10-02 16:07:49 -0400
Being a school ‘teacher’, she could seriously do something about her concerns re sexual assaults and rape by stoping the sexualization of kids in school by pushing Wynne’s sex-ed program.
commented 2016-10-02 16:00:58 -0400
Sue in this day and age I’ll be surprised if he gets to the second house with just the baseball bat, sans any adornment.
commented 2016-10-02 15:19:17 -0400
Oh, and here’s a small story about the helicopter teachers; the same son, my eleven year old hates winter coats and prefers to wear two hoodies, a hat and gloves to school which is a walking distance of five minutes from our home. The teacher thought we couldn’t afford a winter coat and he was going to catch himself a death of a cold, that she pulled an over-sized one out of the lost and found and made him wear it home. He said he was so embarrassed because he looked like a giant fruit loop. He returned to school the next day with his same two hoodies, hat and gloves, except with a note that read, “Dear Mrs. so and so, Chris hates coats and gets too overheated in them. He is comfortable in the clothes he is wearing, thanks.”
commented 2016-10-02 14:57:13 -0400
My eleven year old son is going out for Halloween as Negan, the bad guy from the Walking Dead series. He has his costume all together, including a baseball bat as an accessory. He wanted barbed wire at the end of it, but I said, “Honey, if we do that then you can be sure we will have a swarm of cops surrounding us by the third house.” So, he settled for tin foil at the end of the bat instead.

Here’s a pic; http://static.srcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/Jeffrey-Dean-Morgan-as-Negan-in-The-Walking-Dead-Season-6-Episode-16.jpg
commented 2016-10-02 14:40:39 -0400
We must save the Children and adults from all things ‘scary’ . This ditty used to be for children 3 and up…….https://youtu.be/4coi65CT1G4
commented 2016-10-02 14:23:04 -0400
Actually its an effigy of a taxpayer peering in the window of Casa Loma watching the $27K Librano supper he paid for but was not invited to.
commented 2016-10-02 14:20:43 -0400
" That’s not a prop, it’s John McCallum, waiting for the liquor store to open."

Now that’s funny right there, no mater how you pull yer wet pants off after reading it.

Gag of the month Greig
commented 2016-10-02 13:47:53 -0400
I would take “voyeurism” any day over beheading, female genital mutilation, rape, etc., that is common in some migrant populations!