July 26, 2017

Washed-up Nine Inch Nails founder Trent Reznor calls Trump a “f*cking moron”and a “vulgar, grotesque dope”

StaffRebel Columnist

As the downward spiral of Trent Reznor's career continues, the Nine Inch Nails frontman decided to differentiate himself from every other celebrity out there and insult President Donald Trump.

In an interview with the Village Voice, the musician spoke about the Trump administration and the state of the United States saying, “Clearly I find it…disheartening.”

He said that as a kid from the Rust Belt he feels deeply connected to that part of the country and can understand why people vote the way they do. “When you’re not in an urban environment, you often feel left out of the conversation, and I get that. I grew up in that.”

Reznor brought up talking about Trump with his kids, recalling when his six-year-old son asked him, “Donald Trump is a bad guy, isn’t he?”

“Look, I don’t think he’s a good guy. Some people do,” the industrial star replied. ““I don’t think he believes in science and I don’t think he believes people should be treated decently and I don’t think he tells the truth. That’s why I don’t like him.”

However, speaking with Village Voice, Reznor wasn't so quick to censor how he really feels. “It’s tough, because the president of the United States is a complete f*cking moron,” he told the website. “That’s what gets me the most — that he’s this vulgar, grotesque dope, everything I hate in people.”

It's almost like expects Trump to show everyone all the love in the world.

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commented 2017-12-30 22:57:06 -0500
Guys come one, lets be more real here. Trent Reznor is a bad ass. Trump doesn’t make any music, he’s just this funny old guy. I have nothing against trump but we need good music. Don’t hate on people like Trent Reznor, trust me that the world needs more musicians like this. Nine Inch Nails is definitely of the best bands out there and if you don’t dig this track, than maybe you’re more of a care bear kind of guy. But I like bad ass music, and this is as bad ass as it gets. Long live rebellious music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvyywDE67tY
commented 2017-07-27 15:13:58 -0400
Carole Masse, you have stated my thoughts exactly. Who is being vulgar now?
I, too, have never heard of this guy and obviously haven’t missed anything.
commented 2017-07-27 07:39:28 -0400
Drew.. Lol
That was funny.. That made me laugh.
Thanks buddy.. Even flat earth needs a good chuckle every now and then.!!
commented 2017-07-27 07:39:28 -0400
Drew.. Lol
That was funny.. That made me laugh.
Thanks buddy.. Even flat earth needs a good chuckle every now and then.!!
commented 2017-07-27 01:34:34 -0400
Yeah , you only had one good song in your career anyways. Now go be a good idiot and give all your money to Hillary.
commented 2017-07-27 01:14:03 -0400
Nine inch nails would work well for toenailing railroad ties . Use a pilot hole though. That’s useful info right there.
commented 2017-07-26 22:50:58 -0400
Yes, Glen Craig, and if it wasn’t for Cash doing that song , which was an epic and honest last note for Cash, I would never have heard of Nine Inch Nails. I can’t listen to Cash doing that song without crying. Cash doing that song was the best thing that ever happened to nine inch nails and now they are old news. Who the hell cares what Trent Reznor thinks about Trump. He is a nobody.
commented 2017-07-26 20:00:05 -0400
Maybe he can write a song called “hurt 2.0”… about being call to prayer five times a day while his country Burns.!!
commented 2017-07-26 19:53:57 -0400
Glenn Craig…
So what..??
He wrote a song big deal… His politics suck.
commented 2017-07-26 19:36:18 -0400
Who is vulgar here and a grotesque dope? Never heard of him and happy to.
commented 2017-07-26 19:13:32 -0400
Just as a background to who this guy is….he wrote a song that is the anthem of the junkie’s suffering. When Johnny Cash was undergoing chemo therapy for his terminal lung cancer, the last song he produced was a cover version….very apros pos…and deeply touching I might add….that is his claim to fame…

commented 2017-07-26 19:07:17 -0400
Re; 9 nine inch nails, ditto Tammie.
The way these people talk about Trump it is as if they are talking about another person. So off base.
commented 2017-07-26 18:17:39 -0400
It is really tough being a man these days.!!
The children growing up now no longer have “real men” as role models… They look up to people in the spotlight at aspire to be like them and in so bringing pre-meditated indoctrination with them.!!
Should be illegal.!!
commented 2017-07-26 17:15:18 -0400
Not a fan of Nine Inch Nails, but, I am a huge fan of Johnny Cash’s cover of their song Hurt.

Reznor’s comments are typical of those walking around with Trump Derangement Syndrome!
commented 2017-07-26 16:49:26 -0400
You need to Shut. The Fuck. Up.
commented 2017-07-26 16:48:12 -0400
Never heard of this intellectual before.
commented 2017-07-26 16:29:09 -0400
Trent Reznor hurt himself today…to see if he still feels…he holds on to his pain…the only thing he thinks is real……..:-)

Poster child of buddhist teachings on suffereing.