January 18, 2019

(WATCH) Andrew Lawton: Battle for campus free speech continues as former professors sue Lindsay Shepherd

Rebel Staff

Lindsay Shepherd’s former professors are suing her over leaking what they said about Jordan Peterson. Just as she fought back the first time they targeted her, she’s fighting back again. This time in court.

In part one of his new series on campus free speech, Shepherd joins True North’s Andrew Lawton for an exclusive, two-part interview about her case and the broader free speech battles.

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commented 2019-01-18 16:32:01 -0500
Those taxpayer-teat-sucking, communists who call themselves ‘educators’ are about as low and disgusting as taxpayer-teat-sucking communist scumbags can get.
The really sick thing here is, I bet those two jerk-off-professor-bullies think that they’re right – they’re that irrational and entitled – exploiting a system that creates them and supports them – and likely just to stroke their own vanity and ego!
The growing chasm between the right and the left, or between the right and the wrong, or between the normal good folks and the lefty daemons, is getting wider.
I am having difficulty recognizing many of them as even human anymore…