December 12, 2018

Here's why the United Nations should blame climate change, not global warming

David MenziesMission Specialist

It'd be easier to sell free migration as a human right if the United Nations should get their story straight. On the scene at the UN's Global Compact on Migration conference, there's a glaring error in language that anyone not living in the elite bubble can point out.

In the 70s, it was global cooling, then Al Gore popularized global warming, now it's climate change, but now it's global warming again. And the UN picked the wrong one.

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commented 2020-09-17 03:49:44 -0400
It doesn’t matter what we call these events, climate change or global warming, but the bottom line is that we can see it’s real. I read a lot of information about this at as I was preparing a study for the university. So many years ago, scientists predicted such an outcome of events. Carbon dioxide emissions exceed all indicators and until the situation’s not going to change. Even I notice in the zone where I live, that the climate is warmer every year.
commented 2018-12-12 20:15:46 -0500
You’re doing great reporting, David. Let’s hope what you and Sheila are exposing wake up ordinary folks to the huge rip off that is the United Nations. They’re all pigs on the public trough.