February 04, 2019

(WATCH) Freedom Toons: A Brief History of Socialism

Rebel Staff

"I told you common ownership wasn't going to work!" "...But we only tried this once, it wouldn't be fair not to give it a second chance!" Freedom Tunes has fun with the ideology that never seems to die, no matter how many it kills: Socialism.

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commented 2019-02-05 02:19:14 -0500
Sure did not seem like common ownership when Stalin stole food from starving Ukrainians, leaving them with nothing. Communism is death and Elitism at its worst.
commented 2019-02-04 13:19:55 -0500
I’ve just started reading “CRIMES OF THE EDUCATORS: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools To Destroy America’s Children”, by Samuel Blumenfeld and Alex Newman, that I heard about on THEREBEL:

The above Freedom Tunes cartoon should be mandatory viewing for all school children from Kindergarten through to graduate school…and there should be a test afterward! I’m pretty certain it would be a waste of time for the ‘educators’ to view it though…

“It is criminal to steal a purse, daring to steal a fortune, a mark of greatness to steal a crown. The blame diminishes as the guilt increases.”
Quote by Friedrich Schiller, on page one of the above book.