December 04, 2018

(WATCH) Gavin McInnes: An 18 Year Old Kid MAKES HOW MUCH $$$ Cutting Trees?

Rebel Staff

Gavin McInnes interviews 18-year-old tree cutter Joel Patrick about whether or not college is worth it.

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commented 2018-12-06 00:36:14 -0500
Isn’t Gavin supposed to be a racist or something? He is very disappointing to the rest of us who are. That’s what The Rebel is all about. Just ask Nick.
commented 2018-12-05 23:49:22 -0500
In his book, Shop Class as Soulcraft, Matthew Crawford says this;

Around 1985, articles began to appear in education journals with such titles as "The SoaringTechnoogy Revolution: and “Preparing Kids for High-Tech and the Global Future.” Of course, there is nothing new about American futurism. What is new is the wedding of futurism to what might be called “virtualize”: a bison of the future in which we somehow take leave of our material reality and glide about in a pure information economy. New and yet not so new- for fifty years now we’ve been assure that we are headed for a “post industrial society”.

While manufacturing jobs have certainly left our shores to a disturbing degree, the manual trades have not. If you need a deck built, or your car fixed, the Chinese are of no help. Because they are in China. And in fact there are chronic labour shortages in both construction and auto repair. Yet the trades and manufacturing have long been lumped together in the mind of the pundit class as “blue collar”, and their requiem in intoned. More recently, this consensus has begun to show signs of cracking; in 2006 the Wal Street Journal wondered whether “skilled [manual] labour is becoming one of the few sure paths to a good living.”

Yet, Nicholas Conklin keeps mocking Alberta for holding to obsolete technologies. The only reason Alberta isn’t booming is because of the complicity of their NDP, provincially and the Liberals, federally ganging up to screw them. One wonders when the new and final separatist movement will ignite?
commented 2018-12-05 01:34:49 -0500
I really find it ridiculous that a University education costs so much more for both taxpayers and the student. Part of that is probably over valued, self inflated professors, but there has to be more to it than that.
commented 2018-12-04 14:33:20 -0500
I had a young fellow who worked for himself take down a 40ft. tree for $250. It took him about an hour and he cut it up into fireside logs too. We were both happy. It was cash only. Happy to have the chance to screw the government for a change!
commented 2018-12-04 13:38:06 -0500
I have a good friend who is an Arborist, its true, good money.
Keep your kid’s out of University, send them to trade school. do society a favour.
commented 2018-12-04 11:21:16 -0500
“We’re lending money we don’t have, to kids who will never be able to pay it back, for jobs that no longer exist. That’s crazy, right? That’s what we’ve
been doing for the last forty years.”
Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs

Not only will you earn more faster, but you will not have 100k in debt to pay off.
commented 2018-12-04 07:57:01 -0500
I’ve know for a long time that a journeyman working in the trades makes a lot of money.

Going through an apprenticeship and becoming a tradesman is roughly equivalent to getting a bachelor degree at a university, except that you will make a lot more as a journeymen in a trade than most people with even their masters degree from university.