March 19, 2019

(WATCH) Matt Walsh: Why you shouldn't mock thoughts and prayers

Rebel Staff

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire, criticizes the Left for mocking "thoughts and prayers" after the Christchurch massacre.


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commented 2019-03-20 04:21:49 -0400
Does one really believe she came up with this herself? She has handlers, and they are as insensitive as she is dumb.

Crazy-eyes has only horse sense, and a horse isn’t the most genius of creatures.
commented 2019-03-19 16:38:07 -0400
Firstly, OAC mocks Catholicism the same as other politicians who are using Catholicism for their own use (vote) and to confuse Christians of all denominations on the subject of abortion and Catholicism. (Catholicism has been attacked by everyone for over 2000 years.)
Cortez and Pelosi, for example, brazenly and shamelessly made sure they were seen by the media with the sign of the cross placed on their foreheads with ashes on Ash Wednesday.
That is not only mockery it is blasphemous.

If you want to see a very thought provoking movie on prayer and how it isn’t about oneself (as in, God is not a vending machine), get the movie “Paul The Apostle”. It gives you an inside glimpse of the man, his demons, the simple intimacy he shared with Luke and how he affected others. It’s not an action packed movie, but will make you think and see him as a man, as a saint.
This movie is so applicable to today and the persecution of Christians.
(If you want to see another spectacular movie, watch ‘Risen’.)

Cardinal Pell was asked how this accusation against him would affect him and he defended the Church, not himself. Very much like Paul did.