December 04, 2018

Paris riots: “When even the French are protesting carbon taxes, you know global warming is a scam”

Kurt SchlichterHost of Take That

The French are having fits. Sure, that's not unusual, but what is is the reason - the regular, every day Pierres and Brigittes are furious that the global elitists running their country want them to pay a new carbon tax as a sacrifice to the global warming cult!

All around the world, normal people are saying "Non!" to this nonsense and "Oui!" to keeping their own money and power!

If you want to see raw footage and on the ground interviews from Paris, make sure to check our reports at for more.

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commented 2018-12-06 14:42:59 -0500
Most folks are discovering that the Climate Change emperor has no clothes. But our politicians, who are in on the deal, have become our enemies. Like Brian Jean said, all 3 levels of government are working against us.
commented 2018-12-05 07:52:42 -0500
Anyone who actually thinks that taxing the people actually reduces CO2 emissions is

… well, to put it as politely as I can … an idiot!
commented 2018-12-05 02:21:24 -0500
Henry Parker they want us dead not just broken.
commented 2018-12-05 02:05:07 -0500
This years meeting will help the atmosphere.

UN Climate Summit To Emit More CO2 Than 8,200 American Homes Do In A Year

From The Daily Caller 10:24 AM 12/03/2018 | Energy Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor The U.N.’s climate summit will emit as much carbon dioxide as more than 8,200 American homes. It’s also equivalent to more than 11,700 cars driving for one year or 728 tankers trucks worth of gasoline. When air travel is factored…
commented 2018-12-04 22:12:56 -0500
John Galt: Perhaps us older bastards can remember the world we had in our youth and steer things away from these elitist scum yet. Our children will inherit what our courage or lack thereof may yet create. We are in interesting times are we not? I salute your knowledge of history and look forward to more of your thoughts in the future. Its time to be on station and standing by. This may all be a leaf of grief, but participating is better than hopelessly watching like some spinner.
commented 2018-12-04 18:26:18 -0500
Henry Parker: If I were THE John Galt…..I would not hesitate to shut down the motor of the world at this point in time,as our options are dwindling rapidly.Many people know what has to be done,but many people are not willing to take the step….
I truly hope the “yellow vests” stay the course.Throughout history,those who stepped forward,quite often inspired others to take up the cause.I remember watching things like the Cuban missile crisis develop.It is difficult to believe, but I believe the world at present,is in far more peril than many,many events now listed as history.
This cancerous movement will ultimately claim all rational human beings.
commented 2018-12-04 17:25:33 -0500
John Galt, what a great summary. That should be read to every social class in high school. Perhaps it could be followed by a screening of the Hunger Games? I believe Trudeau has already stated he admires China’s “basic dictatorship”. I would ask a further question of what can be done now, but everyone already knows where that road leads. We are not at a crossroads, but a precipice. Who is John Galt? I think John Galt, Guy Fawkes and Katniss Everdeen may be needed shortly.
commented 2018-12-04 16:43:16 -0500
Henry Parker: …“ideas on why the world rulers want to break us…” I will give it a try:
I believe many world leaders would like very much to regress from where we stand now.The rise of the Middle Class(largely through the Industrial Revolution)was not seen as a positive thing by many elites of the day.It was far easier and uncomplicated to “hold court” over the peasants / proletariat or whatever word or phrase was chosen to refer to “the great unwashed”. That section of humankind,although completely necessary to produce the food,die in the wars etc. ,was not to be allowed outside of their station in life.This worked quite well until the rise of the Middle Class,which could allow “migration” to a higher level through the accumulation of wealth.This was toxic to elitists.
I see very little difference today with the attitude of the “chosen few”. If you could eliminate the Middle Class,you could very easily revert to the old ways.You still will need the semi-slave labour to do the necessary functions,but you can eventually achieve this by flooding wealthier countries with large amounts of immigration.It will be chaotic at first,but you will be able to destroy the Middle Class because they will be unable to meet their financial commitments.
These so-called “world leaders” are constantly pushing a false / fickle / supercilious form of what was termed at that time as Noblesse Oblige.It is their “duty” to dictate to the peasants what needs to be done,as obviously we are too limited to see it for ourselves.
Kurt Schlichter is quite correct.The issues,the panics,the crisis of the day etc.all have the same message : power and wealth need to be controlled by this smallish band because they know what is best for us……much more difficult to do with a Middle Class.
commented 2018-12-04 15:45:13 -0500
We have been prepped for global warming since after the new ice age craze in the 1970’s. I remember instructors screening films for us, explaining how we were going to enter a new frozen future. Throughout the 1980’s David Suzuki helped to perpetuate global warming in Canada. National Geographic also switched from ice age nonsense to global warming nonsense. Universities and high schools were on board for the last 38 years preaching global warming. Unfortunately the data does not agree with their single tune. The climate is fluid and changes over centuries. Carbon dioxide levels were much higher in different periods, despite no fossil fuels. Volcanoes do not just emit CO2 during eruptions, but are constantly emitting diffuse CO2 all year long. The proper figure on volcanic CO2 release has not been significantly researched. So if someone gives you a figure, they are full of it. Go figure.The French are dying economically and can’t afford these fake carbon taxes. We are next. Our economy is failing, by design. We are at a weak point and never have our taxes been so high. This was planned just like France. If you have ideas on why the world rulers want to break us…I am all ears.
commented 2018-12-04 15:29:07 -0500
The late British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher was spot on the truth regarding climate change-global warming, carbon tax green energy schemes when she said “nowadays, socialism is more often dressed up as environmentalism, feminism or international concern for human rights”. And then Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott further declaring “let’s be under no illusions: the carbon tax was socialism masquerading as environmentalism".

Add to the carbon tax,Trudeau’s, open borders, non-vetting migrants policy, bank bail-in, buying off the media, censoring free speech, rigging elections and full pedal to the medal bankrupting the country, it is clearer now than ever that the Trudeau/Climate Barbie wrecking ball needs to be stopped – preferably a one way ticket to Gitmo for treason, but a good start will be to dump the Libranos by electing Maxime Bernier and the PPoC.
commented 2018-12-04 14:44:42 -0500
I think we may have reached peak climate change hoax, the masses are no longer fooled by the breathless hyperbole. Now if only our gutless “conservative” politicians would realize the tide has turned.
commented 2018-12-04 14:35:13 -0500
Why is it that the US, who refused to sign onto Kyoto and the Paris accord are the only ones who have REDUCED Co2 emissions? Not by carbon taxation that has NEVER reduced emissions, but by embracing Fracking and Shale gas and oil.

So naturally True-uhh-uhh-DOHH!!!… Embraces the proven failure over the proven success.
commented 2018-12-04 14:20:23 -0500
The UN wants a world carbon tax of $49/gallon. Unfortunately, Baby Doc Trudeau is in agreement.
commented 2018-12-04 13:54:43 -0500
Macron Attacks Nationalism | Wants EU Army | The Most Dangerous Man In Europe

As Kurt says, the notion of man-made, er people-made, climate change is a “scam”. So, when so-calked ‘conservative’ politicians like Scheer, Ford and Kenney buy into the Paris Climate Accord and the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, how different are they from Macron?