January 16, 2019

Marketing professor details every mistake in Gillette's latest ad

Rob ShimshockRebel Contributor

You’ve probably seen new advertisement from the razor blade company Gillette which chooses to focus on “toxic masculinity" instead of five o'clock shadows.


The ad shows lines of men demonstrating and giving tacit approval to bad behavior. This isn’t just philosophically unsound, but also financially moronic, as Villanova University marketing professor Charles Taylor noted.

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commented 2019-01-17 22:34:11 -0500
Any re-enactors know where I can get authentic cordite cannon fuses?

I’ve been looking on line….no joy….please post if you know an outfitter……;-)
commented 2019-01-17 22:28:12 -0500

If you are actually…really…pissed off and offended by this….don’t stop at boycotting GILLETTE….or any of the chicken shit me toos who broke ranks…


And let the fashionable feminist fag hags know what you think of their …


It’s really quite simple…just let nature and hormones take it’s course…

In fact ….if this ridiculous subject continues to “be a thing”….I’m seriously considering braiding smoldering cordite cannon fuses into mine the way Black Beard….that benchmark of toxic masculinity ….did…..;-)
commented 2019-01-17 13:55:07 -0500
There are a few market dynamics around Gillette at play here. The first is the ever-growing awareness by the consumer that they are being played for suckers by Gillette as they hold a near-monopoly on razor blades. If sales stop meeting target they either gin up a new shaving gimmick or raise the price while re-calibrating the blade honing machinery so the blades don’t last as long as the previous example. Consequently, several competitors, particularly those online that provide, for example, a “community” membership subscription and home delivery of comparable products at a much lower price. Further compounding the threat to Gillette’s business model is the trend by males to retain more facial hair with moustaches and beards. Result: less shaving and less blades required. By their recent campaign de-masculinizing the men who buy blades they hope to see more males shaving their face, chest, and legs ( maybe even more “Brazilian” shaves, too ). It is no longer about “The Best a Man can Get” but what it has always been – selling more blades. This is now more transparent than ever and it will lead to their ultimate downfall.
commented 2019-01-17 10:52:02 -0500
Lynda Palmer – agreed! I don’t mind the 5:00 o’clock shadow either, but I really don’t like beards that are too long. It’s personal preference for sure!
commented 2019-01-17 09:58:24 -0500
Most women prefer to see a mans entire face. I guess if you’re ugly, grow a beard.
commented 2019-01-16 19:58:46 -0500
RON JOSEPH commented 3 mins ago
Glen Craig—suggests: “It has been my experience that women who don’t like beards…just don’t like men.”

So, women must like Muslim men; they better or else.


Like it or not Ron….apparently they do…you should think things out before you present them to me as a challenge.
commented 2019-01-16 19:53:35 -0500
Glen Craig—suggests: “It has been my experience that women who don’t like beards…just don’t like men.”

So, women must like Muslim men; they better or else.
commented 2019-01-16 19:47:10 -0500
Its an extremely offensive ad, there is no doubt about it. Its offensive to men its offensive to women and children, its as sexist, racist and ignorant an ad as I have ever seen. Just gross. I think people are getting sick of this crap.

I like your style Glenn.
commented 2019-01-16 19:46:37 -0500
Rob Shimshock (and awe)…when I was your age THIS was the cutting edge of the controversial…and being a known and trusted advocate of free speech…I got access to a banned, censored and marginalized proto/vanguard punk rock band…the veritable tip of the spear…THE FUGS…..


I got hairs growin’ around my nose and throat
I don’t ever exercise the right to vote
When you see me on the street you yell “Jesus Christ!”
But I’m getting mine
I’m doin’ all right

I’m not ever gonna go to Vietnam
I’d prefer to stay right here and screw your mom
When you see me on the street you yell “Jesus Christ!”
But I’m getting mine
I’m doin’ all right

When I walk down the street
The people that I meet
Hold their noses and say
“How are you fixed for blades?”
But I just walk on by
I don’t even hear ‘em
Because I’m high
And I’m getting almost as much pussy as the spades

I’m doin’ all right

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Rob Shimschock (and awe)…..the fashionable feminist fag hags have stolen the show….

commented 2019-01-16 18:50:13 -0500
Lol Glenn Craig… Give me a shout…
commented 2019-01-16 18:34:41 -0500

The one member of ZZ TOP who does not have a full DUCK DYNASTY beard is the drummer Eddy BEARD…..;-)

It has been my experience that women who don’t like beards…just don’t like men.
commented 2019-01-16 18:30:24 -0500
Gillette is trying to tell men to be more like gay or transgender men.
Eliminate, suppress, kill the testosterone in men and the LGBT movement has won.
Interestingly though, the some gays are as aggressive as some heterosexual men, eg. look at the homosexual predators in the Catholic Church.
Gillette should now make a commercial addressing gay men on their sexual characteristics and see how well that will be accepted.
commented 2019-01-16 18:15:23 -0500
I learned from my involvement in MRA/MGTOW activism that it is a waste of time and effort to go after an ad or a company that foolishly bought the ad….instead you must go after the ad agency.

Glenn Sacks did this with the McGary Bowen ad agency.

If you want to learn the ins and outs of how to do it while covering your ass for lawsuits post a response here and we can agree to meet and discuss strategy.

This is the ad agency that cooked up the ad…


Once an ad has been purchased and run the harm is done and the ad agency got paid.

The thing to do is persuade all future contracts not to buy their ads…..how do you find THAT out?….easy….the ad industry just loves to brag….it’s their stock and trade…

Screw GILLETTE…being a highly toxic male I have a full beard and I dry shave my cheeks with BIC razors…for me a boycott of GILETTE would be absolutely pointless…let’s make GREY NEW YORK loose millions in future earnings instead.