January 11, 2019

(WATCH) John Stossel: “Legal Weed So Far”

Rebel Staff

For years, experts warned that legalizing marijuana would be a disaster, but have those dire warnings come to pass?

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commented 2019-01-12 02:40:20 -0500
And some people want the government to run everything, WOW!
commented 2019-01-11 19:41:14 -0500
Legal pot in Canada. Loser in Ottawa . Not a good trade off .
commented 2019-01-11 13:34:58 -0500
“Equality or independence” that is the most important issue of the day… There is a rally hosted by Maxine Bernier and Derek Fildebrandt on January 26 in Calgary.
Pot is legal in Canada now let’s move on to the more important issues of saving this country.
commented 2019-01-11 12:19:31 -0500
I think the die hard nark should be put in prison where he will be put in a sleeper hold and buggered and then he should be “cast down from the highest place” for violaning the repealed sodomy laws , in accordance with the Hadith (PBUH).
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