December 06, 2018

Theresa May's Brexit backstop deal EXPLAINED

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Are you listening to the Brexit car crash on the news, but not sure what this "backstop" business is all about? You’re not alone! Many people are wondering what the backstop really means, so today I thought I’d take a look at the backstop deal Mrs May has negotiated and explain the implications for the UK.

This is the protocol by which the entire UK will be forced to remain within a Customs Union with the EU if no deal is made by 2020, and with the way things are looking, I’m sure that we’re going to end up triggering this backstop deal.

I hope my explanation of the issue can clear things up a little, and shine some light on what shouldn’t be such a complicated issue.

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commented 2018-12-06 19:44:54 -0500
STEPHEN E. commented 1 hour ago.
Stephen, Theresa May is a NWO Marxist, she is in bed with the EU, they both work for the same boss, the UN. She is giving Britain away. Even the names Britain and England will be changed in the near future. The British Armed Forces are to be handed over to the Gnomes in Brussels.
Suicide and Genocide all in one package. The death of a, once great, Nation.
commented 2018-12-06 18:26:31 -0500
So the worry is a hard border with North Ireland? Letting in all sorts of illegal immigrants to Europe crossing over “hard borders” seems to not bother the EU. Why such a concern with Ireland? If the EU wants a hard border, let it put up a fence at its own expense.

Hasn’t May figured out how strong a hand she holds? If the UK just said “screw it” and left, the EU would crap its collective pants. Other countries would consider doing likewise, and the EU needs the UK more than May realises.

The EU is bluffing. Pretending it is coming from a position of strength. Worry about the US stock market? When Trump came in the DOW was at 16,000. Now, even with a drop, it is around 24,500. That is more than a 30% increase in value over what it was two years ago. And Trump wants a trade deal with the UK once the UK leaves the EU, and the EU isn’t happy about that.
commented 2018-12-06 15:21:01 -0500
The Stock Market in the US is falling and this is causing the UK market to fall. Red Sky New is making hay over this, saying it is because the UK is leaving the EU. The Governor of the Bank of England must watch Red Sky News.
commented 2018-12-06 15:10:07 -0500
Basically if the UK leaves the EU under their rules, they will be tied down to the EU forever and will in fact have left in name only. Theresa May knows this and will do anything to keep the Backstop in… the Leave agreement… she is a Remainer and like the unelected leaders of the EU, she is a Marxist.

The only way that the UK can avoid this is to leave the EU with no deal, like…. ’That’s it, we are out’…. The EU cannot stop them from doing this but gutless Politicians in the Conservative party can. Unless the time limit is extended the Governments position will be made public next Tuesday the 11th Dec. May will be gone (maybe) and expect to see black eye’s.
commented 2018-12-06 15:08:47 -0500
The globalists will sabotage Brexit in any way possible and May is a globalist working for globalists and big bankers interest not the UK