March 21, 2016

WATCH: "60 Minutes" crew attacked by Muslims in Sweden while shooting PRO-migrant propaganda

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

A six-minute segment of this attack appeared on YouTube yesterday.

(Here is the full segment of the show on Vimeo.)

The reportage is stunning: A pure whitewash of the culprits.

Ironically, the crew that was attacked had gone there to create pro-migrant propaganda.

Was the segment written in order to maintain the "Nothing to do with Islam or mass-Muslim immigration" narrative?

Here are other recent examples the state media warping foisting the "correct" opinion on the public.

Contrast how Germany's equivalent of the CBC covered events at the Greek Macedonian border on February 29th with what actually occurred:

Now we start to get a clearer picture.

Then we have Europe News showing how wonderful, warm and welcoming the people of the spilt Muslim-Christian nation, Central African Republic, were to the Pope on his visit in November 2015. But is that really what happened?

And these are just a few examples.

Eventually it does begin to look a little like official policy.

As seen on The Rebel before, Stephen Coughlin's explanation of UN resolution 16/18 and the Obama policy of "Countering Violent Extremism" explains this phenomenon well.

Last week, two soldiers were attacked by a knife-weilding Muslim at a recruitment center in Toronto, while shouting something about the Muslim god, Allah? 

He must be crazy. At least that's the narrative the Toronto Star is pushing. No questions as to why Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Atheists and so forth don't go into recruitment centers (this has happened at least 3 times now in the past ten years) and start attacking the soldiers. So far at least, it's all Muslims. The motive? They must be mad. Can't be anything else. 

Part one of The Stephen Coughlin interview can be watched here, and part two here at The Rebel.

Someone managed to take a short chunk of the 60 Minute adventure in Sweden and make a pithy reduction of it.

I think there is more merit in that than the original. 

Here is one of Brian Lilley's reports on the Toronto attack:

Here is one of Ezra Levant's posts on the mocking of the attack by a Trudeau senior staffer:





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commented 2016-03-26 19:08:23 -0400
I feel sorry for any refugees behaving like that here in Canada if they run into me. I won’t be nearly so nice as that camera crew was. I may get my ass beat by them but I’ll make damn sure I take as many of my attackers with me as possible . This is BULLSHIT
commented 2016-03-22 13:35:33 -0400
Bob Egli – Brian’s book should be required reading for voters. I was shocked at the people that the CBC has thrown under the bus over the years. If people had read this book prior to the federal election, we wouldn’t have a traitor sitting in the PM’s chair now.
commented 2016-03-22 12:23:41 -0400
Mr Kokes I read Brian’s Book on the CBC 2years ago. Although I enjoyed it , I didn’t believe a few facts that it stated like Neil MacDonald being Anti Jewish. It turns out that Brian was correct on almost
I agree, break it up and sell the CBC, but what new owner would want those Liberal, over the hill mostly female hosts. They would be OK, but many of the women seem to have a problem hiding that they are strong Liberal. They make me mad: so much that I mostly watch American News Channels.
commented 2016-03-22 10:43:41 -0400
And certainly not covered by our state run liberal CBC. Harper was so close in putting the CBC to bed. We really need to address the elephant in the room and privatize the CBC. They do not represent my views so why should my tax dollars support them.
commented 2016-03-22 10:15:15 -0400
Not covered in Swedish media, LOL!
commented 2016-03-22 09:17:28 -0400
Sorry, I meant scooter not wheelchair.
commented 2016-03-22 09:16:47 -0400
God bless that man in the wheel chair for doing the right thing!
commented 2016-03-22 01:45:02 -0400
Glen you got that right, the guy in the scooter shamed lots of Swedish male persons, i will not call them men.
Chris it is funny seeing this, the left wing media will now do even more ass kissing of these fanatics.
commented 2016-03-22 00:47:41 -0400
Great to see the left wing media get a taste of the violence these Muslim thugs are bringing to Europe. They seemed genuinely surprised by what was happening. I wonder what it will take for them to wake up and report the truth about the failure of this mass immigration experiment.
commented 2016-03-22 00:11:44 -0400
The guy on the scooter is an absolute legend. A disabled person had more guts then most able bodied men. If the Liberals continue with this Anti Western culture fad, this is what Canada will become. Who wants that for our kids, I sure in the hell don’t.
commented 2016-03-21 23:45:42 -0400
Word for word, elitterate Muslims who can’t speak, or read in which will not benefit Sweden. They will not adopt Sweden Culture & will become violent with little to no warning.

How are they going to adopt Canadian ways, they can’t even read their own language for that matter to learn ours.
commented 2016-03-21 23:09:21 -0400
The Australian 60 min. crew shouldn’t be throwing stones in glass houses ! The Islamic State of Australia has its own Muslim problems. Governments that try to make laws to fix the problem get toppled by refugee lovers.
commented 2016-03-21 22:40:14 -0400
Sweden is toast
commented 2016-03-21 22:32:46 -0400
That just pissed me off… The crew didn’t do one god damn thing wrong.
Then those pieces of human garbage do that…

You lefties out there are completely insane to approve this tpye of shit. you really are insane seek help and seek help as fast as you can before all shit breaks loose.

As for the wealthy ones. That will all come to an end when the public starts standing up.
commented 2016-03-21 22:12:07 -0400
Get ready – it is coming
commented 2016-03-21 21:41:21 -0400
I don’t want this for Canada hence I don’t want the Liberals enabling this through attrition of our population. We settled this country and gave it its laws from British law. I don’t want their inferior culture taking over. So far I’ve never seen one thing from an African culture that is of merit. Not one.
commented 2016-03-21 20:42:07 -0400
The Marxist at the UN are just the puppets of whoever is behind all the upheaval that we see happening, every day.

There are sixty two people in this world, who own fifty percent of all the money in world. If we were to look at this list of the mega rich, we would find amongst them, those who control the UN and consequently us.

I suspect the ones we are looking for, will be high level Communists who burst into the Western World when the Berlin Wall came down.

Our great and wonderful leader PM Trudeau, is just a minor and disposable actor in the great game of World Control.
commented 2016-03-21 19:41:48 -0400
As Andrew has mentioned, what have those purposefully and intentionally whitewashing the refugee problems in Europe have to gain and further, who or what organization is behind it?

This whitewashing spreads across many borders even into Canada where the CBC and the rest of the left wing main stream media do the same white washing.

What is behind the organization of this across borders when countries cannot agree on the simplest of things.

Think about it! I bet you know the answer, but do not want to say it.
commented 2016-03-21 18:41:46 -0400
Pay close attention. Canada in less than 4 years as Trudope and the Liebranos rush madly to import this violent culture into the country!
commented 2016-03-21 17:55:10 -0400
Andrew…this is a global conspiracy to create chaos so they can impose their will upon you.
why else would we continue on this path given the amount of problems we have already seen?
commented 2016-03-21 17:34:06 -0400
This global shit show is so blatantly destructive.

So the real question that The Rebel could speculate upon, is who is behind all this rapefugee crap and what do they have to gain???

Frankly Ezra, watching this crap just pisses me off (as I am sure it does others). It would be more useful to out the money and interest groups that are driving this rapefugee crap.

I would suspect your own news people already have a good idea who’s behind all this.