May 07, 2016

WATCH: Author Matt Bracken -- "Total civil war coming to Europe"

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Author and member of the new American revolutionaries called "The Three Per Centers," Matt predicts a societal meltdown thanks to the combined efforts of cultural Marxists and Islamic jihad against Western civilization.

This interview, done on May 6 2016, follows two excellent segments Matt Bracken did this past week, and offers some clarity and detail on aspects of the leftist and Islamic attack on civilization.

One of the Cardinals Matt referred to may well be the Archbishop of Cologne based on this:

Earlier appearances of Matt Bracken:

First one posted at The Rebel April 29

Follow up interview:

(Go to the 56 minute mark.)

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commented 2016-05-09 16:42:44 -0400
You know, when the Spartans were at the height of their power they sent a delegation to the oracle at Delphi with the arrogant question, “Can anything harm Sparta?” They did not get the reassuring negative answer that they were expecting. Instead: “Yes, luxury”.

The problem with luxury is that it is invariably attended by its handmaidens: self-interest, laziness, complacency, cowardice, and an appalling lack of curiosity about the important things… soft living begets soft heads – and that’s what brings civilizations down.

Europe is rotting from within. The importation of violent muzzie-wugs is just a symptom of the real problem: a blissfully ignorant population that willingly concentrated on the snot and drivel served up by the political class (and their lapdog media) instead of keeping its eyes and ears on its gates and foundations.

The only hope that sleeping North America has it that the destruction of France, Sweden, Britain, Germany will happen before the level of violence reaches the critical mass on this Continent that it has in much of Europe. And if we should be so lucky, we will only have two great oceans – not prescience or wisdom – to thank for our temporary respite.

Then, and only then, would there be a slim chance that the scenes of carnage across the pond might pull enough people away from their fixation on Kim Kardashian’s arse and force them to start thinking about stuff that matters.

KEITH BARNES has nailed it below: “Just talking will get us nowhere”. The great curse of social media is that it has become a surrogate for all sorts of meaningful action.
commented 2016-05-08 17:59:11 -0400
That’s the NWO plan…which will enable them to bring in marshal law…job done.
The problem being that there are those who still vote in the very people who are part of this destruction of the nation states, i’ve yet to fathom out why they keep doing it.
They probably don’t even realise that they are voting for their own demise. :*(
commented 2016-05-08 13:01:37 -0400
Very depressing if not salient observations. Edgar Cayce, a seer who lived in the early part of the 20th Century saw this coming. It was predicted there would be a third world war, likely starting in the middle east spreading to Europe and beyond. Evidence today would suggest this is well underway.
commented 2016-05-08 10:33:09 -0400
essentially what Mr. Bracken outlines in his commentary and conclusions is Biblical end times prophesy. If you have ears to hear I beseech you to get yourself right with Jesus and accept He is the only path to salvation and eternal life beyond this world that is fast collapsing around us.
commented 2016-05-08 00:42:27 -0400
The msm will report on this but only in hindsight. It’s always 20/20.
commented 2016-05-07 19:34:42 -0400
We are up against low life scum. Just talking will get us nowhere.
commented 2016-05-07 18:40:18 -0400
Some words occurred to me listening to Matt Bracken:
Brilliant, insightful, informed, plain spoken, genuine…it’s a good thing I already knew most of what he was talking about – because I would have been scared s**tless otherwise…
It is really terrifying when you see it all laid out and all at once, like in those two videos…
I’m going to miss toilet paper and electricity the most.

The too-smooth, snake-like texture of that Archbishop of Cologne and his oily persona – not to mention what he hissed out – evokes images of a Fra Savonarola, a Torquemada, or one of the Borgias…creepy!
commented 2016-05-07 15:24:05 -0400
" Why is the mainstream media ignoring this? "
Because most of their viewer base has been lobotomized by political correctness and is therefore simply too stupid to understand that their society and culture is being deliberately imploded before their very eyes.
commented 2016-05-07 13:46:43 -0400
I look forward to the war – it cannot happen soon enough.
commented 2016-05-07 13:03:59 -0400
Europe is history at least as far as what it represented during our lifetime. Cultural decline made it simple for the Marxists and Islamists to bring it down to its knees. Millions of lives were lost during WW2 to save Western Culture from the fascists . But in this century it is handed to the miscreants with hardly a whimper. It will be interesting to see how Britain votes on the referendum to leave the EU.

Maybe we should call the EU the European Caliphate.
commented 2016-05-07 12:43:19 -0400
I can’t urge Rebel readers enough to download and read Matt’s “enemies foreign and domestic” trilogy. This is the 1984 dystopian novel of this generation.

The realism in the scenarios offered as a base for the fiction will chill you and make you realize the viability of these fictional scenarios to become real.
commented 2016-05-07 11:59:57 -0400
You ask: Why is the mainstream media ignoring this? Not many years ago I think many would call this Collaborating with the Enemy. It might be stupidity or ignorance but it still is inexcusable. Have a look at:
commented 2016-05-07 11:46:37 -0400
@ bill that was the first thing i thought when i seen his mug shot or was it just a picture CREEPY
commented 2016-05-07 11:12:36 -0400
The sooner the war starts, the sooner big corporations start lining their pockets. From armament manufactures and dealers to security agencies, they will all be getting wealthy whilst the citizens of the countries will suffer in higher taxes, lost wages, lost infrastructure and death.
Are politicians worried?
Not at all!
Why you may ask?
When was the last time we saw the child (son or daughter) of a sitting leader of a country serve in the military while they waged war?
Ah, you say Britain’s royal family served during the war. Agreed, but think about this, the royal family is an institution or a figure head, they are not politicians and even so, if their offspring served, it was not in the front lines at least not in recent history.
If the leaders of countries were true leaders, then when war is declared, they should be the first to sacrifice, not the last!

commented 2016-05-07 11:07:36 -0400
BTW – that Cologne bishop guy is the text-book image of “creepy”. I’d never let him near children.
commented 2016-05-07 11:05:54 -0400
Europe is on the globalist plan for social/civil/economic collapse. Just a matter of when. We have the advantage of observing how these European social engineering projects have panned out – it bothers me that people on this side of the Atlantic see Euro Multicult as normal rather than dysfunctional and dystopian.

That self inflicted myopia is the result of ideological dogmatism – the same type of dogmatism which is common ground for cultural marxist radicalism and Islamic radicalism – well look at Europe to see if that is really common ground or simply a foolishly opened gate.
commented 2016-05-07 10:56:00 -0400
the turdos and the UN and the merkels and obama and clinton continue to try and brain wash us with the religion of peace , we all know that is a croak of shit but with the lefty inspired media IE turdo’s cbc they will continue hoping if they say it often enough some fools might believe it and black is white , you know turdo’s brain washed sheeple
commented 2016-05-07 09:26:00 -0400
(Go to the 56 minute mark.)

Economic collapse is near. Be prepared folks. This is going to be very bad. Deflation will be rampant.
commented 2016-05-07 09:20:48 -0400
It’s all deliberate. The third world invasion of all white Western countries is the agenda of the global elites and is happening at an ever increasing pace. White people need to stop worrying about being called ‘racist’ and wake up to this existential threat before it’s too late.
A real Muslim’s loyalty is not and will never be to other countries, but to the global Islamic umma (nation) only.

Islam is a complete system. It is religion, law, culture, the There hasn’t been a single declared war since WWII yet, there have been many wars. In other words, a sovereign state but without borders. When Islam takes up arms opposing it is, therefore, participation in a war.
commented 2016-05-07 07:30:24 -0400
“Archbishop shills for islam” – someone needs to literally beat him with a 2×4 until he sees allah.

“Germany wants jail for Pegida leader” – because Pegida is against islam – and that is a proper thing – Pegida recognizes islam is a disease. However it is illegal to say that in Germany

“Germany now wants to jail those who released the “Cologne Rape” information to the media" – after all the Germans suppress the media. It is against the law to print stories against islam in Germany – those that do face fines and jail at worst – police harassment at best.

“Germany allows hate speech by islamics to go unchecked” – because Germans are concerned about others thinking they are racist – so the German people are afraid to speak up and out loud. If they do they are arrested. I think Germany needs a whole bunch of racism to help strengthen their country.

“German government jails you for tweeting” – if you tweet the following – “islam is evil and should be pushed out of Germany” – that is grounds for arrest in Germany – and many other countries as well in the EU. Including the UK. Free speech is dead.

“German police are now the enemy of the people” – and they arrest you for nearly everything that could be considered anti-islamic. On the orders of the government.

All of the above is happening and has happened – if it does not scare you then nothing will.

Why is the mainstream media ignoring this?