July 25, 2017

WATCH: Blind 92-year-old World War II veteran defends American flag from intruder

StaffRebel Columnist

92-year-old World War II veteran Howard Banks is legally blind, but as patriotic as they come.

A day before his birthday earlier this month, he heard someone outside his home pulling the American flag down from its pole. The veteran went outside to investigate the situation because about a year ago, someone shredded his previous American flag and ripped up his Marine flag.

“I walked out, hanging onto the railing and stepped down. That must've startled them,” Banks told CBS.

“They could see me. I couldn't see them,” he added. “I turned and looked in the other direction, and about then -- 'wham!' They knocked me down.”

The person trying to take the flag than ran away, but neighbours came to Banks' aid. The veteran suffered a twisted knee but said, “I'm durable. I can take it.”

The veteran, who was left legally blind by a flare on Iwo Jima, says he won't stop protecting the flag. “I think we all had that same feeling, that the flag was our identity. We were Americans,” he said. “The fact that I'm getting older, and the less I can do… at least I can still do that.”

Police are still looking for the unpatriotic suspect.

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commented 2017-07-25 22:57:08 -0400
It takes a certain kind of lowlife to steal and shred a blind veteran’s flags, or to push him down. Someone who is lower than the slime of a snail.

Were the Clintons in town that day?
commented 2017-07-25 16:22:38 -0400
Canadian Mongrel & Art Vandelay, I agree 100%
Maybe some younger vets can take Mr. Banks under their wing.
commented 2017-07-25 15:49:30 -0400
Disgusting. These people aren’t just infantile retards, they’re pure, full on evil, wanking, assholes that need an old school beat down.
commented 2017-07-25 13:50:00 -0400

Coward is certainly the word all right.

Big, brave SJW’s of the regressive left take on a legally blind 92 year old and assault him, then run in case he recovers to fight back. The definition of an SJW.

Beside the video camera, the younger neighbours should have a little accident for these cowards.
commented 2017-07-25 13:00:37 -0400
Perhaps the neighbours can help Mr. Banks to install video surveillance; and keep a watchful eye on his property.
Whoever is responsible will be back, the cowards that they are!