January 28, 2017

WATCH: “Is he a Jew?” Danish reporter chased away by “anti-fascists”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

This Danish reporter attempted to interview members of ANTIFA as they arrived for a meeting at a municipal community centre called "The People’s House,” a facility anyone is able to rent.

In this video we see the real and totalitarian values of the left: Anti-semitic, violent and intolerant.

According to sources in Copenhagen, Antifa have taken over this community centre and made it a near gang headquarters for their activities.

It is, of course, perfectly legal to film towards, near, or at a community centre in Copenhagen.

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commented 2017-02-12 18:27:57 -0500
Jay unless you can prove who did it than you are no better than CBC CNN AND ALL THE OTHER FAKE NEWS.Muslims are not the only people being harassed,grow up.
commented 2017-02-05 14:33:34 -0500
If you pick from the tree of hatred, that is what you will get. Trump for Prime Minister!
commented 2017-01-30 23:26:24 -0500
Drew Wakariuk, bigotry is not something we should laugh at. The hateful spray-painted messages at synagogues in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario in the past months are not remotely amusing. Nor was the pig’s head tossed in front of the Mosque in St. Foy.

You seem to pretend that if Jews go along with it it will work out fine. Wrong, man! If Jews go along with this xenophobia and hateful language it will work out badly indeed!

At the Mosque where the pig’s head was tossed, a few months later six people were shot dead. You think that synagogue goers will remain safe as long as they stay meek and quiet?

Please speak out against bigotry and hatred of foreigners.
commented 2017-01-30 01:10:26 -0500
Jay Kelly Trump has nothing to do with this and your left wing heroes hate on Israel and Jews , not the Trump supporters you ignorant fool. You are such a bigot that it makes me laugh. And anti Jewish hate speech has been happening for a long time now and your Islamic buddies are the worst of the speakers.
commented 2017-01-30 00:19:24 -0500
Did the police ever do anything about this attack? If not, then that is the reason why they were so bold in doing so, and will do so again in the future. Only it will be much worse, as they get even more bold.
commented 2017-01-29 23:09:33 -0500
It is upsetting, and somewhat surprising, that as a result of Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States, one of the most common manifestations is anti-Jewish hate speech. It happened in the past few weeks in Montreal, Ottawa, and Brockville, Ontario.

Trumps own words were hateful, but they tended to be against Muslims and Danish. How is it that Canadian and European bigots take that as a sort of permission to spew anti-Jewish remarks?

And at this rate, when Trump’s policies are enacted, it seems that the victims will not be Muslims and Danish. They will be Jews. Prison and far worse.

This is not the first time.
commented 2017-01-29 21:32:17 -0500
Mike. It may well be that he was telling him that for his own safety and not part of the bad-guys.
commented 2017-01-29 16:16:37 -0500
Here’s a weird thing: the initial approach, before the “Do you speak Hebrew” was in Hebrew: “mah nishmah” (translated as “unintelligible”, roughly means “What’s new / how are you doing?” and was followed by “mah koreh?” (also translated as "unintelligible, meaning "What’s happening?).

The person making this initial approach did not have an Arabic accent in Hebrew, so I’d say that it is unlikely that he was Palestinian, especially when you add in his look. I’d put my money on Israeli Jewish, though he might be Israeli Arab (some are without an Arabic accent in Hebrew).

This makes the whole story MUCH weirder!

The Hebrew-speaking Israeli might be a left-wing Israeli idiot who joined these winners (not that rare). But then again, he didn’t seem all that aggressive, so I’m guessing not. Maybe he was just a bystander. Weird.
commented 2017-01-29 04:07:34 -0500
More left wing tolerance, i am in awe of their love of humanity.
commented 2017-01-28 19:28:55 -0500
Hypocrite much a$$holes? Some way, some how, they are getting paid. Pretty much every defender of some “idiology” is nothing more than a money grubbing whore. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I give you, “climate change”. No, wait, “community organizer”. No, wait, “Pope”. No, wait, “public school teacher”. The only honest ones? Doctors in Ontario and Farmers everywhere, when they get stiffed by government red tape say “F it, who needs this crap, let ’em try to get by without me”. Try and and get by without the 1st 4. Oh wait, you can. Easily.
commented 2017-01-28 19:09:12 -0500
Look to the Marxist controlled Educational System for your answers.
commented 2017-01-28 16:17:19 -0500
this makes me sad when will this ever stop…..when we all stop then nature will take over and start again…humanity will kill its own kind not for food but for? am at a loss
commented 2017-01-28 12:00:41 -0500
In my neck of the woods anything wearing a mask is a robber/rapist/terrorist and stands a good chance of getting roughed up in a citizen’s arrest for suspicion.
commented 2017-01-28 12:00:41 -0500
In my neck of the woods anything wearing a mask is a robber/rapist/terrorist and stands a good chance of getting roughed up in a citizen’s arrest for suspicion.
commented 2017-01-28 11:20:40 -0500
That’s appalling.

This journalist is apparently on public property and has agreed not to film people who don’t want to be filmed yet he is subjected to (apparently) anti-Semitic comments and simultaneous accusations of being a Nazi by a group of supposedly “tolerant” and “inclusive” leftists – ANTIFA is a short form of “anti-fascist” – who then chase him down the street apparently meaning to beat him up if he lingers in “their” area. It seems the Left is setting up its own no-go zones and resorting to at least threats of imminent violence for any “intruders”.

The journalist needs to show this video to local politicians and voters and see about evicting these ANTIFA goons from their enclave. If the “people’s house” is indeed public property then everyone needs to be able to go there without threats of bodily harm. ANTIFA should not be allowed to keep others out of public places. If they need a safe space, let them buy private property for their headquarters.
commented 2017-01-28 11:17:44 -0500
I got this overwhelming urge all through this video, to go out and stock up on even more jacketed hollowpoints…