May 29, 2017

WATCH: FIVE Police raided for manipulating data on the Berlin Christmas Market Jihadi

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Homes and offices of five police in Germany have been raided due to what appears to be cover-ups and evidence tampering in the Anis Amri, Islamic Jihad attack at a Berlin Christmas Market in 2016, by those officers.

Translated From Bild.De:

Berlin’s interior senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) has filed the criminal complaint after it became known that investigative reports about Amri were retroactively manipulated — they were trimmed and softened — after the terrorist attack in Berlin’s Christmas Market at the Gedächtniskirche. The reason for this was possibly to cover up the idleness and inaction of authorities before the terrorist attack. The question is whether the devastating attack could possibly have been prevented if Amri had been arrested for other criminal activities before he carried it out.


According to the state prosecutor, after the interior senator filed the criminal complaint, criminal investigative proceedings were initiated for official obstruction of justice and falsification of documents. The suspicion is mostly directed towards one officer in particular, the spokesman for the prosecutor’s office said.

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commented 2017-05-30 15:48:32 -0400
Bill Elder, you absolutely nailed it!
commented 2017-05-30 09:54:00 -0400
Rebelation Rebelation asks, “So who is pushing this investigation ahead.”
It could be that there are a couple Honest Politicians left in Germany, that feel the public has a right to know about the corrupt Merkel and her Globalization policies.
commented 2017-05-30 01:00:34 -0400
Bill Elder. Good point! I’m surprised that such an investigation went on, after all, said brass is usually doing as directed. So who’s pushing this thing ahead?
commented 2017-05-30 00:25:55 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,415 Attacks, 215,116 Killed, 296,219 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-05-29 23:53:14 -0400
If these cops get a heavy prison sentence, they will supply all the info needed to get the main culprits in exchange for a less time.
commented 2017-05-29 23:09:09 -0400
Cops don’t do stuff like this unless they feel the brass up the chain have got their back. This goes higher than the few boots they’re throwing to the wolves.