April 08, 2016

WATCH France's Marine Le Pen strike back during CBC attack interview

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Radio Canada, French CBC, set up the usual character-assassination for Marine Le Pen, the leading French presidential candidate, which the state broadcaster reserves for any conservative that gets near one of their microphones, when she visited Quebec in late March this year.

Mme. Le Pen managed to identify the style of attack against her and came out on top so well, that the CBC seemed to bury this interview rather than promote it on its website.

The CBC host uses the usual canard of crying "racism" to any policy that Le Pen suggests which might preserve any actual French character for the country of France, proving that once again, thanks to the CBC, Canada's #3 export remains sanctimony—right after oil and guns.

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commented 2017-03-13 22:04:27 -0400
Indeed, Mme. LePen is one of the world’s leading experts on body language. I will never forget how she eviscerated the Radio-Canada interviewer.
Can’t wait until she comes face to face with Justin Trudeau, hopefully there will be at least two dozen cameras rolling, from every concievable angle.
commented 2016-04-10 23:44:12 -0400
Wow…that’s an awesome interview. For once CBC was put in their place.
commented 2016-04-10 15:01:28 -0400
The Communist Broadcasting Corporation is no match for Madame le Pen! Encouraging! Discouraging there is no one in Canada to counter our islamist PM!
commented 2016-04-10 12:56:55 -0400
That CBC clown and all the brain dead apologists which seem to be everywhere in this country, should be loaded onto a plane and dropped off in the middle of ISIS territory, they could even pick where , there are lots of places to choose from. More choice every day.

It is very telling that the Trudeau government shunned Marine Le Pen. What a bunch of snivelling cowards. They would rather walk around , see no evil , speak no evil , hear no evil, than learn from Europe’s first hand experience. “It’s different here, Canada is doing it better, we are more careful, we will have no problems”. We are living in a dream world if we believe that. Denial so wide and deep its stupidity is absolutely breathtaking. I’m sure Marine Le Pen was properly impressed with our Canada. Shameful! France is one of our allies. I guess Le Pen knows exactly what sort of support she can expect from us, in the advent she becomes President in May. She would certainly be the best thing to happen to France.

Boy Trudeau is such a coward, it makes me sick.
commented 2016-04-09 22:53:27 -0400
Your typical CBC boot licking socialist Liberal spewing the usual line of shit.
commented 2016-04-09 20:51:47 -0400
You guys should have paid attention in French Class. The subtitles did not do this masterpiece of an interview justice at all. Marine is the French Mark Steyn, perhaps even a little more eloquent.
commented 2016-04-09 20:48:30 -0400
@ Bravo Zulu. Before you sink Quebec, do give the heads up to half of us “frogs” who wholeheartedly support the likes of Le Pen. The political class and the media in Quebec are completely disconnected from the population. Watching Marine handle this inquisition was a treat. That CBC reporter is not even remotely in the same intellectual sphere.
commented 2016-04-09 14:32:14 -0400
So if it is racist and bigoted to dare question the wisdom of bringing in tens of thousands of so called refugees. Why was it acceptable for schools to cancel class trips to Europe due to safety concerns about terrorism, by the same :refugees?

commented 2016-04-09 07:12:29 -0400
I would like to shake Le Pen’s hand.

I would also like to sink kebec into the Atlantic – the world would be a far better place without our frog welfare bums.

I doubt there is one politician in Canada that sees the world as clearly as Le Pen does.

And that is why Canada is doomed to become a third world country within the next generation.
commented 2016-04-08 22:34:14 -0400
(Unfortunately) I’d speculate that the majority of Canadian politicians (and too many others) do not see the world as Marine Le Pen does (clearly in these matters), because she sees what has become of her country: in part thanks to France long ago joining the EU, and the EP’s ever growing policies, specifically those which negatively impact France (as they do to other EU member states); in part thanks to major Muslim immigration with minor Muslim integration, and the estranging culture and alienating ideological beliefs and practices which so many either brought with them or began to adopt as their own once in their host country.

Should we, or as others would say “when we”, go further down that same Immigration Road, and such things that have taken place in country after country which have also travelled that selfsame Road, (and the lessons are there for any and all to see and learn from, if they would), only then, through personal experience and tragedy, “might” it become sufficiently apparent to the nay-sayers, especially those holding positions of power and authority, and those holding the keys of government.

But it is difficult for many who believe they “know better” to act against their “better knowledge”, particularly when they have the final say; and the more that ego comes into play, the easier it is to simply say to others, “damn your eyes.” And do what you will.

It is not an easy thing to turn on the light in a darkened mind which has been closed. Nor for that matter to soften a hardened heart. But we must persist nonetheless.
commented 2016-04-08 22:22:19 -0400
Madame LePen did a good job of defending herself and her view points. LePen was understandably surprised and agitated that she had to explain democracy to a commie journalist disguised as a liberal from a democratic country. The host was obviously brushed up on the latest in political correctness. The first 10 – 15 minutes of pressure kept escalating and increasing accusations of racism and then finally they reached cruising altitude and rode their way through some turbulence to a fairly smooth landing.

I think the best part was very simple when LePen said a cat is a cat. In Canada you might say a spade is a shovel. Call it what it is. I calls them as I sees them. Liberals in Canada and Democrats in the US are still playing this silly little word game to deflect reality. Hello people, can we all say the words radical Islamic terrorism? If you cannot then please go find your safe space and somebody will bring you a cookie.
commented 2016-04-08 20:58:51 -0400

commented 2016-04-08 20:05:15 -0400

CBC was nasty to her. Let’s get back at the CBC. Here’s how…

Everybody go to Pegida Canada’s Facebook page.


Then “LIKE” their Facebook page!

commented 2016-04-08 20:03:37 -0400
I loved mccalums reference to the political class. That is the real problem with canada. We aren’t a free society when we are controlled completely by fewer than 200 people who in turn are controlled by a single person. Call it democracy all you like but what it is is a dictatorship. Fuck the government!
commented 2016-04-08 19:52:23 -0400
Almost like she was being grilled by a Human rights tribunal, " I’m the interviewer ( interrogator), I will ask the questions". How le Pen maintained her cool is a testament to her ability to deal with assholes. An ability she will need going forward if (when) she is elected.
commented 2016-04-08 19:37:40 -0400

The CBC is disgraceful in the way guests are treated on TV.

The CBC host was not only insulting to Marine Le Pen, but also to all Canadians!

commented 2016-04-08 19:13:14 -0400
This woman has quickly and intelligently pulled the scab off the festering wound that is the CBC . If this state sponsored propaganda entity continues to insult Canadian values there will be Charlie Hebedo attacks on its sites , starting with cream pies and ending with dump trucks of horse manure at its front doors.
commented 2016-04-08 18:06:44 -0400
I’m in love with this woman. Classy. Wish she was our leader … She’s more masculine than Trudeau, certainly. Could easily take him in a fight! She seems like a real leader. It’s been mentioned that some of us feel embarrassed to be Canadian these days … Or more precisely embarrassed by our so called spokespeople. Maybe some of us should mass migrate to France. But isn’t that part of the problem? We leave and non Canadians fill the space. That’s not racism – it’s a desire to have an identity which didn’t used to be a ad thing.
commented 2016-04-08 18:00:38 -0400
Who was it that cancelled Mrs.Lepen’s appointment? Sounds very dictatorial to me. Lepen is a good woman, extremely intelligent.. she was invited here, she has a right to speak. The interviewer was unable to explain to Lepen was a racist was, was democracy was, why she was barred from speaking, why Quebec justified the rudeness of the left wing punks. This interviewer showed to France, the latter may be of great need to Quebec one day, how closed and rude Quebec is. Lepen is a much more intelligent and experienced woman.. with all her experience, and in line with what has been happening to France and what is coming to Canada, Quebec Prime MInister would have served his people much better by listening to what she had to say. Shame on Quebec! I hope Mme. LePen will return to Canada and speak to other parts of the country. Shame on you Quebec!, and on JT who didn’t allow her to speak. .. just more leftist PC, censorship… we won’t tolerate this intolerance for much longer!
commented 2016-04-08 17:58:18 -0400
What a breath of fresh air to watch someone so smart and articulate explain these issues. Mrs LePen should be our PM.
commented 2016-04-08 17:52:43 -0400
So let me get this straight? Ms LePen shows up at the airport or press conference or whatever, the lefties swear at her, insult her and are just plain boorish (sorry boors) to her; she comes back with one remark; “Go to bed.” and she’s the bully? Holy F**k we’re screwed. Just as long as Ms LePen knows as she mentioned some Canadians have contacted her through Facetube…that NOT ALL Canadians think like these fascist leftists…yes, they are the fascists…“You believe what we tell you or we don’t like you; we won’t let you speak”? Someone needs a lesson in democracy ‘cause this ain’t what we have in Canada right now…
commented 2016-04-08 17:29:09 -0400
I hate when people keep asking questions so fast that they don’t allow you to answer. But that is the point of this interview isn’t it? She really doesn’t want an answer.This was an attempted ambush designed to make the recipient look stupid when they are caught off guard.
commented 2016-04-08 17:06:27 -0400
commented 2016-04-08 17:04:07 -0400
The expressions “wiped the floor with” or “handed her back her head on a platter” applies to how Le Pin played with the CBC reviewer. I had heard of Le Pin but had never heard or realized how smart she is.
commented 2016-04-08 16:06:55 -0400
Glenn Craig, he can’t be drunk all the time. I’m thinking it’s just a condition he was born with: STUPIDITY.
commented 2016-04-08 16:05:13 -0400
It’s not often that we get to see a CBC interviewer slapped down on camera. I had to go back and watch it again, it felt so good.
commented 2016-04-08 16:04:55 -0400
VICTOR LASZLO , I like your work
commented 2016-04-08 15:57:51 -0400
LE PEN is mightier than the Muslim bitch"s sword!
Wow she reduced C b c to fiction
C b c -- teddy bear express—- most Canadians " ALL ABOARD "
commented 2016-04-08 15:56:07 -0400
Who is for what I am about to suggest….the CBC was on Rob Ford like a dog on a bone concerning substance abuse……how do we start a petition that if McCallum cannot appear on camera without mumbleing and slurring his speach to a point that any police officer who pulled him over would make him blow the breathalyser….honest to God I have not seen the like since Dean Martin…he should go to rehab…..if this is the result of a stroke or Bell’s Palsey I appologise.
commented 2016-04-08 15:54:25 -0400
Yvette said, “Obviously the interviewer does not know what democracy, freedom of speech, racism is all about.”

Of course not. She is a CBC lackey, indoctrinated socialist through and through.