May 30, 2016

WATCH: Germans FLEE for Hungary, driven out by Merkel's policies

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

In this German news report, many mature German citizens are shown uprooting their entire lives and leaving their family, friends and homeland for a safer life in Orban's Hungary. 

The media goes out of their way to make these victims of Merkel's culture-cidal policies into bigots and fanatics but the message still gets out. These are the salt of the Earth.

And they have given up.

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commented 2016-06-01 03:46:45 -0400
Here is a prediction. In 25 years from now, Hungary will become the most prosperous nation in Europe.
commented 2016-05-30 20:57:56 -0400
Why are there no consequences for Merkel?
commented 2016-05-30 20:15:12 -0400
Stay tuned Canada coming to a country near you.

Maybe we can all move to Hungary after the invasion in Canada orchestrated and run by our female trudope, the prime minister on a mission to destroy Canada.
commented 2016-05-30 18:43:41 -0400
Canada within 4 years under the muslim convert Trudope! Regrettably, Canadians have no where to run! Best option is for a separate west.
commented 2016-05-30 13:56:53 -0400
To leave first world Germany for second world Hungary is not something lightly done.
commented 2016-05-30 10:46:18 -0400
Yep, keep voting for Globalist Zoolander and soon, Canadians will have to find a new home, or live under Sharia law, which I refuse to do.
commented 2016-05-30 10:41:50 -0400
This is a warning to all of us. We have now been turned into the real refugees! They move in and take over based on sheer population. This is how the UN is erasing borders, with the help of tyrants like Merkel, B.O., Trudeau, etc.
commented 2016-05-30 10:34:07 -0400
If the Germans that pay taxes leave, who will pay for the Muslim’s food and housing ? Maybe they will starve or return to their Hell-holes that they created. Worse yet, maybe Trudeau will force them on our taxpayers.
commented 2016-05-30 07:23:08 -0400
Where do Canadians run? With Trudope bring in 50-K invaders this year and 100-K next year and 200-K next year and 400-K and so on. Where do Canadians RUN ?
Will Canadians stand up for their country? NO the political left will make sure of that.
In the news today a Muslim care giver was assign to a WW-2 vet he/she left him beaten and bloody near death over a dispute over money. Where do Canadians run WHERE?
commented 2016-05-30 03:41:50 -0400
With many Europeans moving to Hungary, it looks like Hungary will not have to worry about their low birth rates.
commented 2016-05-30 01:26:28 -0400
Erckel is destroying her country quite efficiently, i wonder who she thinks will feed and protect her when all the good people have been forced to leave?