May 04, 2016

WATCH: Hilarious animated video of Trump vs Hillary features a cameo from #Trigglypuff

StaffRebel Columnist

TomoNews US is famous for their amazingly funny animated videos mocking current events and their latest will blow you away.

Titled “Donald Trump meme video: funny high-energy Trump takes GOP over from cucks” the video mocks Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, the alt-right and even Trigglypuff.

If you're unfamiliar with the Trigglypuff incident, check out this story.

According to the video description, “Once Trump takes California, he will likely have enough delegates to avoid a contested convention. Face it GOP cucks: the Don is your daddy and the party and all your wives belong to him now. Trump’s improbable candidacy has destroyed the party from the inside.

With fans of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders fleeing his sinking ship, Trump is picking up new supporters among that group of largely independent voters.”

We must weaponize #Trigglypuff and stop the social justice agenda by making her the face of it

You can't help but laugh at the animation and voice over.

Give it a watch and see what happens when Trump and Hillary collide.

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