July 30, 2016

WATCH Hungarian PM: Hungary does not need ONE MIGRANT

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

July 26 2016: "For Hungary to have a future, we do not need a single migrant"

Viktor Orban also described the migration crisis as not refugees, but a mass exodus which is poison to Europe.

Banner image is hundreds of young Muslim men swarming the Hungarian border from Serbia. 

Notice the 23 second mark in this well choreographed video of many young Muslim males trying to break European migration laws for entrance into Hungary.

Where are the red hats and English signs from? Did they carry them from Syria? Is it law that all Syrian men must have matching red baseball caps?

There is organization behind this which has an agenda that has little to nothing to do with saving people from the ravages of war in Syria. 

"Hungary remove dogs from your border"


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commented 2016-08-02 03:36:12 -0400
4 FREEDOM noted:- “Viktor Orban is a true Statesman and hero for Freedom. Communism is still relatively fresh in the minds of most Hungarians, thus their acute understanding and painful experiences of the past should be their guiding light and strength.”… As it is for all countries who won their independence, again, in 1991… Viktor Orban has publicly stated what is in the minds of all Eastern Europeans… They are NOT going to go down the same dismal road as the twits in Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark… The Austrians have also finally awoken, and very evidently, the Brits…
commented 2016-07-31 13:03:08 -0400
For those who don’t recognize what they are seeing from PM Orban, it’s called “nationalism” and he is a “statesman” not a politician or bureaucratic rent-seeker. Decisions are made for what is best for his nation, not some one else’s failed state – that is the responsibility of elected office, to look after the interest of your electorate, not the globe’s. Security begins at home.

It’s been so long since effete Euro-collectivists have seen a leader prioritize his nation’s security and well being over other failed states, they don’t know the proper word for it – it’s called responsible nationalism of the sovereign nation-state. Something the globalists who preside over failed and failing states envy with a depraved hatred.
commented 2016-07-31 09:33:48 -0400
Finally a leader with balls to say what needs to be said.A leader looking out for the people of his country.Boy you Liberals must just hate this guy.
Here is the kicker.In any other religion on earth only ONE says you should be killed for leaving it.For all you dumb asses that voted for pot and not a PM,guess what religion that ONE is?
commented 2016-07-31 04:24:47 -0400
Exactly to whom were these “refugees” addressing themselves? Signs in English for the Hungarians and their Hungarian leaders? Or was it an appeal to the UK? Ireland? Canada and the USA?

Just a PR job that will mean nada to most if not almost all in Hungary, but carried around the world via the English main stream media.
commented 2016-07-30 22:08:27 -0400
About the topic, where are all the women and children, did they abandon them in camps or what? Every country has a right to protect it’s borders. With no borders there is no country.
These men have to go back to a camp close to where they fled from. They should be afforded food and safety there. It doesn’t look like they are having any fun and it shouldn’t. They shouldn’t be encouraged to come in the first place. It does beg the question, what groups are organizing them ,bringing them food, hats and signs? The crazy open borders liberal morons are a big part of the problem.
Many Germans are selling their houses and moving to Hungary, because they are already out numbered in Germany. Good for Viktor Orban, he is protecting his people and his country.
commented 2016-07-30 21:56:55 -0400
Nobody comes here to play games Fraser. Isn’t there some other more appropriate place to post them. Some chat room or something. Not the comment section of the Rebel. No offense Fraser, but it seems like you are trying to distract people from the topics. The topics are taken seriously by most people and your ‘distraction’ seems inappropriate. What positive feed back are you getting that makes you continue?
commented 2016-07-30 21:37:17 -0400
@ lawrence o’byrne commented 11 mins ago
@ mcburney, i don’t know what your agenda is but enough of the phony questions, are you some libtard troll , is one of your names goof ball kelly , enough already with the jokes or what ever they are supposed to be, i am not interested

Well stated!
commented 2016-07-30 21:25:10 -0400
@ mcburney, i don’t know what your agenda is but enough of the phony questions, are you some libtard troll , is one of your names goof ball kelly , enough already with the jokes or what ever they are supposed to be, i am not interested
commented 2016-07-30 21:05:40 -0400
Hey a leader with a survival instinct, how different.
commented 2016-07-30 20:35:08 -0400
My admiration goes to the Hungarian PM ! If I still lived in Merkel’s Germany, I would seek asylum in Hungary
commented 2016-07-30 20:29:20 -0400
Pallywood comes to Europe. I think it should be declared a crime against civilisation for the b-grade level of the ham-acting and mise en scene.
commented 2016-07-30 20:07:45 -0400
If Canada was screwed up like Syria I’d fight to get it back, not flee to other countries. If you do not stop and fight, eventually your enemy catches up to you. Turn back, and take your lives back.
commented 2016-07-30 19:42:26 -0400
Hungry has courageous leadership, something we in Canada can only hope for.
commented 2016-07-30 19:28:30 -0400

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commented 2016-07-30 18:36:49 -0400
In the globalist despotism/dystopia Europe has become, Hungary is paying huge “fines” monthy to maintain sovereignty over their borders and immigration policy.

I expect to see this grotesque sense of entitlement from the second wave of 3rd world migrant YOBs who want something from Ottawa.
commented 2016-07-30 18:34:12 -0400
I don’t think that CONTROLLED immigration of fully vetted, worthwhile, productive people to any country should be a problem. It’s the uncontrolled entrance of “migrants”, aka refugees, especially young, restless males with no discernible value or skills to the country they are invading that will obviously and soon be to the detriment of that nation. They are a drain on the social welfare system and usually unable to accept the Western social norm, causing untold havoc. No wonder Viktor Orban says that Hungary needs no migrants. He is absolutely correct. Just wish Justine could get the message!
commented 2016-07-30 18:17:05 -0400
Paul Maurice , it’s been my observation that most people from large urban centers are completely disconnected from the reality of how things work, unless they’re blue collar workers, who actually make things. In their insular world everything comes from the store. and world events are what CBC and Trudeau tell them they are. Those from rural areas, small resource-based town and employed in plants, factories and resource extraction are more in touch with reality. Their income level doesn’t seem to be a factor, nor does their education level. They could be on welfare or be multi-millionaires, hold a PhD. or be an eighth grade drop-out and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. The big difference seems to be a physical connection to the makers of things and the land. This is a broad generalization, of course. There are exceptions on both sides, but that the way I see it, for what it’s worth.
commented 2016-07-30 17:53:32 -0400
Viktor Orban is a true Statesman and hero for Freedom. Communism is still relatively fresh in the minds of most Hungarians, thus their acute understanding and painful experiences of the past should be their guiding light and strength.
commented 2016-07-30 17:50:35 -0400
The average Canadian is an idiot – I started disliking them years ago.

Entitled, spoiled, arrogant and smug.
commented 2016-07-30 17:42:38 -0400
Sounds like the worker at Farm Boy was the quintessential Canadian Liberal — and likely Cabinet material (when a male membership becomes available).
commented 2016-07-30 16:44:51 -0400
By the way, this moron worker at Farm Boy was not young…….I’d put him in his sixties. A baby boomer Toronto Star reading moron.
commented 2016-07-30 16:42:20 -0400
I met a worker at Farm Boy in London, Ontario today. He’s a nice enough guy……but somehow we got talking politics (briefly, thank goodness). And he said it was so good to get rid of a guy like Stephen Harper and have Justin Trudeau as our PM. I asked him what the problem was with Stephen Harper……he couldn’t answer my question……just saying he was no good. I asked him what was good with Justin Trudeau…..he said he was a nice new young guy. I spoke to him about matter such as immigration and carbon tax……he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about.
We should have an intelligence test for each Canadian before allowing him or her to vote.
commented 2016-07-30 16:37:03 -0400
Thank goodness we in Canada have a leader like Justin Trudeau………multiculturalist and Marxist and Muslim. O brave new Canada that hath such a prime minister ruling it!
commented 2016-07-30 16:33:31 -0400
Clearly, the Hungarian prime minister is an Islamophobic intolerant racist bigot, and he needs a MAN like Justin Trudeau to go over to Hungary and have a pugilist match with him and punch him out and set him straight.
commented 2016-07-30 16:15:13 -0400
As of today (30/07/2016) since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,423 Attacks, 199,628 Killed, 280,386 Injured that we know of. “The Religion of Peace”, just ask Pope Francis
commented 2016-07-30 15:58:09 -0400
Karan Singh wrote: An ethical, virtuous & principled society deeply rooted to it’s heritage & proud of it’s culture, language & religion will make a better, strong & prosperous nation.
Immigration caused “the death of Canadian society, it’s values, it’s heritage, it’s culture & language”
When I was a kid, we all mixed together. We didn’t see people as different races as much as today. We now live in a segregated society caused by official multi-culturalism. The promotion of cultures, other than Canadian, has created separate neighbourhoods because each culture is taught that theirs is better than Canadian. Immigrants are encouraged NOT to adapt and therefore NOT to integrate or assimilate.
I believe in the blended, multi-cultural society we had before Papa Trudeau, but instead now we live in a society of cultures that are multiple, separate, and distinct.
commented 2016-07-30 15:22:06 -0400
Didn’t the Canadian government (including under conservatives) claim the same reason about excessive immigration to Canada?? I remember in 2006 after conservatives took over & increased the numbers of immigrants to almost 270K per year (also increasing numbers for TFW’s & students) they gave the same argument; ‘we need people for economic growth and to run our health care system’.
Yes, economic growth we had, but at what cost? At the cost of the death of Canadian society, it’s values, it’s heritage, it’s culture & language, all lost within couple of decades. Not to mention the crumbling health care system.
I would rather prefer the same Canada & it’s society I had migrated to even if I’ve few dollars less to live with. Moreover this economic boom has only benefitted a few individuals/corporations, of course along with politicians & bureaucrats themselves.
Our politicians, and sadly majority of Canadian population, don’t understand (or don’t want to??) that although strong economy is a significant aspect for a country, it shouldn’t be the only important element for a nation.
An ethical, virtuous & principled society deeply rooted to it’s heritage & proud of it’s culture, language & religion will make a better, strong & prosperous nation.
Roman civilisation collapsed not because of impoverishment but their rulers & citizens lived an unprincipled, corrupt, immoral life. They allowed their society to decay setting way for their once great civilisation to degenerate.
commented 2016-07-30 15:18:10 -0400
Canada doesn’t need migrants either. Yes we have demographic challenges, and that’s what the “temporary foreign worker” program is there for. Trudeau wants to replace TFWs with migrant/refugee immigration. He’s already reduced the quota on TFWs while increasing refugee/migrant intake.
TFWs can still immigrate, but they first have to prove, over a few years, that they are good law-abiding TAXPAYERS and meet the requirements, including good language skills. Refugees/migrants don’t need to show their ability to be good additions to this country; they immediately become citizens/permanent residents and can go on welfare and/or work for cash (no taxes), commit crimes, etc. with no fear of deportation.
commented 2016-07-30 15:04:31 -0400
A Leader.

The rest of the Western world is lacking, we have no Leaders.

Unless we correct this, we can only continue on the downward spiral.

Trump and the UK’s Brexit, offer a glimmer of hope.

We need to prey on our None Leaders. (spelling of ‘prey’ intentional)
commented 2016-07-30 14:59:09 -0400
If you hungry go home
Here’s an idea leave a box of food every 5 klicks back to their home land