December 02, 2016

WATCH: Jew explains why you should just say 'Merry Christmas' over 'Happy Holidays'

StaffRebel Columnist

A new video by Prager U makes the case for saying Merry Christmas over the politically correct 'Happy Holidays'.

Dennis Prager explains how people react when he wishes them a 'Merry Christmas' when they've been brainwashed to avoid mentioning the 'C-word'. He also goes into detail about how the War on Christmas isn't some right-wing myth, it's a reality.

What's the future for Christmas if the left has their way? You need to watch this video.

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commented 2016-12-17 14:13:23 -0500
My Muslim Barber said Merry Christmas as I was leaving his shop. I don’t think he was at all offended when he said it.
commented 2016-12-02 19:01:08 -0500
Well that certainly makes it clear why it’s always been white lefties who are behind this as opposed to actual non Christian minorities who have never cared less. End times my friends. Merry Christmas.
commented 2016-12-02 17:58:50 -0500
It is a very strange relationship that Jews and Christians have endured or enjoyed over the Centuries. We both know that our so called combat—- is nothing when compared to the War . Merry Christmas and the best Hanukkah ever !
commented 2016-12-02 14:54:31 -0500
To all Marxist Morons, I wish You a Merry Christmas and may your car throw a Rod Bearing in the year of Our Lord 2017.
commented 2016-12-02 14:42:06 -0500
merry christmas rebel staff.
commented 2016-12-02 14:25:49 -0500
Good video. Merry Christmas!
commented 2016-12-02 14:10:49 -0500
Lol, Peter!!!
commented 2016-12-02 14:09:22 -0500
MERRY CHRISTMAS DENIS and to all a good night

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commented 2016-12-02 13:33:14 -0500
I would love to see those that post comments anonymously post comments with their real name. Make it happen!
commented 2016-12-02 13:25:35 -0500
I would love to see some rebel staff do a Prager U video. Make it happen!