December 04, 2015

WATCH: Kill Bill 6 rally participants demand to be heard at largest gathering yet

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The rally against Bill 6 at the legislature on December 3 was bigger than ever.

About 2000 farmers and ranchers gathered to express their opposition to the bill that would force their family farms to carry WCB, and adhere to OHS and labour laws.

I heard from people from all across the province. They all wanted to tell me how this bill would affect their lives. It was an emotional but peaceful event.

Like every other rally, the Hutterites were there in growing numbers to stand shoulder to shoulder with other family farms across the province.

Besides rallying against Bill 6, the farmers raised money and donations for the food bank. That’s the kind of people that live in rural Alberta. These are the kind of people this law attacks. The farmers and ranchers who gathered at the legislature wanted consultation before legislation. They wanted a seat at the table as stakeholders when Bill 6 was drafted.

I wonder what it would take to get Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier to listen to them. I have an idea.

When Carlier was with the mega union the Public Service Alliance of Canada, he demanded that the union members were given days off with pay at the taxpayers’ expense to grieve the death of their spirit friends, whatever that means.

Maybe these farmers and ranchers need to have an imaginary friend die for Minister Carlier to care what they have to say.

And in the meantime, the rolling rallies across the province will continue.


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Bill 6: Now Alberta's NDP wants to unionize family farms!

In Alberta, some families have to choose between paying for housing or food.
PLEASE HELP restock Alberta's food banks this Christmas season!

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commented 2015-12-05 14:39:28 -0500
If anyone thinks the pc party can or should be saved wake up. After mcgag boyd tells our dirty oilworkers to go to bc and leave her green eco paradise ric mcciver says “she’s a nice person i’m glad she apologized”. Mciver and the rest of his pc hijackers can piss off i was done with last election and unless you like this communist shit you should be done with the too
commented 2015-12-05 13:41:10 -0500
12 slacker eco nuts shouting “no more projects… more projects” trumps 5000 working farmers at several rallies across the province.
the new “leftist math” at work
Also noted how Notley commented, taking the fictitious “high road” that large food wholesalers would not buy Alberta farm produce because of those nasty farmers abusing their workers, hence it is necessary to demonstrate our social observance by instituting “Socialistic” laws. Everyone will love us now.
Would these be the same wholesalers who purchase produce from third world dictatorships without any qualms?
commented 2015-12-05 12:37:51 -0500
In fact Work Place Safety in this Province is governed by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. WCB does not monitor work sites or enforce safety legislation. Again this is a cleverly disguised tax grab to siphon more dues in to WCB, to endear them to unionization. That is why the Farmers are complaining. Its intrusive, done without consultation, and being forced down peoples throats. Woe to the Government that won’t listen to its People.
commented 2015-12-05 12:23:46 -0500
Peter Babich commented – “Unions will be the demise of society!”

More correctly, public sector union-leftist government collusion will be the death knell of democracy and the private sector middle class. We can see how public sector unions colluded with the Liberals to defeat the PCs who were going to cut the sized of government and make public unions accountable and restrain their political influence.

The NDP is following this collusive political model in Alberta – rapidly expanding government and the public sector and rewarding public sector unions with largess from the public trough -thereby cementing a loyal voting block, political foot soldiers and a policy goon squad which diverts member’s dues money to fighting any opposition to the leftist government. Thus creating a coalition between kleptocratic-left governments and the largest, most well funded special interest group – Public sector Unions. It’s how it’s done now. If you ever want real inclusive responsible democracy in your province you must smash the unholy political influence and collusion Public unions hold over government.
commented 2015-12-05 11:42:09 -0500
DARRYL TESKEY commented 18 hours ago
the left has no clue what to do when they are the targets of the protesters, All fine when they are the ones protesting now the shoe is on the other foot and WHERE THE HELL IS THE AGRICULTURE MINISTER
Where the hell do you think he is? Probably in Paris with all the other entitled twits learning how how to pick that secret taxpayer pocket they haven’t found yet
commented 2015-12-05 09:44:30 -0500
A friend of mine compared mcguag boyds well they can work in bc quote to let them eat cake. Maybe we can get more traction from this we need a meme and and a tshirt and then a revolution
commented 2015-12-05 08:57:57 -0500
I think due to distance and cost that the protests also need to happen at city halls around AB. People need to stand now, or there won’t be another chance. The WildRose needs to be front and center at these protests, so that the media are forced to report it.
commented 2015-12-05 02:18:43 -0500
ERIC EZAKI commented 7 hours ago
“All concerned albertans should march on the legislature along with the ranchers and farmers. A mass protest against this government.” Great idea stand up with the folks who put food on your table. Where are all the people who lost their jobs in the oil industry?
commented 2015-12-05 01:07:10 -0500
This the end game of creeping socialism from the last 10 years of so called conservatives until now when they thought we ready foe the full treatment. If we don’t revolt and throw there asses out now will they let us in 4years do you trust they won’t change electoral boundaries or rules … I don’t
commented 2015-12-05 00:59:24 -0500
This government is trying to unionize our province. When these new government unions go on strike, the government will cave and we the tax payer will end up paying for their demands. More money out of the tax payer pocket.
commented 2015-12-05 00:57:37 -0500
And they want to just take your Land!
Bill 19 gives the government the right to take whatever property they want with no compensation to the owner.

Bill 19 is essentially a way for the government to work around the Expropriation Act. It gives Cabinet the power to freeze a person’s land for long periods of time—twenty, thirty, even forty years—and makes no requirement that the landowner be compensated. The freeze order is also served on the landowner’s bank, and from that day forward the landowner would not be able to do anything on his land apart from obtaining written permission from the Minister of Infrastructure. Prior to Bill 19, if the government wanted a person’s land for a highway, power dam, transmission line, or utility corridor, the land had to be expropriated. And under Expropriation Law, it was required that the landowner “be made whole.”

Bill 19 is designed to legally get around the Expropriation Act, so that the full rights of compensation that Albertans have traditionally held, and that other Canadians now hold, no longer applies in Alberta.
commented 2015-12-04 22:44:25 -0500
Anyone else notice protests daily in alberta don’t make cbc ctv even msn homepage. I spent my day at work educating people on the only real news in canada. Without the rebel actually reportings news would any see these protests
commented 2015-12-04 22:39:55 -0500
thank god people are standing up for themselves and not letting this tin pot dictatorship walk all over us. this reminds me of the cliven bundy situation but without the militarized armed stand off. may the NDP get kicked out permanently and never get in again.
commented 2015-12-04 22:27:01 -0500
Thank you Ezra Levant, for giving the farmers the media coverage they deserve. REBEL MEDIA.COM
commented 2015-12-04 22:22:04 -0500
I am so proud of all the Alberta farmers coming out to these rallies. Don’t let up stay strong that’s the Alberta way.
commented 2015-12-04 20:16:27 -0500
This is great to see. We need more political protest coming out AGAINST government intervention of all forms. The whinny bleeding heart SJWs will take to the streets to demand just about anything and they usually get it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I am born and raised in Ottawa and although bill 6 in Alberta would not affect me directly I appreciate you guys in AB standing up to over bearing government. Don’t let up on them. Thanks
commented 2015-12-04 19:55:04 -0500
I whole heartedly agree with the idea of mass protest this is more than one group under attack. unfortunately many oilfield workers with a job are scared to miss a day but I think we must all be prepared to sacrifice or there won’t be any days in the future. we also need to reach out to seniors with this increase in all costs from the carbon tax they just to a huge cut in there pensions. community groups from arena boards to homeless shelters just to a huge hit to expenses. we need to get in front of our neighbours and open there eyes to the devastation this will cause
commented 2015-12-04 19:36:46 -0500
All concerned albertans should march on the legislature along with the ranchers and farmers. A mass protest against this government
commented 2015-12-04 19:29:26 -0500
There should be a warning on every Guy Fawkes mask-“Caution-contains one lazy self righteous douchebag”
And the progressive twits do not get the irony of that mask they embrace so soundly, but if they were informed they would not be doing what they do.
commented 2015-12-04 19:27:58 -0500
Big difference when down to earth people protest they do not wear douchebag masks like the progressive fools do.
commented 2015-12-04 18:36:16 -0500
Next on the protest agenda is the Carbon Tax! The No Democracy Party papered the secret agenda tax bill without consultation and input at a legislative level, only big oil and enviro-lobbyists! She campaigned on welcoming input from all MLAs for a better Alberta. What a crock! She has to go!
commented 2015-12-04 17:49:58 -0500
Notice the pitchfork as a sign standard? This government picked the wrong group of their trusting constituents against whom to wage economic war.
commented 2015-12-04 17:44:17 -0500
Unions will be the demise of society! And the NDP will attempt to kill any private business
commented 2015-12-04 17:41:41 -0500
Perhaps I haven’t paid attention, but I don’t recall this type of assembly when the conservatives were in office. Other than the anti-oil sands lobbyists, can someone remind me?
commented 2015-12-04 17:40:10 -0500
Good job Sheila, keep up the good work.
commented 2015-12-04 17:36:17 -0500
I had the misfortune of seeing the destructive nature of the NDP first hand under the infamous Bob Rae. After getting laid off I moved to Alberta as an economic migrant. There were many of us warning people before the last Alberta election but it fell on deaf ears. Hopefully everyone who voted this disgraceful bunch in will have learned a painful lesson and never forget it. But the cost will be horrendous and possibly even irreversible.
commented 2015-12-04 17:24:11 -0500
Get the recall law petition & plebiscite going now before these communists destroy what is left of rural Alberta
commented 2015-12-04 17:23:26 -0500
thousands of farmers standing up and being heard, 10’s of thousands of oilfield workers unemployed with no hope of future recovery thanks to the ndp. Time for the oilfield folks to start standing up and being heard.
commented 2015-12-04 17:14:00 -0500
the left has no clue what to do when they are the targets of the protesters, All fine when they are the ones protesting now the shoe is on the other foot and WHERE THE HELL IS THE AGRICULTURE MINISTER is he that much of a snivelling coward he will not speakt with farmers. Only the beginning folks, keep up the pressure on the NDP the complete and utter incompetence of the ndp is staggering.are they to scard to speak to the public. .
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