December 02, 2015

WATCH: Liberal, wealthy white people rally against jobs for other people at climate change protest

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

I attended the Vancouver climate change rally the other day wearing my “I love oil sands” t-shirt.

There were the usual repetitive chants and the obligatory reference to solidarity with Palestine.

And of course it wouldn’t be a climate change protest without hypocrisy and I found plenty of that as I walked through the crowd with microphone in hand.


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commented 2015-12-07 11:33:00 -0500
It amazes me how people confuse carbon with carbon dioxide. And how the mainstream media is now claiming that carbon dioxide is “pollution”. They are indoctrinating our youth with this falsehood. Very sad.
commented 2015-12-06 12:37:46 -0500
It’s like with that discussion I had with some person that was just so out there it was hard to believe. Somehow, the subject of conversation turned to tomatoes are their shortage. This person refused to believe that there was any need to industrially grow tomatoes, for the good of the Earth of course. I interjected that some people do like tomatoes, and even a great number of people are employed because of them. The person wanted to know how people could ever be employed by tomatoes. I said making food, like ketchup; if they don’t have tomatoes, they’re out of work. Somehow, the oil sands got tossed into this, as though my myths about tomatoes was the same thing as the oil sands. Well, they sort of are, in that people need tomatoes like people need the oil from the oil sands. Then the person when on about the culture of dependency that I was defending – we don’t need tomatoes or fossil fuels. Ok. So that’s how funny one of these exchanges can get.
commented 2015-12-05 10:46:09 -0500
if people want to protest oil and gas, then that’s fine. Surely it would make more sense to focus the biggest exporters first since global warming is a global issue, not just a Canadian issue. So next time why don’t they take their signs to Saudi Arabia, Iraq…and soon Iran…and see if they can change public opinion there first. It might work. Saudi Arabia might decide not to behead them. ISIS in Iraq might decide to stop selling oil on the black market after seeing their signs. And Iran may decide to give up their plans to build a nuclear weapon pointed straight at Israel in which case they won’t need to sell oil anymore.

Sadly I don’t think they will take my advice. Instead they will focus on destroying Canada’s oil industry and the world can continue to live under the mercy of Middle Eastern tyrannical regimes.
commented 2015-12-04 14:29:04 -0500
LOL…. Some of BC’s public unions were there yet they are invested (pension funds) in oil and gas to the tune of several BILLION
commented 2015-12-03 18:32:02 -0500
“somewhere between self employed and, uuuuhhhh, making money..”

Ya, in other words: AISH and welfare.
commented 2015-12-03 18:30:17 -0500
Great job, young man. You must have a lot of patience to withstand the insane comments from paid lobby morons.
commented 2015-12-03 18:03:01 -0500
This is not simple yes or no, no one is right or wrong. YES we need petroleum and YES the future generation has a right to breathe and clean water. Using the resources what we have is the right thing to do,abusing it is wrong. Has to be a boundary ,future generation should be given as much consideration as our generation. We usually choose to give priority to our own desires and let the future fend for itself. In my opinion the benefit should at least equal to the risk we take. When it comes to Kinder Morgan’s pipelines,tanker ships, tank farm the benefit is zero for the peoples who takes humongous risk. It is not just millions of people could lost they livelihood for generations,but tens of thousands of people’s life would be in direct danger. I suggest to read they proposal and the arguments carefully,perhaps you will have more understanding why I do not want to risk my life every day for others financial gain.
( sorry for my English, I am ESL )
commented 2015-12-03 16:03:35 -0500
Loved the shirt Chris, and thanks for entertaining us with the lunatics that were surrounding you ;)
commented 2015-12-03 14:53:20 -0500
The “normal people” were either working at one of their two jobs to pay for this green scheme or taking a well deserved day off to spend time with their families. Not every Canadian has a trust fund that enables them to promote these causes.
commented 2015-12-03 13:43:36 -0500
Paid Protesters, no doubt about it.
Global wsrming is a myth. If you have doubts about Global Warming look at the video, link below, This is the best, easy to understand explanation that I have seen.
This is well worth watching and it avoids getting into a lot of boring graphs etc.
commented 2015-12-03 12:57:21 -0500
Hey Chris. Do you think old press clippings were any truer then than they are now. I doubt there were as many people at those anti-nuclear protests as they said there were. The press hasn’t changed its modus operandi since the days of Yellow Journalism. As a matter of fact, Yellow Journalism is more alive than it’s ever been.
commented 2015-12-03 12:04:20 -0500
This is the divide between lefties and the rest of us. No concept of reality if oil is bad why was everyone wearing nylon and plastic sunglasses. They call us uneducated when you try to engage them
commented 2015-12-03 11:41:35 -0500
It is actually painful to listen to such shallow people whose brains are full of buzz phrases. I’ve heard for decades that public education teaches people “what to think” rather than “how to think”, and I believe it. Thankfully we home educated our sons. I confess with some embarrassment that I enjoy their stories of how they make their fellow college student’s heads explode regularly with simple facts and logical thinking.
commented 2015-12-03 10:54:50 -0500
The reason most people aren’t using more private types of education is because we are taxed so heavily we can’t afford to pay school taxes (property taxes etc) and pony up for private school. It’s too much. So we are forced to send our kids to the indoctrination centres referred to as public schools and deprogram them as we go.
commented 2015-12-03 09:54:53 -0500
Eric Ezaki mused, “I don’t suppose these people will turn to green energy to heat their homes this winter.”

Of course they will! They are not hypocrites! ;o)
commented 2015-12-03 09:09:41 -0500
i am against something or for something, because my kids told me so, i don’t know what it means, but it feels good to be on their side, you know, cause they go to school and they know more than me…
commented 2015-12-03 06:38:27 -0500
Oil and Natural Gas are renewable energies.

They are derived from decomposed plants and animals, compressed over years. The media party reports this as 1000s of years. The reality is that it takes a few years.

Have a look at landfill sites and the pipes run to exhaust methane, merely weeks after the fill arrives. In some cases, the methane exhaust is lit on fire. So much for the narrative, “1000s of years to produce natural gas”.
commented 2015-12-03 02:40:28 -0500
commented 2015-12-03 02:21:33 -0500
It is almost funny to see these liberal wimps get all excited, they have never done and hard work and would be handled quite easily, i would enjoy walking along shaking their hands and crushing them as i do so.
commented 2015-12-03 02:15:19 -0500
If i was omnipotent these clowns would not have any oil products or services to use. Man would that be hilarious to watch them go without.
commented 2015-12-03 02:14:14 -0500
Chris next time ask these hypocrites how their pine beetle plans turned out LMAO.
commented 2015-12-03 01:49:37 -0500
You are a brave man Chris, surrounded by a sea of hostile people. Pretty good job, just wish you would have challenged more. It was obvious, most there were hoping you would not ask them a question, to which they would not have an answer. The ones who did answer your questions were only repeating lefty rhetoric.
commented 2015-12-03 00:33:48 -0500
Good reporting. Personally, I don’t step foot in Vancouver anymore.
commented 2015-12-03 00:09:14 -0500
I don’t suppose these people will turn to green energy to heat their homes this winter.
commented 2015-12-02 22:41:59 -0500
Good job Mr Christopher Wilson. I am looking forward to more reports from you on what is happening on the left coast.
commented 2015-12-02 22:00:45 -0500
Loved it but yet so sad that these people have no idea what they are talking about I guess that is what they call free speech!
commented 2015-12-02 21:37:07 -0500
Instead of using evil oil for clothes we can use the skins of mink bear rabbits cones otters and nothing is warmer in winter than a buffalo coat and you can’t forget bambe lovely shoes and we should go back to beaver hats just think how good you’ll look with snake skin boots I remember the days when we cut down trees to keep us wom in winter and getting up tearly to light fire we could keep chickens in the back yard
commented 2015-12-02 21:37:02 -0500
Good job Chris!
commented 2015-12-02 21:00:49 -0500
Well done Mr Wilson.
commented 2015-12-02 20:47:54 -0500
Great report Christopher. I found it so funny how most of the people who spoke sounded like they were just parroting something they heard rather than being able to articulate any rational thoughts they came to on their own.