November 25, 2015

POLL: Most Canadians agree that 25,000 refugees is too many!

Brian LilleyArchive

By now you’ve heard the news of the partial victory for those calling for a pause on the Liberal’s refugee rush.

They listened to the tens of thousands of you who signed our petition and otherwise made it clear to the government that Canadians wanted them to take the time to make sure they were getting it right logistically, security-wise and health-wise.

But, the Liberals are still moving ahead with their plan for 10,000 by the end of the year and 15,000 by the end of February with McCallum saying they will reach that number and more through the rest of 2016.

Mark my words, there will be far more than 25,000 even though many Canadians said that was too much from one place like Syria.

What about who will be brought in? Although they hesitate to identify Christians specifically, they are saying they will put a priority on those who are most vulnerable - so Christians should be part of that mix.




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commented 2015-11-27 18:53:40 -0500
Countries like Syria, Somalia, Libya and Afghanistan barely exist as countries any more. They don’t keep or have records on the people that come from there so how are we to “Vet” them? Unless they have records with organizations like interpol or one of our allies we will not be able to determine who they are?
commented 2015-11-27 17:40:18 -0500
Friedman’s Dictum:
The way to effect change is not to elect the right people to power.
It is to make it so that the wrong people find it politically profitable to do the right thing.
commented 2015-11-26 21:52:13 -0500
Let us push extremely hard for lots of Christians’ and Yazidis’ who are being persecuted in Syria – we could actually save some lives as we know these people are targets and are being treated inhumanely!
commented 2015-11-26 13:56:46 -0500
I do believe you are being overly kind to Justin regarding the refugee policy revisions that are being attributed to his “listening” skills. I’m certain that he wasn’t listening to us at all and you give him too much credit in believing that he was.
His ill-conceived plan (which anyway was just merely pandering for election votes) simply hit the brick wall of reality and practicality. Our earlier criticisms that showed how dumber than dirt his thinking was just conveniently supplied the rationale for him to do this about-face in some face-saving manner.
commented 2015-11-26 13:53:16 -0500
Gary King;
Re John, you brought to my mind the words of Bob Dylan:
John, the bottles are done, you’ve killed each one,
and the table’s full and overflowed.
The corner sign says it’s closing time,
so bid us farewell and get on down the road.
commented 2015-11-26 12:34:44 -0500
Goodale and McCallum. #RealChange
commented 2015-11-26 12:32:19 -0500
Has he had another stroke? ;-) hic
commented 2015-11-26 11:59:03 -0500
Put the bottle down, John. The bar is closed and it’s time to leave. We called the Mecca cab company for a magic carpet to give you a lift but they refused to come to the establishment. Not to worry John, we’ve app’d an Uber driver and he’s on his way. Thanks for letting us use your phone. We were unable to tip the driver but we managed to order some pizza from your federal credit card. Thanks John.
commented 2015-11-26 10:21:37 -0500
Well Peter, Harper had it correct, like he did on so many things. I am going to miss the voice of sanity in the PMO.
commented 2015-11-26 09:40:16 -0500
Peter MacIssac posted on another thread how there is 5.2 billion living in poverty around the world and how this refugee plan is insignificant. I believe it was PM Harper who said it right. It’s more important and efficient to help them where they are rather than trying to relocate .000001% of the people in need.
commented 2015-11-26 09:37:39 -0500
November 26, 2015
Dear Diary;
Thinking about Dad while I was with the Queen, you know, doing that pirouette thing behind her back. But now when I turn my back for a minute things go from bad to worse. It turns out that my pushed back deadline that got pushed back now needs to get pushed back even more. I suppose I could sell it as change, real change. That might work. Still, I told Gerald, all this humanitarian crap is turning out to be more trouble than it’s worth. Then he whispered in my ear; “votes”. Hey, go easy with that tongue, Gerald.
I got a nice cushy feel-good interview (I like those ones best) in London for Global News. I told Tom Clark (he’s the one that wanted to know what shampoo I used) how I got bullied a bit in school, I managed to say that I fought back but Tom didn’t give me the chance to explain that there was one time that I almost beat her.
I’m off to Malta now, wherever that is. It’s for something to do with a commonwealth. I like the sound of that, well maybe not so much the common part.
commented 2015-11-26 09:31:31 -0500
KEITH BARNES, 8 hours ago, “They have invaded our education system and are dictating what should or should not,be taught. How long will it be before the Liberal Government declares that Christianity will not be taught to our children, that it is a false religion.” Education is a provincial responsibility and if you are talking about Christianity being thrown out of the education system, that happened long ago! The teaching of evolutionism as a “fact” (just like global warming and Mother Earth) in our schools is tantamount to teaching the religion of humanism or atheism in the schools. And yet, Christians continue to send their children to this seminary for atheism. There is no such thing as neutrality when it comes to worldviews. Baptist pastor Voddie Baucham expressed it very well when he said, “If you send your kids to Caesar to be educated, don’t be surprised when they come back as Romans”. Just simple common sense logic!
commented 2015-11-26 09:02:13 -0500
Hey lefty trolls! Straight from John McCallum. You can privately sponsor refugees. Come on now. Step up to the plate and personally commit! What? No appetite for that? Rather push this issue onto taxpayers? Typical!
commented 2015-11-26 01:39:26 -0500
Just one, so called refugee is one to many, for Canada. I do not know how many Muslims are in Canada now but evidence proves, to me at least, they should all be deported.

They have invaded our education system and are dictating what should or should not,be taught. How long will it be before the Liberal Government declares that Christianity will not be taught to our children, that it is a false religion.

Muslims are not compatible with western society, they are not prepared to become Canadians. The only reason they are here, is to take this country over and make it an Islamic State, .Those who do not comply will be murdered, in a public exhibition of savagery.

The Liberal government chooses to ignore the desperate state of Europe and rush to repeat the mistakes made by Europeans.

Trudeau must have a hidden agenda, that he has planned for, if not, he is a complete fools and unfit to rule Canada.

We face a bleak future.
commented 2015-11-25 23:49:32 -0500
@ Egil – I had to watch the video again to see for sure, but he only shows 4 of the provinces Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec. Those are probably the highest 4. The other provinces are no doubt lower.
commented 2015-11-25 23:44:06 -0500
Brian, I don’t mind helping pay to conduct a poll, however it is important to me to find out who the results of the poll are sent to. A poll is useless unless the results are sent to someone who can fix the problem.
commented 2015-11-25 22:57:20 -0500
Well so much for Turd-o looking after the middle class… between him dumping more refugees on us than we can afford, and here in Ontario.. hydro rates jumping again 10% in January, plus his mentor Wynne starting a green energy feel good television ad campaign ( why do I have a feeling of doom on this one?) All this added to a federal carbon tax coming up. He’s going to bury the middle class. We could well be viewing the opening act of the destruction of Canada as we know it. All while the bleeding heart lefties cheer. Common sense has left the building.
commented 2015-11-25 22:53:21 -0500
Every province in Canada was over 60% but you come up with 60% of Canadians were concerned with the number of refugees. Can you please explain your numbers?
commented 2015-11-25 22:33:47 -0500
Oh Canada!

What have you done?

Canada is now a dumping ground for welfare recipients.
commented 2015-11-25 22:29:56 -0500
Partial victory? Brian, please! Cosmetics! No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it is still a pig!