June 19, 2017

WATCH: Mayor of Cologne's submissive speech at mega-mosque opening

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

In the city which has seen more than its fair share of terror attacks, rapes and group molestation attacks, the mayor of Cologne gave a submissive speech at a daily "end of fast" meal at the new mega-mosque just opened in time for Ramadan.

The original video was watermarked with the organization's acronym, DITIB

To see who DITIB are, watch this short German expose from 2016:

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commented 2017-06-21 04:00:55 -0400
The german authorities and police have decided to submit and are grooming and forcing others to do so as well in every action and word they take. They even punish boyfriends and fathers who try to prevent and defend their loved ones and young daughters from horrendous disgusting sexual harassment.

As Dom the conservative reports in Mad World News
“As a result, the few German men who are unwilling to passively watch as their nation crumbles to political correctness are rising up and defending their loved ones only to be discriminately punished by the liberal powers that be.”

Who is going to speak up for the daughters, sisters, wifes, children and loved one being sacrificed upon the alter of political correctness???



“Pupils at the Herder school in Kassel, Germany have been subjected to months of sexual assault by “much older” migrant males on their way to and from school, dating back as far as September 2015. The three girls aged between 16 and 18 were repeatedly touched inappropriately and verbally abused, but they refused to report the incidents to the police or their school because the perpetrators were “refugees”.

German newspaper the Hessian Niedersächsische Allgemeine reports the girls realised the “social-political” implications of their reporting their crimes, with the significant amount of press attention swirling around migrant sex assault, leading to them becoming what the paper identified as “paralysed by political correctness”.
The girls were finally persuaded to come forward by a victim support group called ‘Kassel Help’, and they revealed how they were targeted by the men on public transport. The migrants who attacked them would find their way onto the same buses and trams daily to get near the girls, who were touched on the breasts, bottom, and between the legs. The report states “hardly a day went without harassment”.

Called “whores” to their faces, groups of up to seven men would approach them at tram stops, shouting “Girls! Girls! Girls!”. ‘Anna’ said the abuse “felt very threatening”, but came as a surprise, as the abuse started on their very first day of the new school term. She said “I had not expected it at all.”

The attacks had put other girls at the school off using public transport altogether.

Speaking to the Hessian Allgemeine, Steffi Burmester of the ‘Together Against Sexual Violence’ group said the organisation had seen a “huge” increase in sex violence come with the arrival of large numbers of “male migrants”. This was a phenomenon she attributed to the men coming from cultures with “different views of women”, and a desire to reclaim lost masculinity after the “fear and humiliation” of being a migrant. Whether that is a credible reason or not, Ms. Burmester said it was “no excuse”."
commented 2017-06-19 22:06:40 -0400
What she really said was-“I am bent over, insert fist here!”
commented 2017-06-19 20:39:43 -0400
Just as the fascists had their Quislings and Collaborators, so too today, Islamo-fascism via Globalism is the same. The Mayor of Cologne is one of them.

The progressives (Cultural Marxists) via CoE & UN, governments, education and media, have for decades torn down the family, democratic and peaceful society – Often disguised by some perversion of “Human Rights”. Have you noticed the abolition of the death penalty was a priority issue? Why would that be? One reasons follows: When this experiment on the destruction of democracies ends, it will be at least as horrific as the last attempt when it ended in 1945. Always remember, Hitler’s primary message was that his Reich worked “In the best Interests of the Child”. Toxic products are best sold to the unwary with beautiful labels and encouraging words.

So, back to point …. These Elites aren’t stupid – dangerous yes, stupid, NO. They must know full-well they’ll be the first to be rounded up and brought to real justice at the end of this run… I’m hoping whatever democracy may come from the ashes of the destruction of the West, that the first order to re-establish a common “Rule of Law” will be the reinstatement of the death penalty specifically for these evil people.
commented 2017-06-19 19:45:12 -0400

Germany is competing with Sweden. Dom the conervative reports that they even punish fathers and boyfriends who try to protect their daughters and girlfriends from being sexually harassed.

“As the liberal dream unfolds in Germany, 2 teen sisters were experiencing the misogyny and brutality that rules Muslims countries. The girls, who are 15 and 16, had been forced to endure sexual and racial harassment daily for weeks from a pair of Afghan asylum seekers, aged 18 and 31, for no other reason than that they are white non-Muslim females. One Saturday, however, the threats and vulgarity took a sinister turn.
German newspaper Online Focus reports that as the girls and one of their boyfriends were walking home in Gauting on June 3, the 18-year-old Afghan stood up in front of the teens on a park bench and began masturbating at the traumatized girls while his 31-year-old accomplice sickeningly cheered him on. Fortunately, the 16-year-old girl happened to be on the phone with the one man she knew she could depend on.

The girls’ 44-year-old father immediately jumped into his vehicle and rushed to the nearby location to defend his terrified daughters. The outlet reports that as soon as the angry dad arrived on the scene, he tore into the masturbating migrant, hitting him in the face.

Local police arrived shortly after the father, intervening in the scuffle before the father could do further damage. The asylum seekers reportedly made numerous threats against the girl’s boyfriend and father while police were taking their information, displaying their complete disregard for the law and authorities.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the case is that the father and boyfriend are now facing criminal charges for trying to protect the girls from the sexual deviant refugees. According to Freie Zeiten, the police have issued a restraining order on behalf of the girls against the asylum seekers but are investigating the father and boyfriend for felony charges."
commented 2017-06-19 13:51:31 -0400
True comments , all. But the fact remains that knucklehead Germans voted this Quisling into office. So they must like what they’re getting or they would do otherwise. I hope they enjoy their “cultural enrichment” to the full. Maybe then they’ll wake up. But I doubt it. Satan has blinded their minds.
commented 2017-06-19 13:51:16 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,548 Attacks, 216,314 Killed, 297,572 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-06-19 13:47:33 -0400
Germany is the new Caliphate
commented 2017-06-19 13:17:07 -0400
A good islamic gang rape followed by a “light” beating followed by a community stoning might??? be what is needed to wake that STUPID mayor/politician up. It will be interesting to see her reactions when the summer from hell descends upon her city and the rest of Europe. That would be this summer by the way, and it is now upon us. Watch the carnage folks, and the skanky mayor and the rest will reach a point where apologies won’t cut the mustard. World War 3 looms and morons like the Cologne mayor, mayor Khan in London, and imp Justin here live in their diverse, inclusive “bubble of death”. Hail Justin, King of Turds.
commented 2017-06-19 13:07:03 -0400
One day, it is her head that she will lose on her pedestal.
commented 2017-06-19 12:24:54 -0400
These globalists have sold their souls to the devil. It’s too bad they’ve sold out their countries, and countrymen.
commented 2017-06-19 12:08:36 -0400
Victor, I couldn’t get through the entire video… this mayor is totally brainwashed and she is another useful idiot aligning herself with Islamic ideology. Mega mosques are nothing that should be found outside of Islamic states.
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