April 28, 2016

WATCH: Meet the tantrum-throwing protester the internet has dubbed 'Trigglypuff'

StaffRebel Columnist

Imagine the very embodiment of radical feminism, fat-shaming, white privilege, safe spaces, trigger warnings and queer studies. This is what you get with Trigglypuff.

The rare creature was first spotted in a viral video by Campus Reform. The protester was attempting to disrupt an event at the University of Massachusetts in which Steven Crowder, Christina Hoff Sommers and Milo Yiannopoulos were speaking.

The radical protester passed out literature that claiming all three of the speakers, “demonstrate either that you don’t give a shit about people’s trauma and pain and think it’s funny to thrust people into states of panic and distress OR that you fundamentally do not understand what a trigger is, what it means to be triggered, and what a trigger warning is meant to prevent.”

When asked by Campus Reform to elaborate, she claimed, “Campus Reform causes death and death threats due to its extreme language.”

WATCH: Steven Crowder MASSACRES social justice warriors in epic rant featuring Milo Yiannopoulos and Christina Hoff Sommers

That very same protester was then caught on video trying to create a disturbance and lets just say it's amazing to say the least.

When the wild Trigglypuff attempts to interrupt Yiannopoulos, Hoff Sommers tells her to “calm down, young lady.”

The angry leftist then shouts a series of vulgarities prompting Hoff Sommers to yet again tell her to stop acting like a child.

The name 'Trigglypuff' is a play on the Pokemon Jigglypuff. A small, weak Pokemon known for putting its opponents to sleep with its singing. Or it could be a reference to Jigglypuff's evolution – Wigglytuff.

Just check out this amazing remix.

You're welcome.

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commented 2016-09-29 08:24:41 -0400
Unless she explodes, Monty Python style, when she dies there’ll be six cranes as pall-bearers. Or, if she’s buried at sea, she’ll flood Holland.
commented 2016-07-10 02:09:04 -0400
It looks like a giant larva.
commented 2016-05-01 18:24:58 -0400
You can put a dress and lipstick on it but in the end a pig is still a pig!

Oink, oink

commented 2016-05-01 14:19:29 -0400
She must have expended a few calories with all that flailing and screaming. She possibly has rattled her brain, loosened some bolts.
commented 2016-05-01 14:16:53 -0400
Triggered Tina was some scary, sad and pathetic.
Arrested development.
Dysfunction through and through.
Nature’s law of natural selection will take care of her.
I can’t help but feel sorry for triggered Tina.
commented 2016-04-30 19:49:44 -0400
I consider myself a leftist, and it really embarrasses me to see our side turned to this. Like Jesus Christ we have just abandoned health for feelings it seems. And everyone is so easily offended god damnit.
commented 2016-04-29 16:03:15 -0400
Given her life style choices, she’ll be found in a boneyard not too far in the future.
Wonder what her parents think?

commented 2016-04-29 10:27:31 -0400
Here piggy pig pig…Sooooeeee
commented 2016-04-29 10:13:15 -0400
Pizza. All she want was a whole pizza.

Extra-large. 92 toppings. Double-cheese. Deep-fried and dipped in chocolate.

Mmmmmm…type-1 diabetes.
commented 2016-04-29 00:35:07 -0400
I would be scared and offended by her smell after she walked up some stairs.
commented 2016-04-29 00:33:38 -0400
commented 2016-04-28 18:49:03 -0400
“Stop talking to us like children” While she throws a tantrum.

Why do people even bother giving these people a voice? Let then cry in their corner and ignore them.
commented 2016-04-28 18:41:45 -0400
Jamie MacMaster – thanks for the laughs!
commented 2016-04-28 16:47:52 -0400
Hey RON CHRISTESEN, did you think you could fool us with those glasses?
commented 2016-04-28 16:44:52 -0400
I wonder what she drinks from that thermos. Melted ice cream? Gravy? Rye and cheez whiz?
commented 2016-04-28 16:38:37 -0400
Very classy internet, way to make it easy for governments to convince the populace that censorship is something good.
commented 2016-04-28 16:34:37 -0400
Somewhat like NDP and Liberal supporters. Talk loud and fast so rational people cant be heard.
commented 2016-04-28 15:44:47 -0400
This little piggy went to market, this little piggy bought 50 liters of Pepsi. This little piggy had roast beef, 20kg, Some skinny kid in Africa had none.
Well maybe these poor little darlings should be happy that Justin Trudeau and his cabinet have Sunni Ways for Canada and a new theme song to calm her glandular problem into happiness:

commented 2016-04-28 15:36:52 -0400
Love when she says “Stop talking to us like children” yet the Obese twat acts like a 3 year old having a Tantrum in a shopping mall!
commented 2016-04-28 15:34:29 -0400
- Will TRIGGLYPUFF become part of the right’s lexicon of ‘words to describe liberals’ and their troubling behaviors?

As in: ’Don’t think you’re going to get away with any of that Trigglypuffery here young lady!‘,
or, ’Yeah, I went to UOttawa to give a speech on free speech and I was Trigglypuffed pretty badly.’
or, ‘Hey Trigglypuff, don’t shoot the messenger.’
and it will also work in place of ‘Snowflake’ for a more dramatic flare.
commented 2016-04-28 15:18:14 -0400
I’d like to see that remix go viral…
What were the lyrics to whatever the song was?
commented 2016-04-28 14:50:32 -0400
Now imagine Triggly Puff wearing a burka.
At least we’d be spared of seeing her face.

Dump Trudeau
commented 2016-04-28 13:43:57 -0400
My God the human race has evolved into a bunch of sniveling, gluttonous asstards!
commented 2016-04-28 13:05:53 -0400
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water……………….Moby Dickless!
commented 2016-04-28 12:46:19 -0400
The irony is lost on these parasitic socialists that think they are SJWs. They claim they are the true advocates of free speech and rights, yet they are the very first to shut down speech and remove individual rights, rather violently at times, unless it mirrors their twisted dogma of course.

Thanks to the video I now understand why they invented this concept of “new genders”. This being defies the standard categories of male or female. Hoff Sommers excels at deciphering the new species of humanoids that frequent, though suspect of enrollment, the alleged “higher” educational facilities nowadays. I never would have guessed it was a female.
commented 2016-04-28 12:25:41 -0400


Dump Trudeau!
commented 2016-04-28 12:24:58 -0400
Must correct, damn spell check is way too fast.

“As well, the poor sot cannot exercise due to her chronic condition of lazyitis which seems . . .”
commented 2016-04-28 12:22:13 -0400

Triggly Puff has a serious problem.
The fact that she is overweight at her tender age is due to a glandular problem.
The problem is such that the obese Ms. Puff has never seen a desert, soft drink or meal that she did not eat.
As well the poor sot cannot not exercise due to her chronic condition of lazy it’s which seem to be more prevalent amongst the young spoiled brats of this generation.
The glandular problem I refer to is her apparent lack of a brain, common sense and shame.
Still mystified as to how come her arms aren’t any thinner.

Dump Trudeau