April 13, 2017

WATCH: Muslim women defend “wife beating”, say it has benefits

StaffRebel Columnist

A new video by an Islamic organization shows Muslim women defend the practice of wife-beating and take issue with those who consider it 'barbaric'.

The video was shared on Facebook by Hizib ut-Tahrir – a “radical Islamic political movement.”

One of the women, Reem Allouche, a primary school teacher, says that wife-beating is “not as what people have understood or what people would like to have understood.”

Her counterpart, Atika Latifi called it “a beautiful blessing”.

WATCH the video and let us know in the comments what you think.

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commented 2017-04-15 01:32:49 -0400
“what’s the point of leadership without the obedience” said the trained seal.
commented 2017-04-14 10:35:36 -0400
If wife beating is a “beautiful blessing” then I guess honor killing is a jubilant act of selfless sacrificial friendship.
commented 2017-04-14 10:03:27 -0400
so again, why do they “flee” to our countries claiming ‘refugee’ when in fact they aren’t fleeing a thing but rather come for the free life and to enforce their sub human neanderthal culture and religion upon all of us??
commented 2017-04-14 03:45:14 -0400
-“Trudeau brings up gender equality every chance he gets & then visits the mosque & rubs shoulders with these pompous narcissists who may have just beaten their wife a short while before.”

Goes to show what a talent Junior has, he can stutter lies out both sides of his mouth at once. “I’m a Feminist” sounds ever so trendy to the leftards but he has already proven that he is anything but a feminist.
commented 2017-04-14 02:38:00 -0400
Women and everyone else has to Submit to Allah. The men don’t, they carry out the word of Allah on everyone else and they act like Gods doing it. And when they carry out the word of Allah, how come it always results in pain or death? There never seems to be any lucky soul being blessed with the love of Allah, receiving any kind of reward or trophy. Somebody somewhere suffers, which seems to be the only will of Allah. And the primary targets that need the discipline of Allah are Jews, Infidels and Women.
commented 2017-04-14 02:09:26 -0400
Although the two women in the video seem to have convinced themselves that beatings are the way to go, I could not say that they have convinced me. They look like two fools to me.
commented 2017-04-14 01:58:48 -0400
It is only bad if a white Christian guy does it.
commented 2017-04-14 01:50:51 -0400
They get beat if they don’t say they don’t want to not get beat.

People want happiness and freedom, not terrror and oppression, especially at home.

I’ve been telling people, you think the rape is bad in Europe? Wait till you find the real stats in Syria. I’d venture to say it’s pushing rape culture levels over there
commented 2017-04-13 22:50:18 -0400
Billy Howard, thank you for the time frames of those stupid comments, saved me from the torture of watching the whole thing.
Obedient women, nothing about obedient men, again it’s always the women who have to suffer in that religion.
They don’t find that beating women is barbaric & it’s a beautiful thing, are you kidding me, hell of a good job brainwashing these women to believe what they are saying. This is unbelievable in this day & age. Trudeau brings up gender equality every chance he gets & then visits the mosque & rubs shoulders with these pompous narcissists who may have just beaten their wife a short while before.
I call this behaviour wife abuse & domestic violence & jail time should follow, not another romp in bed.
commented 2017-04-13 22:26:15 -0400
Indoctrinated since birth, the beatings are “blessings” = Stockholm syndrome!
commented 2017-04-13 19:18:23 -0400
I regret I could only make it half way through before all the logical fallacies were putting me at risk of a serious brain aneurysm.
commented 2017-04-13 18:24:26 -0400
No woman, under any circumstance, should accept being hit or bullied. Marriage is a partnership, for each member. If one partner (male or female) engages in this behaviour, it is a crime. Sick and sad. Freedom includes every human, not just a male who rules his house (or his sons) with an iron fist. Remember Banaz (a video and a TED talk) in Britain who was lured home after escaping, abused and murdered by the men in the house. Women can never escape the control, except in a box or shallow grave.
commented 2017-04-13 13:24:01 -0400
Any women who would think that wife beating is acceptable under any circumstances are either very low intelligence or are being forced to say that. I guess they could also have such a low self-esteem that they think that is their lot in life.

It is sad, really.
commented 2017-04-13 13:19:33 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,134 Attacks, 213,161 Killed, 294,690 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-04-13 13:01:48 -0400
Perfect example of the need for screening for Canadian values and keeping thinking like this OUT of Canada. I can’t believe Trudeau and his ilk supports this misogynist and abusive belief system.
These women are totally accepting of their subjugation to men in all aspects of life. Craziness.
Rebel Staff: Please edit this down for better wide-spread distribution.
Obedience discussion starts at about 15 minute mark, “beatings” at about 21 minute mark
If a husband loves his wife, he will beat her (24+ minute mark)
This video should be required viewing by all SJWs and “feminists”.
commented 2017-04-13 12:44:32 -0400
Well , you now know when the LUGENPRESSE dispenses this snowflake video , that m-103, will be a shoein

What’s with that " music – singing " at the beginning of the video – is that jee- haddie wrap music ?
commented 2017-04-13 12:11:03 -0400
These women are so brainwashed they believe being beaten is a beautiful blessing. This is the mentality of the lost, and the damned!