October 21, 2015

WATCH: Muslim rape in UK exposed by Toni Bugle, Steven Crowder

Rebel Staff

Toni Bugle, founder of M.A.R.I.A.S., spoke with Steven Crowder about refugees, Islam, and the epidemic of Muslim rape in the UK.

More at Steven Crowder's website, LouderWithCrowder.


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commented 2015-10-22 12:46:46 -0400
When you think about it, the press is now running the country, and the press is run by Lefty Socialists. The question becomes, how do we fix it. Obviously, Rebel is contrary voice, but if we wanted to force the media to tell the truth, how do we do it?

A little side note, if the Left truly wants to “shut Ezra up”, all they have to do is report the ongoing truth lol.
commented 2015-10-22 06:40:03 -0400
This puppet PM doesn’t speak for me either!
commented 2015-10-22 06:34:25 -0400
Keith Barnes – yes, boys are not immune to this perversion either.
commented 2015-10-21 20:24:19 -0400
Of course the “liberals” love the New World Order. Think about it, if government promotes Muslim immigration (which it has for more than 10 years) they have a pretext for things they can ban, so as not to offend the Muslims. Islam and “liberals” both want to control people, both want massive welfare also…

“I want to say this to this country’s friends around the world: Many of you have worried that Canada has lost its compassionate and constructive voice in the world over the past 10 years. Well, I have a simple message for you on behalf of 35 million Canadians. We’re back,” Trudeau declared.

Trudeau now speaks on behalf of all Canadians. Just as Harper said about King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, “condolances on behalf of ALL Canadians”.

These puppets do not speak on my behalf, no sir. Trudeau can take his climate change and his humanitarian aid, and shove them up his ass, after he pulls George Soros out.
commented 2015-10-21 19:53:18 -0400
DR. GENIUS : I hope you are right, because NAFTA was supposed to be fair as well. We all know how that turned out…
commented 2015-10-21 19:44:15 -0400
Marty Smith wrote: «while the US begins to push us around once again with economic sabotage such as beef and lumber tariffs»

The TPP deal, which Justin Trudeau will be signing right after his wranglers tell him what happens if he doesn’t, should help a great deal with this sort of problem. The Canadian corporations wronged by the US violating the terms of its own trade deals will be able to sue the US government directly and walk away with billions of dollars in cash. No diplomacy, no begging, no circuitous path through international trade organizations, no vague threats of eventual government retaliation in unrelated industries — just direct lawsuits and court action.
commented 2015-10-21 19:44:12 -0400
It is not only Women that have to worry about rape. The Quran states that a Father may have sex with his own Son, as soon as he considers the boy big enough. Having sex with a six year old boy is Rape, even if you are his Daddy. Justy, our new PM, cannot wait to get things organized. Will this be the Liberal, New World Order?
commented 2015-10-21 18:10:24 -0400
I think that Junior is being played for the puppet that he is, and he will be played like a fiddle by the UN, that he seems to worship. I think that the Canadian people are going to turn on him, for what he is going to do to our country! I still think he is a coward, but lets wait to see how things pan out. It shouldn’t take long, once the rose falls from the bloom, and the public realize that they have been had.
commented 2015-10-21 17:41:21 -0400
That alongside his ignorance of Islamism.
commented 2015-10-21 17:40:15 -0400
Deborah Graupner : Who knows… Justin Trudeau has all of the makings of a rich hedge fund brat who is incredibly naive and way out of his league. I cannot decide if his ignorance is willful or not. I have never been that close to him. Boxers tend not to be cowards as they face personal demons just getting into the ring, so this inclines me to either think either idiot or deliberate.

Regardless, he panders, lies and values passion over logic just like his mother, and this is VERY dangerous. He will very likely get us unto some international friction, particularly if Donald Trump becomes POTUS. I highly doubt those two would be capable of seeing eye to eye for very long.

My biggest fear is Justin Trudeau will see us back in the role of the NATO village idiots, while the US begins to push us around once again with economic sabotage such as beef and lumber tariffs when Junior gaffes away any good relations we have left with the US; Our biggest trading partner.
commented 2015-10-21 17:09:49 -0400
Marty Smith – I agree, this is a war and we need to be ready to defend our country, since those frauds that were elected, certainly won’t be, due to cowardice. Junior can say whatever he wants, I know that most Canadians are not cowards. I wonder how much he is being paid, to destroy Canada?
commented 2015-10-21 16:18:45 -0400
Too bad his buddy, boomboom, will only be on office for 1 more year. I think that if a repub. gets elected, Lucy will have some ’splainin to do.
commented 2015-10-21 16:07:25 -0400
No worries. I am not a leftard. I won’t find excuses to make you look bad due to bad grammar or spelling.

Nenshi is indeed a part of the problem. A friend of mine is a former prostitute and their ARE indeed these rape gangs in Calgary. Yes I had a life in the underworld. Shoot me. My point is we haven’t gone down the slippery slope to be as bad as England, France, or Sweden yet, but with our current idiot PM, we will fast get there. His new ‘politics of unity’ have already resurrected the Jewish Defense League in Montreal and in some of my circles, people I know are growing more and more inclined to organize a counter-jihad movement. There’s Justin Trudeau’s ‘unity’ at work right there. Already distrust and paranoia are growing, and he hasn’t even been sworn in yet or picked his cabinet!

Just wait for Trump or Carson to take back the US and declare Canada a haven for terrorists again.

Hip Hip Hooray for Justin Trudeau and ‘unity’…

Stock weapons and ammo… We cannot become like England!
commented 2015-10-21 15:54:04 -0400
My proof reading needs some work, I meant mayor not major!
commented 2015-10-21 15:38:28 -0400
Marty Smith – I think that it’s called being complicit, which they are! Can you see Calgary’s major Nenshi’s bugged out eyes, while he defends the Muslim rape culture? I certainly can. Start training your daughters in self-defense now, because they are going to need it. I would love to see a woman beat the crap out of one of these monsters! Maybe it will catch on, and we will have proactive groups of women, trolling the neighbourhoods for these vermin, and providing them with a much needed lesson, on keeping their hands off of others. Maybe we can train them in the art of castration, to really send this point home!
commented 2015-10-21 15:16:21 -0400
I wouldn’t call this a rape epidemic, but more a ‘turn a bloody blind eye’ epidemic, which tells these savages they are doing nothing wrong. All in the name of some sort of cowardly interpretation of tolerance.

You see the Middle East’s problems aren’t necessarily due to Islam. That is merely the theocratic justification. They haven’t had a lasting or meaningful equal rights movement, or enjoyed any proper liberty. Europe in the 1600’s and before was JUST like this, and our excuse was God… Lets have witch trials, lets burn people alive, etc…

All of these Salafist savages know what they are doing as wrong, they continue to do it mainly because they think they can get away with it, just like any common criminal, and will make excuses around just about anything to justify it. The shitty thing here is the Western media is so fucking stupid they eat it right up!

Most Muslims operate on the principles enshrined in the Quran and Hadiths, and 2 main points aside from the 5 pillars are fear and oppression. Oppression of the non-believers and fear of Allah and his faithful. The best and fastest solution would be to implement a legal system or social system in which immigrants from the ME fear the law of their new country more than they want to spread their backwards medieval nonsense. From there they can adapt or get the fuck out, but we need to stick up for our cultures better than how the media is telling us to. These people are at least 400 + years behind us and NO ONE is talking about that very obvious fact!!
commented 2015-10-21 14:59:38 -0400
And it is coming here – sooner than most realize

islam = evil
commented 2015-10-21 12:38:17 -0400
We are all animals, but they truly fit the more derogatory definition of animal. There is rap happening in all countries by all races and religions, but the fact that, if these stats are right, it could be that high already is truly sad.
commented 2015-10-21 12:36:43 -0400
pig troodo’s partners and friends – islamic terrorists/radical islam
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