August 03, 2016

WATCH: Muslims chant “Allahu Akbar” while torching buses in France

StaffRebel Columnist

A video from July 27 has surfaced online of Muslims torching buses in France while chanting Allahu Akbar.

The mob of Muslims blocked a road in Saint-Denis. According to Breitbart, it took three water cannons for firefighters to stop the blaze.

There was a lack of coverage in the mainstream media of the incident, which has become the norm for France what with its constant attacks by radical Muslims.

As Breitbart points out, the weekend before this incident, a bus driver and his passengers had to vacate the vehicle after people blocked it with a barricade of burning garbage.

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commented 2016-08-04 16:35:01 -0400
Coming to transit systems in Toronto and Vancouver at the behest of Trudope and the Liebranos!
commented 2016-08-04 13:15:43 -0400
Imagine all the righteous problem solving you could do there with an AR 15, a Red Dot scope and a whack of 30 round magazines of 5.56 f**king NATO!
Act now Canadians – or perish…
commented 2016-08-04 02:34:07 -0400
Bill Elder, this ‘God’ was not yours?

Are you so sure that the God to whom the people pray is so foreign, and is not yours?

Are you really willing to cut yourself off from the people of God, the people who God claims as his own?

Even now you are able to return to the Lord.
commented 2016-08-04 02:22:59 -0400
hey Kelly – some one’s god demanded this, and it wasn’t mine.
commented 2016-08-04 00:42:52 -0400
Saint-Denis is a banlieue, a suburb of Paris, that has been suffering like a pressure-cooker for decades.

For protesters to shout “God is Great” while setting a bus on fire seems strange to Canadian consciousness.

On the other hand, to live in a secular French society in which God does not exist at all… perhaps it is time someone says it.
commented 2016-08-03 19:38:00 -0400
This is both the result and defeat of multiculturalism.

When a nation puts the culture and traditions of immigrants ahead of its own cultural and traditions, this is what happens.

When Papa Doc Trudeau sold us the concept of multiculturalism, it was if someone or group wanted to celebrate their historical culture, we would respect it. We might even celebrate it along with them. Unfortunately what we were sold and what we got were quite different. Now it seems to mean that we have to shut up and treat their traditions with greater respect than our own.

Baby Doc will do his best to make certain that we dhimmis know our place.
commented 2016-08-03 18:44:09 -0400
The person filming this nonsense had a perfect perch for taking these idiots out, a .22 with a scope would have garnered some media attention.
commented 2016-08-03 18:40:08 -0400
I think it’s becoming quite clear that France has a death wish. And what better way to bring that about, than to stir up the demons to revolt.
commented 2016-08-03 18:24:44 -0400
Relative to other posts on Rebel today, as of this post, no other MSM outlet has covered this news item – it is entirely alt media that have sent it global – There is an official black out on truth in the western corporate media.
commented 2016-08-03 17:49:08 -0400
We should not take any Syrian refugees into Canada because we are going to need room for all the French and Germans and Belgians that will soon be fleeing their homelands in fear for their very lives.
commented 2016-08-03 17:49:05 -0400
What can you expect, France is shutting down their Mosques.(sarc)

Roving rabid dogs.
commented 2016-08-03 17:08:09 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31.458 Attacks, 199,809 Killed, 280,581 Injured….. that we know of.
commented 2016-08-03 17:07:46 -0400
Same thing is happening with truckers at Calais. One semi was set on fire. Truckers are threatened by musloids with knives, guns and throwing rocks. They try to break into the back of the waiting lorries to hitch a ride because they know as soon as they are in England the welfare begins and they are home free to start stirring up trouble. I feel for these truckers as it is getting very dangerous trying to navigate through Calais, especially when they are waiting in the lineup and sitting there with a target on them like a sitting duck. Why don’t the French police get their shit together and get a grip on these fucking animals before one of the truckers is murdered?
commented 2016-08-03 16:21:05 -0400
If I was a Canadian Bus Driver, I would start demanding danger pay, now. As soon as enough of these animals are in Canada , that they will feel brave enough, then we can expect to see similar acts, on our streets.

Compliments Master Trudeau,