May 09, 2016

WATCH: New leaked footage of Muslim grope and rape gangs at Cologne train station

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

This leaked video is reported to be police body camera footage of the horrors that took place New Years Eve in Cologne, Germany. 

We will be posting much more detail and more video on this shortly. 

Meanwhile here is a English language report on the leak and some of its implications from The Local

The Rebel's previous reports on the government coverup of this horrific event can, and probably should be, seen here.


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commented 2016-05-10 07:17:02 -0400
Jay Kelly : There is no logical way out of the hole you just dig yourself into with that comment.

You basically condoned rape, and implied The Rebel should focus on something else. I TRULY hope you have no daughters…
commented 2016-05-10 01:02:15 -0400
Yeah Jay lets ignore savage criminals and the harm they do lets live in denial and be destroyed like good sheep. As always you ignore the point of the story, this was covered up and buried. Why do you think that is Jay? I know you know why , but can you actually be man enough to say it? I DOUBT IT, since you would just be watching the women get molested like a coward.
commented 2016-05-09 23:34:57 -0400
It is a little sick to focus on someone groping someone else on a subway platform.

Surely the Rebel can do better.
commented 2016-05-09 20:39:49 -0400
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commented 2016-05-09 18:33:33 -0400
This is what the Euro leadership do not want you to know:

Police in Vienna Tell Woman: Dye Your Blond Hair Dark The police response to a 20-year-old woman after a brutal attack by migrants was to dye her hair, change her dress and stay off the streets after 8 pm. Sun, May 8, 2016

A young woman in Vienna, who was brutally attacked by a gang of men from Afghanistan as she was waiting for a train, was shocked when she was told by police to dye her blond hair dark and change her way of dressing so that she was not “provocative.”

The woman, identified only by her first name Sabina, said the police further told her that women should not be alone on the streets after 8 p.m.

“At first I was scared, but now I’m more angry than anything,” she said. “Indirectly that means I was partly to blame for what happened to me. That is a massive insult.”

The 20-year-old woman ended up being treated in a local hospital for bruises to her head, shoulder, elbow, spine and hips.

“I had been standing on the platform waiting for the train when a man came up to me and spoke to me in a foreign language,” she related. “He then started putting his hands through my hair and made it clear that in his cultural background there were hardly any blonde women. I told him to go away, and for a short while he really did go away. But it was only to get his pals and a bit later he came back with three others.”

After stealing Sabina’s purse and credit cards, the gang bashed her to the ground before running off. No one bothered to help her as she lay on the platform in agony.

From the language the men were speaking, Sabina realized the men were from Afghanistan.

“The police told me that attacks are now a daily routine. And it’s going to get worse,” she said.
commented 2016-05-09 16:29:00 -0400
I am really trying to get this right. I even go out of my way to separate Islam from Islamism.

The sheer volume of savagery coming out of the Middle East is mindboggling! Granted I know that is the radicals, but why the hell are they permitted this? Why is this your bloody normal?

To me this isn’t about Islam really. I have even claimed so in previous posts. This is about stupidity, laziness, and cowardice in accepting savagery which is keeping the entire Middle East stuck in the goddamn pre-Renaissance era!

Next time you ‘proud people of the desert’ want to scream Islamophobia, Consider that!

Have a nice day, eh…
commented 2016-05-09 15:46:29 -0400
Just Islamic scum having a little fun. Remember, a woman is only worth half that of a man.

Problem is these ‘things’, who follow the Political Platform of peace (Islam), are not men, they are not even Human.