December 13, 2016

Miss it? WATCH our rally for Alberta in Calgary

Rebel Staff

Can't be in Calgary? Watch Ezra Levant, Faith Goldy and special guests Kellie Leitch, Derek Fildebrant, Brad Trost and more say "NO!" to the Notley NDP's carbon tax.

Part 1

Part 2

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commented 2016-12-14 21:31:38 -0500
As if Robot. You must be brain dead.
commented 2016-12-14 19:45:42 -0500
Sounded like a liberal rally.
commented 2016-12-14 07:54:18 -0500
Finally got around to watching the rally. A lot of good speeches. Faith Goldy=Barnburner.
commented 2016-12-14 02:44:32 -0500
It is not me, but the rebel that keeps pushing this stupid suicide story.

And for the record, I oppose the stupid carbon tax. I oppose that dumb ass Chong and every weakling conservative that is in favour of the carbon tax.
commented 2016-12-13 13:30:58 -0500
Great job Ezra and the Rebel for putting this together. The fact that leftist retards are here mocking tells you that you are doing a great job. Keep up the great work!

Only an absolute moron could think that carbon tax is a good thing.
commented 2016-12-13 12:07:30 -0500
Yes it will be a ‘carbon neutral’ tax which has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with wealth distribution. The poor will get some of the money taken from them back in the form of quarterly carbon tax credits. They still won’t have a regular pay cheque, it won’t even come close to compensating them for their loss. The gov. will use most of it as a new revenue stream to line their pockets. The credit is a token and a joke.
Take from Peter, pocket most of it and give the pennies to Paul. Watch the blood flow.
commented 2016-12-13 11:59:27 -0500
You still stuck on that Asnonymouse? Pathetic. I’d like to take you to task, but you are just not worth it. But I will say one thing, not only does Notley have blood on her hands because of what she did to oil and gas jobs, she will have buckets more blood on her hands when she implements this new carbon tax, and it won’t just be due to job loss. How many families who were just barely managing will now be thrown under the poverty level because literally everything they do and consume will have a new tax on it? She is dooming many Albertans to poverty, and you don’t think that is reflected in suicide rates? There are no jobs for oil patch workers to go to , especially if you live up North. Oil and gas has lifted many of those communities out of poverty and Notley is throwing them back into the poverty pit. Don’t tell me that wretch isn’t responsible for suicides in this province.
commented 2016-12-13 11:56:30 -0500
Boy, Ezra took cbc ‘reporter’ to the woodshed on the Eye Opener cbc podcast . He defended the Rebel well! Ezra starts at 15:48
commented 2016-12-13 03:07:23 -0500
Don’t assume you know what job I lost, and how it did not impact me.

Take Ezra. HE lost his job with the Sun. But did he blame the government and then proceed to kill himself? No. Instead, he got off his ass and started the rebel.

And don’t say that I am the one that keeps bringing up the stupid Alberta suicide issue up. It is the rebel that never lets it die.
commented 2016-12-13 01:40:42 -0500
Brad Trost looks like a young version of Steven Harper
commented 2016-12-13 00:57:27 -0500
“What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?”
Thomas Jefferson
commented 2016-12-13 00:36:56 -0500
I refuse to pay to be “Premium Member”. I figure that if my opinion matters it matters free of charge. Good luck!
commented 2016-12-12 23:20:58 -0500
Predict their Future - FAITH
commented 2016-12-12 22:15:19 -0500
Couple more comments – don’t cut Bernard off again when he’s making the most salient populist truths .

Faith has nailed the black shriveled heart of globalist environmentalism – a Frankfort school bastard child.

And for all the CINOs in the AB conservative party, we notice Jason Kenny was conspicuously absent – afraid to speak freely in front of his CBC friends.
commented 2016-12-12 20:57:20 -0500
Ontario residents are behind the West!
commented 2016-12-12 19:45:50 -0500
Hey anonymous.. I read a few of your earlier postings and said that you lost a job and you were well aware of the repercussions that had… I’m sorry to be the one to tell you but I don’t think a “paper route” constitutes a job.
And if you don’t have much it ain’t far to fall. When you’re looking at being indebted from an underwater mortgage as well as a repossession you’re done…!! Bankruptcy laws aren’t even going to save you because you will owe money for the rest of your life and it will be garnishing off your check and in fact you are quite… well…. you know… Screwed…!
commented 2016-12-12 19:29:13 -0500
Glad to see the seats filled to capacity, glad to see the commie agitators get jailed, and I hope your funding drive can fix the crappy audio track on future live events. Get a better audio codec
commented 2016-12-12 19:15:57 -0500
RON VOSS you’re right about Brad Wall. I’m just saying or at least trying to say that of all the so called candidates running for the leadership of the conservatives and ultimately becoming the PM of Canada, Brad Wall (if he was running) would be my pick – however now enters Brad Trost and so far from what I have seen and heard of him, he would get my nod.
I don’t think you or I will ever be able to pick the ‘perfect’ candidate who has not said or done something stupid at some point.
We just have to go with the cleanest dirty shirt that we have.
commented 2016-12-12 19:13:25 -0500
Hey anonymous… Then we agreed to disagree and quit bringing it up.!
commented 2016-12-12 19:10:38 -0500
We don’t need any green religion.!! Not from the Wild Rose not from the liberals and certainly not from the NDP..
Canada doesn’t even have a C02 footprint and we’re paying for those that do..
False science and everybody’s drinking the Kool-Aid..
What is going on.?!! Why is every politician banging the drum eventually for the green religion. Are they being threatened either physical violence, airplane crash, family kidnapping or maybe they just went the old-fashioned way and took the bribe..! The carbon tax and the green religion is so far removed from
“what the citizens want”. How can they be Jacking this shit down our throats and getting away with it.
It seems even we have forgotten but we’re starting to wake up, it’s not what they want it’s what we want and it’s up to us to hold them to it.!!
Brian Jean and the rest of the Wild Rose party and the rest of the politicians for that matter… Are you listening…??
commented 2016-12-12 17:53:05 -0500
Wildrose sent two MLAs, Derek Fildebrandt and Leela Aheer, presumably in part, to try to undo the damage done by their leader Brian Jean following the previous rally in Edmonton. In order to squash any rumors or thoughts that he was trying to challenge or unseat his leader, Fildebrandt made it clear that he is “running to be the finance minister of Alberta”. The first thing that Leela Aheer said was, “I do want to say on behalf of Brian Jean that he is listening to you. He is here with you”. He listened to what happened at the Edmonton rally and we, in turn, listened to what he said about it and the people at that rally.
As part of its Environment Policy, Wildrose declares that, “Wildrose members believe the Government of Alberta should reduce greenhouse gases by advancing, implementing, and cooperating on technology, research, conservation, and alternative renewable energy sources”. With respect to “advancing … alternative renewable energy sources” that sounds an awful lot like the NDP’s commitment to “alternative and renewable energy sources" as part of Alberta’s energy portfolio. One can justifiably ask why Wildrose is so vehemently fighting the carbon tax since part of that income is to be used for “advancing … alternative renewable energy sources”.
commented 2016-12-12 17:45:07 -0500
I am not starting a fire. I agree that the carbon tax is bad, that Bernad gave a great presentation, and that Chris Alexander is a douchebag. But I will not change my mind, that it is bullshit when the rebel reports that the NDP are responsible for people killing themselves.
commented 2016-12-12 17:23:20 -0500
MARTY ASHFIELD, I know that for a lot of folks Brad Wall has become the poster boy for the fight against the carbon tax and I was there at one time as well as an admirer. But. let’s dig a little deeper.
On December 4, Jason Kenney posted a video of his hero and soul mate, Brad Wall, being interviewed:

Wall started out by saying, “In general, our government hasn’t completely rejected a price on carbon. In 2010, we passed legislation that will allow for that when we thought the time was right economically…Even in this current debate we haven’t ruled that out. We have said that it’s a question of timing”. A question of timing??? No time is right to submit to this hoax perpetuated by the socialists and globalists as a tool to radically transform our free market capitalist economy and they have openly declared this to be their intent!

Interestingly, in a Financial Post article in July where Kenney is described as “Canada’s fiercest carbon-tax killer”, Wildrose leader Bran Jean is quoted as saying, “I can’t tell you the Wildrose wouldn’t bring in a carbon tax in the future”, that is, not ruling out replacing it with a different version!
Sadly, politicians willing to stand up to the hoax of climate change are a rarity.
commented 2016-12-12 16:28:08 -0500
RON VOSS there was/is just something about Brad Trost that makes me believe in him.
In my thinking, the best person for the job would be the other Brad also from Saskatchewan – Brad Wall.
But Mr. Wall is not running for the conservative leadership and Brad Trost is (in my humble opimion), the next best. He sure seems honest.
BTW I do not like the so called front runners – Chong, Lietch, Bernier, Alexander. I will not vote for any of them ever.
commented 2016-12-12 14:23:35 -0500
MARTY ASHFIELD, “By God I like Brad Trost. Here is someone to vote for.”
It’s a no-brainer that any politician attending the rally would say they would scrap the carbon tax, theatrically like Leitch saying she would do it on her first day in office as PM, or otherwise. Trost, on the other hand, is the only one willing to say that ‘the emperor has no clothes’. Thus, Trost saying, “This whole climate change agenda, is not science, fact-based. It is based on the government wanting to give away our prosperity and give away our freedom”, drew a thunderous applause and a standing ovation.
He also made reference to Conservatives, part of the Ottawa bubble, who run up the white flag, instead of fighting for their own people. In that respect, he concluded his speech by saying, “If I believe it, I will say it, and if I say it, I will stand for it”.
commented 2016-12-12 14:14:08 -0500
Great group self controlled gathering , no violence, just some people fed up of lunatic government .
commented 2016-12-12 14:10:01 -0500
Speaking of fire starters, anyone saying Bernard is anything but authentic is an asshole. Accusations without proof is character assassination, and a common tactic from weak stupid, inept, jealous and bored people.

I would suggest Phyllis that you get a life outside of the supermarket demo circuit, and stop trying to start fires with no proof whatsoever. You should shut your mouth if all you can spew is supposition.
commented 2016-12-12 14:08:41 -0500
MARTY ASHFIELD, I understand your disappointment. In my view Chris Alexander came back to try to crawl back into conservatives’ good books after disparaging them after the last rally, for example, saying at the outset, “Next time I will wear my pig t-shirt” and that he is not going to fold to politically-correct people. Would have appreciated an apology for previously having thrown us under the bus, but, perhaps, too much to expect for a power-hungry politician.
commented 2016-12-12 14:05:18 -0500
This is for Anonymous hope it helps. If not keep showing up and we’ll keep making you look like an idiot. Start around 15:33 if your attention span equals your intellect.

Regarding the suicide rate in Alberta, dude you are walking on very thin ice. I am sure that I am not the only one who has seen this or lost someone close from giving up hope after losing everything. What the hell did you have to lose living in Manitoba under NDP. When was the last time anyone living in Manitoba was given a change to obtain anything to lose?
You are just an ignorant firestarter looking for trouble.
commented 2016-12-12 13:55:10 -0500
By God I like Brad Trost.
Here is someone to vote for.