January 30, 2016

(UPDATE: Now with +500K views!) Oil industry worker speaks his mind at Kinder Morgan protests!

Rebel Staff

Our Vancouver team caught an oil industry worker at the Kinder Morgan protest. 

You won't want to miss what he has to say to the professional protesters who are keeping him out of a job.


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commented 2016-02-11 12:30:00 -0500
This guy looks like he would fit in with the protesters. Unfortunately, he makes a complicated issue look simple (we all use petroleum products so we should support more of the same). Why is he out of a job. Could it be that more of the same has created a glut? Should not the answer to the glut be a cutback? His is an extremely conflicted side of the story as all he cares about is his job. He is not paid to see his jobs affect on the community or world!
commented 2016-02-08 12:46:21 -0500
‘Net takers’ are those who syphon from of the ‘pot’ which is only in existence because of business and taxpayers. Most of these full time protesters are generally anti-business, contribute little if any to the tax base but expect an ‘allowance’ from the government. One day the ‘hand that actually feeds them’ will have bled to death from all the biting.

This guy hasn’t had a paycheck from the patch since last fall, that’s tax money NOT going into the pot, not to mention the money the oil companies are no longer paying in royalties and taxes. Where do these ‘protesters’ think their allowance is going to come from?

Deborah, there is definitely ‘agenda’. These protesters are only pawns in a much bigger game plan.
commented 2016-02-08 12:20:50 -0500
The goal is to bankrupt each province with the help of Junior and the liberal crooks. Once that happens, he will sign Canada’s sovereignty over to the UN.
commented 2016-02-06 21:20:49 -0500
It won’t take Trudeau long to bankrupt Canada. The investors have already ran for the door, without individuals and businesses paying taxes – where does he get the money to support the social programs and the aboriginals. There just won’t be any, so just like Greece,he will have no alternative but to cancel all social programs. It will be interesting when the protesters wake up hungry and cold and realize the government’s money tree has dried up so there is no money to provide for them. They will sure be wishing that they hadn’t lobbied against the oil industry. You know the old saying “Be careful what you wish for”.
commented 2016-02-06 15:46:18 -0500
May I point out that this “informed, sensible and articulate gentlemen” just called First Nations protesters “net takers”, who do not contribute to society and who only like to “sleep in and collect benefits”? I don’t care what people like him have to say, I stop listening!
commented 2016-02-06 07:08:21 -0500
STEWART SEYMOUR commented 2 days ago
I agreed with what this gentleman had to say, but it sounded awfully rehearsed. He was practising Rebel Media’s talking points since last week.

Wow, let me guess, he has fuzzy hair a ball hat and is an oil worker so he must have practiced. What a stupid comment.
commented 2016-02-04 00:57:56 -0500
I agreed with what this gentleman had to say, but it sounded awfully rehearsed. He was practising Rebel Media’s talking points since last week.
commented 2016-02-03 16:49:40 -0500
Wowwwww! Is that guy informed and articulate or what???? None of that hmm hmm like the Trudolt spews out as he tries desperately to remember his talking points. This guy should be running for office. I couldn’t help but notice the drums in the background. I would stop giving that ‘nation’ another dime. Its time for them to stand on their own 2 feet and work like the rest of us.
commented 2016-02-03 13:35:56 -0500
Ahh Robert, have you not heard of climate change? The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference where leading scientists and environmentalists from around the world got together and concluded at least 75% of “fossil” fuels need to stay in the ground? CANCER? The many people up north who can’t even drink the water or eat the fish they catch? Those loud, demanding activists are trying to save the planet and your sorry ass!
commented 2016-02-03 10:18:31 -0500
Well spoken and sensible, far more so then the protestors that he speaks of who tend to be loud, demanding and intolerant of positions outside their own viewpoint.
commented 2016-02-03 01:34:54 -0500
I’d get back to you next year Liza, but you may not be around. lol Have you seen the price of oil lately? It’s going DOWN, because it’s on its way out!. ;)
commented 2016-02-03 00:53:56 -0500
One more thing Adventuress, if you are paying your own heating bills, you’ll notice the ‘benefits’ of ‘clean energy’, in your pocket book. Small price to pay right?
commented 2016-02-02 23:48:33 -0500
Adventuress, they don’t use much in North Korea, maybe you should check it out and come back and report. Do you wear glasses, go to the dentist the Doctor, have a prosthesis, need pharmaceuticals. Do you expect medical research to continue, do you want to travel to other continents? In our climate, do you want large populations to use wood for heat? ( think air quality) What about factories, how do they run efficiently on solar….they can’t.

You said, “How ignorant to paint all activists as unemployed welfare recipients, “takers” rather than contributors to society”
Adventuress, if they were contributors they would have some level of understanding and appreciation for the advances made by mankind due to the very resource you vilify.
Speaking of the protesters, there seem to be a lot of accommodating bosses out there who allow their employees so much time off. I often ask myself, don’t these people ever work, how can they afford to hang out all day like that holding up signs?Granted there are some retired old hippies who turned into civil servants of some kind and can now afford to bite the hand that fed them. Some are paid by enviro (some portion of which is foreign funded) and union groups. Some protesters are students not terribly dedicated to their studies, biting the hand that gives them their iphones and ipads. Victims of a society they did nothing to create., (you got the , did nothing to create part of it right)

Alternative methods will be a part of the picture in the future, but at the moment you cannot expect corn to keep generators going with enough electricity to supply operating rooms, or a manufacturing plant up and running 7 days a week with wind generation. Its just not happening. You can’t run an economy on fairy dust, no ,matter how much you want to.
Regarding jobs in ‘clean energy’ to use your phrase, the employment stats do not suggest a healthy economy. Then again Trudeau has a different definition of what one entails. Get back to us next year and tell us how thats going for you.
commented 2016-02-02 22:32:26 -0500
Peter Netterville just a quick amendment to your response to David Penner you stated that we’d have to go back to the horse and buggy days. Sorry we would actually have to go back beyond even that stage just shanks mare and the riding the horses themselves. The wheels on the buggy’s would need to be lubricated otherwise they’d destroy the axle hubs. So unless David want’s to go back to wearing homespun wool and cotton clothing, reading by firelight or making candles from tallow, and having to walk or ride a horse everywhere and taking weeks not hours to travel from one end of the nation to the other, and raising his own food including hogs and beef cows as well as milking said cows and hand churning his butter and milling the flour by hand with a mortar and pestle, well then he’d be best off to keep his uninformed mouth shut instead of proving how dumb he really is. Oh and David I hope you enjoy living entirely off the land, and making your own clothing as there wouldn’t be textile factory’s nor any clothing factory’s without oil my friend nor cameras, stereos, computers, internet, nor even printing either so no books or newspapers, so which would you prefer that or living like we are now and slowly working to find actual alternatives to petroleum for our energy needs like fusion reactors, or zero point energy as the only viable alternatives at present are hydro or nuclear both of which the greenies also oppose because of having negative side effects(flooding, radioactive waste with half lives of millions of years).
commented 2016-02-02 21:18:27 -0500
How ignorant to paint all activists as unemployed welfare recipients, “takers” rather than contributors to society, when many work full time, own businesses or are retired from a lifetime of contributing. People who use petroleum products are not hypocrites. Rather, they are victims of a society they did nothing to create. They would all rather NOT use them, especially when other environmentally friendly products such as hemp have been proven sustainable. Shame on the government for not making them readily available, for allowing corruption by the oil industry and not developing hemp from the get go. So scared they were by this plant’s miracle qualities, they actually declared it ILLEGAL. Had its potential been allowed to develop at the same rate as the filthy oil we have been forced to use by our corporate government, guaranteed petroleum would have been left in the dirt. It’s a reasonable assumption that society would have made the intelligent decision and chose a cleaner, less destructive product over a dirty toxic one, and as a result, our planet wouldn’t be in the unhealthy rebellious predicament it is now. It’s time all toxic substances were left in the ground. The world will be a cleaner, healthier place once more intelligent energy means are finally utilized and developed to their full potential. Already, there are more jobs in the clean energy field than there are in oil. Time to get with the program. The oil industry has had its day, and it’s time for it to slip back into the dark ages from whence it came. Progress is no longer spelled “oil”. Among many new exciting ways, it’s now being spelled “hemp”, “ocean”, “wind”, “solar”. Hell, you can make ethanol out of corn, and they’ve even figured out how to run cars on WATER. Oil is so passe and what lies in our future, so much more exciting! Perhaps, we can even establish free energy for all, made from the natural resources we all are entitled to use.
commented 2016-02-02 12:39:16 -0500
The protesters are just paid shills for Big Stupid.
commented 2016-02-02 12:38:01 -0500
Brian Browne, you better be living in a stick hut, in coyote fir underwear, eating dandelion greens and fried frog. You can’t run an economy on solar.

Amanda Kramar, Abiogenic petroleum is a theory which has been around for centuries, has insufficient scientific support and is considered an obsolete hypothesis. Its interesting though, the thought that during the earth’s formation, comets and asteroids may have ‘injected’ the planet with hydrocarbons ( rather than the reserves forming from centuries of compressed organic matter).

But like Peter said, what does it matter, we need oil. Our very existence depends on it. Ill informed protesters and agenda driven politicians/egomaniacs are doing more damage than extracting our resources as safely as possible ever could.
commented 2016-02-02 12:36:30 -0500
More brains in his little finger than the whole lot of them have combined.
commented 2016-02-02 11:41:34 -0500
Well Brian Browne, lead by example and give up ALL products make in any part with and/or using oil and give up any services from any source (public or private sector) that use oil in any way whatsoever.

By doing so, you will help to reduce the demand for oil. When people see your life style and like your life style they will follow you, which in turn will reduce yet even more the demand for oil.

Once enough people have reduced the demand for oil by not using it, the oil companies will stop extracting oil because no one will be buying the oil.

But as it stands now, Brian Browne, if you and other like minded individuals like you succeed in stopping pipelines from being built and/or used, then all you are doing if forcing the oil to be shipped by rail, which is much more dangerous and prone to spills and even possible deaths (Lac-Mégantic for example)

In addition, Brian Browne, can you explain what alternative exists to replace the lubricants that allow machinery to operate, machinery such as electric cars, wind power turbines, machinery to create the solar panels, wind turbines, and vehicles to ship them to their “green energy farms”? What will keep the jet planes in the air, pixie dust? Solar panel arrays on the wings?
commented 2016-02-02 07:10:14 -0500
No matter which way you slice it, as long as governments and gunsel protesters shut down oil production it will inevitably drive the price up ……….. Eventually
commented 2016-02-02 03:03:42 -0500
He may speak his mind well but there is still a glaring issue people are completely overlooking, oil is not a fossil fuel, it’s abiotic. It’s the second most abundant resource on the planet next to water. The only reason it got pegged as a fossil fuel is back in 1892 at the Geneva convention. Rockefeller took a team of his scientists to the convention to claim oil is organic which is a complete crock. Because it was labelled organic, or got labelled a fossil fuel which implied it came from dinosaur fossils. They did this so that it could be labelled rare in which case they could charge a lot of money for its extraction. It doesn’t come from fossils, the fossils we come to know only are found around 4000ft deep with the deepest found at 16,000ft. Oil is commonly dug at 20,000 to 30,000ft so you know damn well they are not digging where fossils supposedly are. If people even decided to look up fossils to begin with youd see the entire dinosaur existence is a crock as well but that’s another story.

Because oil is as abundant as it is, it should not have the price tag it does. It can easily flood the market costing us pennies yet the companies won’t do it because they want to maximize profit. This entire idea of building pipelines is not needed. Why would pipelines need to be built to streamline the companies process to maximize profiles when oil is abundant? Pipelines aren’t necessary. Just extract more oil, extract as much as you need to support the populations requirements. Stop nickle and dining people to pay the most for a product that shouldn’t cost anymore than a few pennies.

The oil industry is an industry that never should have existed. There is so much of it, it should be impossible to make any realistic profit of it. It’s a self sustaining resource.

People really need to familiarize themselves with oil, what it is, and where exactly it comes from, including this guy speaking up about it. Stop trying to claim Canada will become a third world country or worse if a self sustaining resource like oil can’t be pulled out of the ground to turn over profit and sell. An abiotic resource that abundant should not be sold for the price it is.

Imagine if every time you turned on your kitchen tap you got dinged a $1.50 for every litre that came out… Think about that one for a second. Oil is not that much different, it only is because we have been lied to.
commented 2016-02-02 01:01:09 -0500
The oil worker is more lucid, and informed than the protesters.
commented 2016-02-01 23:43:59 -0500
Think he said it well! Canada is going to end up worse than a 3rd world company.. wake up! and hey oil companies ARE always striving to do better and not harm the environment! People complain like he states yet use most the products made with petroleum!
commented 2016-02-01 13:11:34 -0500
David Penner, would you be willing to live without oil, how about right now, how much do you rely on it, everything you have ,eat,wear. You said,…“Wah wah wah….the economy needs oil… it will create jobs. Fuck jobs and fuck the economy”. So how much do I have to work to carry your sorry ass? What hand-out do you receive every month to keep you comfy and ‘warm’ on your couch?
commented 2016-02-01 13:06:17 -0500
Bernie Burnalot, this…“It’s not about “benefits”, it’s about deforestation and harming the communities that RELY on the nature a pipeline would destroy.”…… is one ILL informed comment. I suggest you get some information before you speak. Canada isn’t Indonesia. Canada’s forests, while I would like to see more old growth left, are harvested, reforested and quite healthy, thank you very much. I doubt a pipeline disturbs more nature than a power line. Go walk a power line and a pipeline and then report…I am sure you are a very “smart” young man as well. Ever been employed or are you a professional student?