September 10, 2015

WATCH: Parents pull children from school, hold classes in park to protest new Ontario sex-ed curriculum

Rebel Staff

Many students at Thorncliffe Park Public School have yet to attend their first classes of the school year. Their parents are keeping them out of school to protest Ontario's new sex-education curriculum.

Khalid Mahmood of the Thorncliffe Parents Association told The Rebel that they are planning to keep their children out of school for the month of September.

As an alternative to classes, the Association has set up a school in the park for the almost 200 children whose parents are unable to homeschool them during this time.

As part of the new curriculum, six year old students learn the proper names of genitalia. By Grade Seven, children will be taught about anal and oral sex.

Mahmood says he and the other parents "have been labelled homophobes" or suspected of being members of "a particular political party."

He denies this, saying, "We are not against any community, even LGBTQ. If they are discriminated against, we are standing with them. We are asking the same respect for our side, too."


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Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum sexualizes young children, undermines parental authority and imposes the government's morality on every Ontario family.

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commented 2015-09-11 05:14:15 -0400
Holy See, I’m glad someone’s making a statement.
commented 2015-09-11 00:50:46 -0400
Holy fuck – the fear mongering, propaganda and using quotes out of context is just unbelievable on The Rebel. I thought Fox News was bad.
commented 2015-09-11 00:36:33 -0400
" … (And this is considered “progressive”…)"

Doesn’t progressive really mean regressive? Isn’t “Liberal” really an oxymoron as well? Wynne has proven she is an excellent dictator. I could list a slew of offenses to back that statement up, however, the two that are truly stunning are: at #2 spot – Rural property owners having turbines put in their backyards against the towns’ and people’s wishes (No Host Lists be damned), and of course at the #1 spot the Ontario Ministry of Education Grooming Sex Agenda.
Trudeau admires China and their dictatorship, he admires Wynne, she is backing him in the upcoming election. Birds of a feather?
commented 2015-09-10 23:53:33 -0400

It’s not an expectation – it’s reality of the situation and I have listened to them. Good thing we live in a progressive country that gives people the choice to opt out. What more do you want exactly? They are able to get their way for their children.
commented 2015-09-10 23:30:47 -0400
So hear them, but don’t listen to them. Base your expectations upon what skin colour / culture you think they came from. Very progressive of you.
commented 2015-09-10 23:25:23 -0400

Because it is expected from them. Is anyone shocked here that they are the ones complaining about it? If there weren’t able to opt out, that would be one thing – but they can opt out, so why should anyone care about their position? It’s win/win for everyone.
commented 2015-09-10 23:18:44 -0400
“Who gives a shit about what these people think?” Yes, there’s that much vaunted tolerance. Is there anything that other cultures can teach you?
commented 2015-09-10 22:14:19 -0400

I am completely tolerant. They can opt out. Done and done.
commented 2015-09-10 22:13:36 -0400

I am only saying that when you consider the demographic of people who are making the most noise about this – and I say that having not seen one white bread Canadian in the many news reports of these protests – it’s simply not surprising. I would expect them to complain about this considering their EXTREME conservative and puritanical ways.

As you know – any parent against this, can opt out of it, so everyone gets their way. And no, they are not instructing how to have anal sex.

Claim: “Anal Play 101 class in Grade 8 would actually provide instruction on anal sex play.”

•Source: An anonymous letter written in Arabic and circulated in Peel Region.

•Veracity: “Anal Play 101” is not a lesson plan — the title comes from an online article on the Planned Parenthood Toronto website. In Grade 7, children learn how to communicate that they don’t want to have sex, including anal sex. They learn that it’s best to wait until they are older to have any kind of sexual activity. They also learn how STIs are transmitted during sex, including anal sex. I was 10 years old once too and with the invention of the Betamax and Playboy – I was exposed to a world that was glorious and that made me the hero of the neighborhood. What I am saying is – kids know more than parents give them credit for or they try to shelter them from things that they have already discovered on their own and through their friends.

It’s no surprise that kids are often more understanding and accepting of things over their closed minded and ignorant parents…like this:
commented 2015-09-10 22:05:06 -0400
Thanks, Jimmy, for showing the true intolerance behind your views.
commented 2015-09-10 21:37:14 -0400
Why this obsession with sex? Make one wonder about the agenda.
commented 2015-09-10 21:32:05 -0400
who is Jimmy da Silva?! maybe you do not have a child or even a wife to take care of you! children are still children, and you are believing the false MEDIA too much of saying the Conservative is dying! you are a fool! Conservative voters are the silent majority because they are busy working, taking care of their families, cooking, cleaning and many more… while you, i believe you are past 60’s and all what you do is take the newspaper in the morning, read it, bored, go to computer and heckle the Conservative Party and their followers. All you do maybe is just to grumble for something from the government! Canada is a place for workers, workers with families and friends, making good of their country! Why don’t you join us and you will see the difference! You will be Happy and Relax!!! Join the Conservative Party!!!!
commented 2015-09-10 21:21:58 -0400
“For something to live or succeed – something else has to die or fail.” Really, Jimmy? Are your parents dead? If not, then how come you’re alive? What a crock of shit that statement is. Does another business have to fail so mine can succeed? No.

Thank you for demonstrating (once again!) your arrogance and asinine stupidity. (And this is considered “progressive”…)
commented 2015-09-10 21:20:50 -0400
How about that!

Even the homosexual Premier cannot control the islamics.

I wonder if they will line up to vote for her next election to keep their benefits?

commented 2015-09-10 21:16:38 -0400
I trust that the Gentleman, who speaks in the video, is a Christian. If he is a Muslim, he is not making sense, Sharia law approves of the most perverted sex acts, involving ones own children, as soon as they are deemed big enough, by the Father. Having said that, I must say that, I am in complete disagreement with Wynn’s Sex Education Program.

JIMMY; Dose Liberal Progressive mean, ‘Who gives a shit about what these people think’?
commented 2015-09-10 21:11:27 -0400
Jimmy, the concerned parents aren’t all “immigrants that think showing your knees or an elbow is offensive”. I’m surprised at you. While there are probably some parents like this who disapprove of Ontario’s new sex ed program, there’s no excuse for painting them all with the same brush. Furthermore, just because someone holds certain religious/cultural beliefs about modesty doesn’t render their opinion on this issue worthless. You and I both know that people can disagree on one thing but still have valid opinions to share, if only we’re willing to listen. Using difference as an excuse to tune out someone’s opinion is just avoiding the issue by discrediting one’s opponent.
We’re talking about a mandatory public school health curriculum that teaches anal sex and fisting to 12 and 13 year olds. If you’re okay with your kids learning this at that age, then power to you, but in my view, it’s not okay to force other parents to do the same. Religion, culture, ethnicity and morality aside, 16 is the legal age of consent for sex in Canada. I’m not against teaching sex ed in school to kids younger than 16, but this curriculum goes way beyond conveying scientific information about the “facts of life” and comes up far short on teaching kids about maturity, responsibility, physical and emotional health and safety, and readiness to engage in sexual activity. Instead, it reads like a grooming manual for pedophiles.
commented 2015-09-10 20:21:55 -0400
For something to live or succeed – something else has to die or fail. Liberal/progressive is the way of the future and conservatism is dying. You may want to just check out now.
commented 2015-09-10 20:19:53 -0400
Wonder if the Ontario government is going to try to make it illegal to home-school (or alternatively-school) the children, just so that they don’t have any backlash against stupid agenda-ridden policies…
commented 2015-09-10 20:14:24 -0400
It’s heartening to see that some people are standing up for their convictions…but it’s not nearly enough!
‘Thegovernment’, is going to get away with forcing this degenerate so-called sex-ed curriculum on us, just like they got away with forcing all the rest of ‘the crap’ on us – just look at the list!
They are getting away with it because we’re letting them…what’s it going to take before it’s too much? – or too late!
commented 2015-09-10 20:08:12 -0400
I love it when bleeding heart liberals get a harsh reality check – suddenly their “progressive” views clash with the multiculturalism utopia. Way to go Khalid – keep confusing them with facts!
commented 2015-09-10 20:07:21 -0400
Hyacinth said, “A large number of people wouldn’t/couldn’t grasp that concept if it hit them in the face.”

Yes, and some that post on this website as well.
commented 2015-09-10 19:49:39 -0400
Yes – immigrants that think showing your knees or an elbow is offensive. Who gives a shit about what these people think?
commented 2015-09-10 19:49:27 -0400
“The moral of this story is don’t vote for a left wing gov’t.”

(A large number of people wouldn’t/couldn’t grasp that concept if it hit them in the face.)
commented 2015-09-10 19:01:31 -0400
He denies this, saying, “We are not against any community, even LGBTQ. If they are discriminated against, we are standing with them. We are asking the same respect for our side, too.”

Good luck on that one…except…it would be hilarious if Mr. Mahmood and his community took Ontario Education to the Ontario H.R.C. Mr. Mahmood would not win, but the pretzel dance of the H.R.C. would provide a decade’s worth of laughs.
commented 2015-09-10 18:45:47 -0400
The moral of this story is don’t vote fora left wing gov’t.
commented 2015-09-10 18:44:21 -0400
Insults and name calling are the refuge of those with no coherent argument.
Keep up the fight, Mr. Mahmood &co.!