July 28, 2017

WATCH: Paul Joseph Watson destroys BBC fanboys supporting historically inaccurate “ethnically diverse” Roman Britain

StaffRebel Columnist

After Paul Joseph Watson pointed out the dangers of the BBC's politically correct depiction of Roman Britain, the left came to the English state broadcaster's defense.

In this video, Watson dismantles the left-wing claims that Roman Britain was ethnically diverse with overwhelming proof.

Give it a watch and SOUND OFF in the comments with your thoughts.

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commented 2017-07-28 18:00:56 -0400
Tammie – that’s a good one too! I think they still sell potato flakes but I can’t recall the brand name.
commented 2017-07-28 17:56:45 -0400
I just love Paul Joseph Watson!
Unfortunately, because most people listening to Mr. Potato Head have the depth of a street puddle, they’ll believe him. I’m talking about the parents,not the kids!
commented 2017-07-28 17:16:39 -0400
What is the brand name of boxed potato flakes that made the rounds a long time ago?
commented 2017-07-28 17:10:59 -0400
Lloyd Nolan – but junior is a rotten potato, so its alright to still love potatoes! We should actually nickname him"French Fried Potato" which is much more accurate, given his stance on pot!
commented 2017-07-28 15:54:48 -0400
Good one
Entertaining and educational
And over here in Canada, our CRIMEMINISTER is known as little potatoe
Nuts — and I love potatoes
commented 2017-07-28 15:40:39 -0400
Fantastic commentary Paul Joseph Watson.
Mr. Potato Head – lol!