September 06, 2017

WATCH: Paul Joseph Watson destroys the left-wing claim that “George Orwell would have supported Antifa”

StaffRebel Columnist

If you thought the far left couldn't go farther off the deep end, we have news for you.

Left-wingers have actually claimed that George Orwell would have supported or even joined Antifa. Watson annihilates the narrative and the disgusting comparisons to soldiers on D-Day or fighting in the Spanish civil war.

In the 10 minute video, Watson showcases how Orwell and Antifa are nothing alike. While Orwell supported free speech, Antifa do everything in their power to oppose it.

Give the video a watch and let us know what you thought in the comments.

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commented 2017-09-07 01:17:51 -0400
Hey anitfa you know who would support your group? THE NAZIS!
commented 2017-09-07 01:17:06 -0400
LMAFAO! WOW , they want to change history and now they want to change meanings of stories and books. Oh i really want one of the trolls to explain this one to me. I could use a good chuckle.
commented 2017-09-06 22:42:16 -0400
I think Paul forgot the mention the most important thing – that just because antifa calls themselves anti-fascist – doesn’t mean they are! It’s important to realize that the left is so shallow they simply go by the name – nothing more!
commented 2017-09-06 18:00:42 -0400
In order to read Orwell, one has to be literate. One thing regressive socialists cannot be accused of is being literate. Hence their desire to ban all things literate.
commented 2017-09-06 15:31:43 -0400
“They say that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right; that black is white and white is black; bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.”

Isiah 5:20
commented 2017-09-06 13:09:39 -0400
I’m re-posting what I have said about this domestic terrorist group. They are Feral Violent Socialists.
They wear masks while committing crimes, and, contribute nothing.
The National Guard should be called in to deal with them; using all means at their disposal, followed by mass arrests. Let Mommy & Daddy hire expensive lawyers a few times before they finally let their offspring deal with the consequences of their criminal behaviour!
commented 2017-09-06 12:29:21 -0400
Antifa = ANTI First Amendment
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