July 04, 2017

WATCH: Paul Joseph Watson on the idiots reacting to Trump's CNN wrestling tweet

StaffRebel Columnist

In his latest video, Paul Joseph Watson destroys the mainstream media who claims Trump is “encouraging violence” against CNN reporters by posting a wrestling meme.

Of course, the tweet gif (featuring Trump slamming WWE's Vince McMahon with a CNN logo plastered over his head) is meant to be symbolic of Trump beating the fake news opposition. But idiots in the mainstream media actually believe it's promoting violence.

Looking at recent examples, Watson explains how the media has in fact been the ones encouraging violence with its narratives.

Give this video a watch.

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commented 2017-07-04 23:32:30 -0400
The third pillar of leftiedom in action: The refusal to exercise discernment.
commented 2017-07-04 19:40:04 -0400
I say WATSON , super assessment !!!!!
commented 2017-07-04 18:46:54 -0400
Do not think I ever watched a video by PJW that was not good and to the point. In this one he clearly exposes stupid Left Wing lame brained Socialist/Marxist for what they are. Efing Idiots.
commented 2017-07-04 18:30:07 -0400
Trump should simply tweet Paul’s video, and the Prager video Maurice posted. It would be very effective!!
commented 2017-07-04 17:42:52 -0400