June 28, 2018

WATCH: Paul Joseph Watson tells "the truth about comedy"

Rebel Staff

With a BBC Comedy video making fun of virtue signalling SJWs currently going viral, Paul Joseph Watson wonders if we're seeing the beginning of a backlash.



Left-wing identity politics and political correctness ruin comedy, and the 47 per cent drop in Samantha Bee's ratings after she called Ivanka Trump the C-word is proof that people are tuning out.

This "woke" style of comedy emanating from late-night talk shows is unoriginal, insulting, and only proves how out of touch celebrities are. 

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commented 2018-06-29 11:31:27 -0400
Comedy today is like comedy and art in the Soviet Union. Bland, lifeless and boring.
commented 2018-06-29 11:02:05 -0400
Its interesting how the PC comedians are so vulgar. Its the only way they can get a laugh. Potty mouth and mind shock . Its all they got.

That British ‘woke’ vid is hilarious. I laughed my face off. Do these snowflakes not know how ridiculous they look?

Paul Joseph Watson rocks.
Conservatism is the new counter- culture!
commented 2018-06-29 10:51:41 -0400
I don’t put ‘the bald guy’ on the list of ‘greats’. He’s a sell out. Says Soros was ‘captured’ by the nazis and makes excuses for the slug. I find him sanctimonious and obnoxious. He talks behind previous guests backs who have considered him a friend. He has good guests on, but he should keep his trap shut. It would improve his shows. Funny? Not, or if he ever was he ain’t anymore. I expect many more tells from him now. A sell out can’t conceal that fact for long.

Most of the good comedians have retired or are laying low until this infantile politically correct crap dissipates, and it will dissipate. The sickness in the air is entirely anti – funny and has all but killed comedy.
commented 2018-06-29 00:14:01 -0400
Tony Stark, that’s hilarious! You just crack me up!
commented 2018-06-28 21:46:29 -0400
PJW hits it out of the park!
commented 2018-06-28 20:41:47 -0400
Conservatives are the worst comedians. There isn’t ONE truly funny conservative comedian. Unless Larry The Cable guy is your speed.
commented 2018-06-28 19:46:18 -0400
This video is funnier than anything late night comedy promotes.

“Miserable, pearl-clutching, self important prudes, who are determined to make everything tedious and joyless”. Describes the left to a tee. Haha

Mainstream comedy = FAKE Comedy.
commented 2018-06-28 19:35:07 -0400
Paul, I couldn’t possibly agree more. PC culture is by definition humorless. And laughter is one of those precious gifts from God that makes life bearable. To be a PC liberal is to be perpetually unhappy.