January 11, 2017

WATCH: Pro-oilsands activist Robbie Picard confronts Jane Fonda

Rebel Staff

When actress and activist Jane Fonda flew from Hollywood to Alberta to condemn the oil sands, Robbie Picard was there to meet her.

Picard is a Metis man, a Fort McMurray resident (he lost his home in last year's massive wildfire) and a long-time oil sands industry booster.

He was on hand when Fonda touched down in Alberta, and asked her pointed questions about her opposition to an industry that is not only as environmentally responsible as possible, but also provides high paying jobs to many First Nations people.

On this video, along with Picard's pointed questions, Fonda can be heard making a cryptic comment about her first impressions of the oil sands:

"It's like someone took my skin and peeled it off my body over a very large surface. It made my body ache to watch it."

The CBC reports:

Pro-oilsands activists say this is not the time for celebrity actor Jane Fonda to visit Fort McMurray to criticize energy development, with the region still recovering from wildfire and a limp economy.

"I think that it's another hypocritical celebrity coming here," declared Robbie Picard, founder of the local industry booster group OilSands Strong. "She's kicking us while we are down."

Greenpeace Canada, which is holding an event at the University of Alberta in Edmonton Wednesday night where Fonda is one of several speakers, said the actress and fitness video frontwoman is expected be in Fort McMurray Tuesday. She will tour the oilsands by air and meet with several Indigenous leaders. (...)

OilSands Strong has launched a social media campaign opposing Fonda's visit, to bolster the argument that it comes at "horrible timing" and is "shameful," Picard said.

Even the CBC reminded readers that Fonda's activism is not always popular or welcome:

She was nicknamed "Hanoi Jane" after her friendly visits to America's enemies during the Vietnam War were used by the Communists to undermine morale, in both the U.S., and in the prisoner of war camps where American G.I.s were being held and tortured.

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commented 2017-01-12 11:48:34 -0500
I wonder if she thinks we need colder winters.
commented 2017-01-12 04:30:14 -0500
Fonda is just an Old, Has Been, Fatally Menopausal, Mercenary, Climate Change Bully, Social Justice Warrior. That feeds off the publicity she gets, coming to Canada to dictate to us about what we should be doing for the planet. I wouldn’t let the old hag into the country. They need to get her a deeper chair at the home, one she can’t get out of, so we don’t have to put up with her Dementia laden comments.
commented 2017-01-12 01:50:23 -0500
Another lefty blowing her experience out of proportion. Like the NYT reporter who claimed that firing the pipsqueak AR-15 left him with PTSD. Lefties have no sense of proportion. Fortunately their over blown pronouncements cause people to ignore them.
commented 2017-01-12 00:41:59 -0500
Hanoi Jane just keeps growing her toxic legacy of hypocritical insincere activism.

What a detached insulated fool.
commented 2017-01-12 00:05:22 -0500
Don’t kid yourself… Rachel Notley hired this woman to criticize the oil sands so that she herself would look good in front of her constituents criticizing Jane Fonda..! This is all just smoke and mirrors.!
commented 2017-01-11 22:52:59 -0500
When are these Hollywood people going to shut their pie hole & stick to their acting. We are not interested in what these hypocrites have to say. Knowing nothing about the industry or the people who work in it, they come here & think that after a fly over they are now experts on the subject. Fonda said it made her body ache, what a bunch of lying garbage because since when does looking at something makes your body ache. Notice how these people want to be heard but the minute they are asked the tough questions, all of a sudden they have to leave. I wish there was more of this video to view.
James, I agree wholeheartedly with you, makes me so angry how they preach to us & act high & mighty & superior to us, like because they may have more money than us, we should bow down & kiss their butt, yet they flew here & after their little jaunt
will board another plane & go right back to their cocoon lifestyle in their private little world.
Deborah….would be very interesting to know if she received any kind of kickback from Notley, maybe Sheila can dig up on this because really, why is she popping up here in the middle of a winter freeze, doesn’t make much sense.
commented 2017-01-11 21:21:30 -0500
Hey Jane
Why don t you, Leo, Neil and the rest of you just stay down in the states sipping your lattes and going to therapy. Quit coming up here bitching to us with your smug listen to us we know better attitude. We don t care about you and that washed up has been Neil Young ( the greedy dude who wears his Canadian Flag like a badge of honor but could not move to the US quick enough to save tax money ) Not only are you uneducated about what you speak but what a bunch of hypocrites you all are. The carbon footprint that you are responsible for is massive. The making of your shit movies and even shittier music spewed out lots of carbon, not to mention the flights, electricity for the concerts, your lifestyle even the people that drive to see your films and concerts. You all need a reality check. Too bad you would not move to a country that has the socialism you wish for. They could take all your money, property and stuff and put you in a socialist apartment block. Then you might be happy because their would probably be no heat so you could save the planet while you freeze. Jane maybe you should take some of the money you spend on plastic surgery and maids and buy yourself a sandwich, you look like shit. And it would be great if the first nations people who fawned over your repulsiveness would realize they are only your pawns. Hopefully when Kevin O replaces the little boy in Ottawa he will stop you and people like you at the border.
commented 2017-01-11 21:07:07 -0500
@ Mike Steeves commented 11 hours ago
The whiny aboriginals need to shut the f**k up and go spend their ill-gotten gain! They bitch about not enough support in every angle – all the while sitting on their fat asses and working on shutting down every project which generates the $$ that they so gladly horde!! You wnt more – get off your asses & work for it – like the rest of us are doing to meet your demands!! Useless POS!!
YES and this is the opinion of many of my aboriginal friends too – so go to hell with any "racist’ COMEBACK – all the Lieberal idiots out there – how about opening your wallets and not ours?!?
commented 2017-01-11 21:01:07 -0500
Mike Steeves, you are so right! And BTW Jane, go away and shut up!
commented 2017-01-11 20:59:29 -0500
Someone should have told her that the oil was in the river before anyone knows
commented 2017-01-11 20:49:20 -0500
- – completed comment : the 89 YO dementia ridden lady she spoke to – can’t remember shit!! Water quality in that area has improved since the Oil Sands have gone into production! FACT!!
commented 2017-01-11 20:46:35 -0500
Robbie – tell that Hanoi Jane skank – she killed more American service men with her big stupid mouth than Ft. Mac will ever kill in the next 300 years!!
Why do the border patrol allow skanks like Fonda to come across our border??? She is one treasonous stupid bitch who needs to be put in the firing squad for what she’s done!! I’m sure her own brother would be of the same opinion!

Robert – she is manning the Obumer anti- Canadian anti- oil patch gun and in all consideration that is worse than an anti-aircraft gun in north Vietnam!!

And the denetion riden 89 YO ladie she spoke to is a
commented 2017-01-11 18:58:03 -0500
At least she wasn’t manning a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun this time.
commented 2017-01-11 18:28:27 -0500
As a Professional Engineer, I focus much of my time and effort helping Canadian industry (particularly the oil & gas industry) become more efficient. I have the support of my employer and we will do what we can to help and we are 12,000 people strong. I’m willing to bet that we do more to help the environment than Hanoi Jane and others like her. Unlike that overrated actress, we actually help the industry find solutions that work and are good for both people and the environment.

I also have experience with the Green Energy industry. Needless to say, it’s not ready for primetime. But if you want to make a fortune on the public dime, the Green Energy bandwagon is the one to jump on.

As for Hanoi Jane, you can kiss my Royal Canadian backside and don’t let the snowballs hit you on the ass on your way back to your mega-mansion.
commented 2017-01-11 18:23:55 -0500
Canada is carbon neutral, negative!!!

Jane Fonda is one more name on my boycott list.
challenge everyone to boycott these people
commented 2017-01-11 18:14:50 -0500
Neil Young, Fonda, Dicapprio – they all need to be cow-pied. Organic stuff, of course – sloppy buffalo shit would be appropriate.
commented 2017-01-11 18:11:21 -0500
Jane Fonda is not very informed because if Canada went dark tomorrow that would change the global output of CO2 by less then 1.50%.
Then she should look into the California water diversion and maybe just maybe she should go to the Nevada test site where they used to practice with nukes, when she has finished all the maybe she could fly around the world and complain to Mexico China and India who are all major contributors and to our pollution problem as well as the good old US of A..
Canada can no longer afford to be the doormat of the world.
commented 2017-01-11 17:43:12 -0500
What a complete gong show! Jane Fonda must have had someone write that response of hers.
commented 2017-01-11 17:05:36 -0500
They gotta keep these Air Headed Hollywood Elites out of our Country!!! Look at California’s Oil Patches and Pollution and they come up here to Trash Us. But it is much nicer to buy all your Oil form countries that stone women, kill gays, lob off appendages etc. etc. This goes to show you how it involves MONEY and that’s it. Look who pays these aholes (look it up) Most if not all are from out of country foundations with their our interests in mind. http://business.financialpost.com/uncat…/tides-usa-oil-sands.
commented 2017-01-11 16:58:22 -0500
Ted Turner’s son was a republican.
commented 2017-01-11 16:41:11 -0500
At least Fonda said something correct: “We shouldn’t be fooled by good looking Liberals [Trudeau]”.
commented 2017-01-11 15:31:41 -0500
@brian Sumber, unfortunately Canada no longer has much discernment regarding the types of people admitted into this country.
commented 2017-01-11 15:00:48 -0500
With all the plastic surgery done on the old bag its no wonder her face doesn’t shatter and fall of let alone her skin peeling.
commented 2017-01-11 14:56:13 -0500

not only is Mike Hudema with greenpeace, he’s also a bagboy for a grocery store in Edmonton, living in his mother’s basement
commented 2017-01-11 14:36:15 -0500
Yeah I remember Hanoi Jane. How did she get into the country this time? She should have been stopped at the border by CBSA and refused entry.
commented 2017-01-11 14:27:43 -0500
25 years not 15 for last big fire.
commented 2017-01-11 14:25:58 -0500
This ain’t over. The smearing campaign’s need to be called out a lot more effectively than they have been. As Robbie said this morning in an interview with Gormley, ’we’ve been too nice’.
And why wasn’t Hanoi Jane flown over any reclamation area’s. If she had any integrity she would be fair, and she is not. She doesn’t need money, her modus operandi has to do more with virtue signalling. She is one of the people the term ‘champagne socialist’ was coined for. It makes her feel like a good person. Well she isn’t a good person if she doesn’t at least listen to people like Robbie Picard, the women who approached her in the parking lot, and other native leaders aside from Chief Allen and his cronies. Where is Chief Boucher? They knew she was showing up, shouldn’t a counter campaign have been organized ? Barbarella thinks the fires were caused by climate change. Robbie says they were over due for a fire. It happens. The last big one was 15 years ago but did much less damage due to proper strategies and effective policy.

The percentage of forest affected by oil and gas is small. Natural Resources Canada says,“the total area of mineable oil sands (i.e., including both developed and undeveloped areas) occupies 480,000 hectares, while Canada has 348 MILLION hectares of forests.”
commented 2017-01-11 13:51:39 -0500
The bitch FLEW UP THERE AND OVER THE OILSANDS BURNING JET FUEL, does this not seem totally ridiculous. So did the majority of the other activists. What a bunch of AHOLES
commented 2017-01-11 13:16:17 -0500
Why didn’t member of the Ft McMurray First Nation from Anzac show Battleaxe Jane the Oilsands facilities near their homes? There are plenty of SAGD facilities near Anzac, including Nexen Long Lake and ConocoPhillilps Surmont, that don’t disturb the land. Their footprints are small, minimal trees are cleared for plant sites and well sited. Oh right, that’s exactly why they didn’t fly her over those sites, they’re much less sensational than a large open pit mine. I doubt Jane’s wrinkled old skin would ache from seeing a SAGD facility from the air. The whole bunch are hypocritical hysterist SJW’s virtue signalling their superiority.