May 30, 2016

“Attention: Racist in the neighbourhood” — Leftists target German dentist who voted AfD

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

This month in Germany, a group of far left wing extremist, funded by the Merkel government, decided to make an example of a dentist because this dentist had a public affiliation with the German classical liberal party, the AfD who oppose Merkel's migrant invasion.

Two weeks ago in Germany, a news site did a piece on how this man has been treated, and the total indifference of the police to enforce the law and protect this man's democratic rights.

It has been translated in full here, and an excerpt is below:

They dropped “warnings” into the mailboxes in the neighborhood, which were meant to inform patients that their dentist was a member of the “racist, un-social and hypocritical AfD party”.

Then they sent warnings to the other dental practices in the area and asked the “dear praxis teams” not to refer any more patients to Dr. Radtke. In this manner they have tried to ruin the dentist economically since April 13. On their portal, ”antifascist Initiative”, the leftists congratulate themselves about this action, using the motto: “Pulling out Germany’s teeth!”

Demonstration in front of dentist praxis

Then, on Thursday, May 12, it happened: 60 black-clad people demonstrated in front of the dentist’s practice. The police secured the door behind which Dr. Radtke worked with his dentist’s drill in hand, while they hurled insults at him from the street.

The march to the dentist’s office, which used the title “Weissensee ist bunt”, (Weissensee is colorful), was supported by three groups. One of the groups is the “Willkommensnetzwerk Pankow Hilft” (Welcome Network Pankow Helps). This network receives direct financial aid by the federal government, specifically the Ministry for Family.

“Pankow Hilft” is the recipient of plenty of praise and favorable mentions in public for their voluntary work with migrants and asylum seekers.

 It needs to be understood that this is a message to us all. Anyone who will not go along with the cultural-Marxist program of destroying borders, the rule of law and undermining classical civilization will be punished and the law cannot or will not help you.

In fact, the government itself will pay for your destruction. At least in Germany. How long till the same conditions apply here?


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commented 2016-05-31 19:16:11 -0400
The left does not make sense, the left certainly wants to shut down free speech. We can no longer allow that to happen, nor can we any longer conform to politically correct speech.
commented 2016-05-31 14:22:16 -0400
Just proves to me whatever country, the left just wants to see the world burn.
commented 2016-05-31 12:25:58 -0400
The Left rears it’s ugly head again. Why are these people so ignorant?

They remind me of the kind of people who voted for Trudeau.
commented 2016-05-31 11:32:03 -0400
Merkel should be jailed for inciting hatred against her competitors. What an evil hag!
commented 2016-05-31 09:06:58 -0400
commented 2016-05-31 00:12:04 -0400
Ronnie would fit in with these wimps. I’d love to kick the fuck out of these losers. I am sure they are back in mommies basement asking what is for supper…like Ronnie.
commented 2016-05-31 00:04:08 -0400
The message here is to not cower in the face of islamo-fascists. Support vocally and in person those who are being harassed.
commented 2016-05-31 00:02:47 -0400
Hmm. So the black shirts are back at it in Germany. Can Kristal Nacht be far behind?