December 14, 2015

WATCH: Canadians sing Islamic war song about Prophet Muhammad, refugees welcomed with “gender apartheid mosque” at airport

StaffRebel Columnist

The kowtowing to Islam is absolutely sickening.

CIJ News reports that choir had performed a song honouring the Muslim Prophet Muhammad just prior to refugees arriving in Canada. A video of the choir was posted to YouTube a day after Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne greeted the refugees at Pearson Airport.

Speaking of Pearson, as Ezra Levant reported last week, the airport has a “gender apartheid mosque” built with your tax dollars for the refugees.

The song for the refugees is called “Tala‘ al-Badru ‘Alaynā”. It was sung to Muhammad upon his arrival in Medina after completing the Battle of Tabuk.

Here are the English lyrics to the song.

“The full moon rose over us

From the valley of Wada

And it is incumbent upon us to show gratitude

For as long as anyone in existence calls out to God

Oh our Messenger amongst us

Who comes with the exhortations to be heeded

You have brought to this city nobility

Welcome you who call us to a good way”

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commented 2015-12-24 00:05:01 -0500
mm wake up you idiot its the sign of communism and muslim take over and that is politically correct.May the headhunters look for the dumbest first or join the radicals.
commented 2015-12-21 11:28:45 -0500
you people are racist fucks!
commented 2015-12-17 08:47:02 -0500
Islam is not a religion and Mohamed was not a real prophet. Learn the truth about how the early Catholic church created this fraud to combat Christianity early AD not long after they had Jesus crucified…. paste the following in your browser
commented 2015-12-17 05:44:36 -0500
The children in the photo are wearing red sweaters to symbolize their faithful allegiance to communism, and white motifs, to symbolize the superiority of the “white” race.
Is it any wonder hat is accused of racism?
commented 2015-12-16 12:24:01 -0500
The Trudeau Muslim brotherhood party strikes again!
commented 2015-12-16 02:02:47 -0500
Barry Hollings: I know of a Christian family living in Syria. They have been vetted. They are waiting final approval to come to Canada as immigrants. It’s been a long, drawn out process. Now they have been informed that they are put on hold & go to the bottom of the list, because they are immigrants, not ‘refugees’. Muslim ‘refugees’ are being brought in to Canada ahead of them. I wonder if they will survive the depredations of ISIS long enough to make it to the top of the list? What a farce. Decent people may die to further the cause of ‘progressive’ political correctness & international posturing by the Liberal Party of Canada. Their Christian family members, already successfully immigrated from Syria & proud Canadian citizens, are fearfully waiting with great anticipation, hoping the rest of the family can make it.
commented 2015-12-16 01:48:12 -0500
Am I wrong, or is this ‘proselytizing’? You know, singing songs of a particular faith in a public area that could be construed as attempting to sway others another into accepting that particular faith over another. Kind of like what a certain Christian group of singers has done, & wants to continue to do in Toronto in the same square that Muslims are openly speaking about Islam, & distributing their faith’s religious documentation? I guess it’s OK as long as it’s not done in the streets of T.O. Or is it OK because it’s not Christian?
commented 2015-12-15 22:23:10 -0500
Does ANYONE know what the snake logo represents? I can’t find any information on the internet!!
commented 2015-12-15 14:53:04 -0500
Deborah Graupner – I couldn’t agree with you more concerning some of the unnecessary drivel our children are taught in schools. School isn’t solely an academic arena of ABC and 123 anymore. It is a wading pool full of strange and excessive mindsets imposed on children which seeks to destroy a decent, thought provoking and critical mind. Children might as well check their brain at the doors upon entering since others will think for them in these matters. Yet, speak up and say something to the contrary in regards to these ideologies demanded upon them and a suspension may very well be the order of the day. How dare thee speak the truth in love!
commented 2015-12-15 12:49:21 -0500
This is betrayal to both refugees and Canadians. Shall we welcome them to a land of freedom but tell them we are happy for them to stay under the inequalities, oppression and cruelty of Sharia Law? And does no one know that this song was written after the slaughter of thousands – and after this same slaughter Muhammad mandated “Fight the people of the Book until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” ? I’m all for welcoming true refugees as long as they check their Sharia at the door of the plane, and pledge allegiance to “O Canada” and our laws of freedom and equality for all.
There are only two possibilities for such hypocrisy and insanity. The best case scenario is unbelievable ignorance, the worst case is malicious intent. Either way, it’s unforgivable, and I call it treason – to Canada and to true refugees.
commented 2015-12-15 12:36:25 -0500
Did you hear the about the farmer that got his land for free from his daddy, got the tax payers to pay for over half his crop insurance premium, and drives his truck on tax payer roads with purple gas….He calls himself a capitalist!!! lol, when we all know he wouldn’t survive without all the benefits of socialism he gets daily.
commented 2015-12-15 11:59:41 -0500
Could someone at Rebel find out the facts, re: my Question below please? I wouldn’t know where to start or have the connections.
commented 2015-12-15 11:55:33 -0500
Big Question: Are there not many Christians among the Refugees … or hopefully they were given the option to opt out of this? Did anyone ask them how they feel about being greeted my a song belonging to the group that killed their families/people-group? Should we not have greeted them with a hymn, if Canada is so fair and PC, or are they feeling threatened right upon arrival, or at least as 2nd class citizens? If true, should they not be issued a huge apology by the Canadian Gov’t — or am I missing something?
commented 2015-12-15 11:18:51 -0500
Sue Diotte – our MSM is outright denying the public the truth, and they are undermining parental authority in our schools, by brainwashing our children with their lies. We need to take our schools back from the unions, and hire teachers based on their skills. And then we can weed out those who think they have the right to teach out children communist trash.
commented 2015-12-15 09:00:20 -0500
Peter Babich said: “Did you see CTVs report. Refugee pension $1890/ mo. + $580 social assistance=$2470. $28,920/yr.” Next it will tax exempt like the aboriginals. Got to lock down those Lieberal votes somehow!
commented 2015-12-15 06:17:07 -0500
Welcome to Canuckistan, the home of the naive and dumbdown! Incredible how parents systematically ingrain their children with a song that seems innocent enough at first glance, until one actually looks deeper. I’d wager a bet that these politically correct parents haven’t ever read the Koran, or much less picked one up. As a mother my boys are educated and warned of this insidious evil. Wake up people, this is one of the false prophets that Christ warns us about. Matthew 7:15 ~ “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”
commented 2015-12-15 04:56:18 -0500
What is bothersome about the ditty?
“Welcome you who call us to a good way” seems alright.
Is the issue that now we have an open season on Jews because of the hate language of so many commenters? I suspect that Jews are no more despised in Canada today than Muslims or Albertans.
Really, we have nothing to fear.
commented 2015-12-14 23:18:32 -0500
Unbelievable. Canadian adults making their children sing, like it’s September 1938.
commented 2015-12-14 23:14:46 -0500
That is too disturbing to watch.
commented 2015-12-14 21:06:11 -0500
Muhammad Orakzai. Have you ever noticed that Islam converts by force and Christians convert by faith?
commented 2015-12-14 20:56:19 -0500
Rebelation – too late, they already rolled out their separate pray rooms, at our expense.
commented 2015-12-14 20:55:19 -0500
Did you see CTVs report. Refugee pension $1890/ mo. + $580 social assistance=$2470. $28,920/yr.
Old age pension for a senior who paid CPP for life $1012/mo= $12,144.
A difference of$16,770/year.
Maybe seniors should apply as refugees.
I wonder what the people that fought for our freedom are entitled to by comparison?
commented 2015-12-14 20:42:52 -0500
Time to ACT! Do up a “welcome” pamphlet, explaining Cdn culture to new arrivals and hand them out at the airports.

Women are Equal to men, their vote and testimony in court counts the same as a mans. Genital mutilation is illegal. Women don’t wear Hijabs, and that does NOT make them whores! Assaulting women is a serious crime. Honour killings are a serious crime – punishable by 25yrs in jail. . . . . .
commented 2015-12-14 20:16:26 -0500
This was nothing but a slap in the face to real Canadians, who were born and raised here. This is Justie’s way of insulting those paying for this joke.
commented 2015-12-14 20:04:34 -0500
Was the recent group not Armenian Christians, privately sponsored and part of a Conservative plan enacted earlier? Knowing these liberal idiots they probably have no idea, assuming the Harper initiative was for muslims only.
commented 2015-12-14 19:42:53 -0500
Muhammad Orakzai: Thank you for your thoughts. I believe you may be bang on in your predictions and statements!
commented 2015-12-14 19:39:36 -0500
This causes my heart to ‘sink within me’. It is extremely disturbing on so many levels. First of all, we are acknowledging and identifying these people as ‘Muslims’ – not just ‘Refugees’ – and as such, are welcoming them into a land that has been firmly established on the principles of the God of the Bible – NOT the god of the Qua’ran. It is one thing to offer sanctuary to a disenfranchised people group – quite another to so openly ‘welcome’ and affirm their oppressive god and anti-democratic culture. We might just have well rolled out a ‘red carpet’ and held out a placard saying “Come on in Mohammad. We welcome you as the conquering hero!!” Ludicrous and terrifying!!
commented 2015-12-14 19:31:48 -0500
Snake shirts? Somehow very fitting for the circumstances! None of this is going to end well for ordinary Canadians! Civil War comes methinks!
commented 2015-12-14 18:59:59 -0500
I can’t believe this!!! Not in Canada, please. PM Selfie probably approves which makes the whole thing even more disgusting.
commented 2015-12-14 18:48:27 -0500
This poem was sung by Medina residents which included Jews, Christians, Pagans etc and who welcomed Prophet and his few followers who also immigrated from Mecca. The Medina residents extended great generous helping hand to them. Prophet started preaching and many people converted to Islam. The chronology of onward events is given at following site:
622 C.E. The Hijra: Muhammad and the Muslims flee from Mecca to Medina
624 C.E. The Nakhla raid. These raids were not solely designed to exact revenge from the people who had rejected the Prophet who had arisen among them. They served a key economic purpose, keeping the Muslim movement solvent.
624 C.E. The Battle of Badr: the Muslims overcome great odds to defeat the pagan Meccans
624 C.E. Muhammad and the Muslims besiege the Jewish Qaynuqa tribe and exile them from Medina
625 C.E. The Battle of Uhud: the pagan Meccans defeat the Muslims
625 C.E. Siege and exile from Medina of the Jewish Nadir tribe
627 C.E. The Battle of the Trench: the Jewish Qurayzah tribe betrays Muhammad
627 C.E. The Execution the males of the Qurayzah Jewish tribe and enslaves the women and children by Sa’d Ibn Mutab
I hope my liberal friends have this historical background of this the song they sung!