January 28, 2016

WATCH: Rick Mercer supports Energy East pipeline: "We all need this thing"

Rebel Staff

Some fans of the CBC's Rick Mercer might have been surprised this week when the comedian devoted his trademark "rant" to the Energy East pipeline -- and called for the project to go ahead.

On The Mercer Report, he criticized pipeline opponents, especially Liberal Montreal mayor Denis Coderre.

CBC.ca reports:

"This has nothing to do with Montreal, this has nothing to do with Quebec," Mercer said. "This is about one part of Canada trying to get their natural resources to the world market."

Mercer concedes that while many Canadians "hate the fact that the world is addicted to oil and Canada is sitting on a whole bunch of it," it would be in the country's best interest to approve the project.

"We all need this thing," said Mercer.

He points out that as a "have-not" province, Quebec received $9.5 billion in transfer payments last year "as they should" to make sure all Canadians have the same standard of living.

But it's a fund that Alberta pays into because of its oil wealth, even though the provincial economy is tanking. Mercer reminded his viewers that "we are all in this together."

"It is time for provinces to start asking what's in it for Canada, not just what's in it for me."

Any government in Canada that opposes oil & gas pipelines
should lose its share of oil & gas equalization payments.

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commented 2016-02-03 08:07:32 -0500
video removed? By who, the CBC?
commented 2016-01-29 16:27:39 -0500
I do take exception with Mercer saying Quebec gets 9.5 billion dollars, “as they should”. According to the stats, which Ezra posted near the end of the jan. 27 show,(can be found at stats Canada) the total payments to Quebec for 2015/16 are 20.8 billion, (EZRA quoted the 2016/17 projected of 21.4 billion)

The 9.5 Mercer quote were the equalization payments Quebec received for 2015/16, and why should they get equalization when they won’t allow resource extraction in their own province? The remaining 10.8 billion is transfer payments I understand they are entitled to under our system. Its the 9.5 I don’t think they are entitled to.

The premise of his rant, other than that was good, but why does the east pretend Quebec shouldn’t have to dirty themselves with their own resource development, and sit back and enjoy Alberta resource money. Its dried up now anyway, it will be blood from a stone pretty soon.
commented 2016-01-29 14:44:51 -0500
Rick Mercer is the last person I thought would be the voice of reason, but my hat’s off to you for your commitment to Canada
commented 2016-01-29 14:16:41 -0500

What questions do you have that you want me to answer – go!
commented 2016-01-29 11:40:10 -0500
I agree with Sharon Moore on this one. Rick usually says what he means and he is indeed an independent mind. He will poke fun at everyone but not in a mean way, just a satiric way. I dislike CBC tv for a lot of reasons but still enjoy Rick. He should have his own radio show (CBC Radio is fine), where truth prospers, instead of his TV show where propaganda (tho not very much with RM) prospers.
commented 2016-01-29 10:07:55 -0500
Well said Sheldon. Thank you for your input.
commented 2016-01-29 09:16:22 -0500
LOL Talk about playing both sides of the fence .O Dear he told it quite clearly to vote for JT and Harper was Hilter. LOL Now this crap . Newfs O Boy you fella are gonna pay for your mistake a big one voting in a 32 seat L Party . Who Beavis and Butthead hate the energy sector, and that encludes NFLD not only Alberta.Isnt CBC suppose to be non partasian
commented 2016-01-29 08:27:36 -0500
I liked the content of your post Sheldon, but would suggest breaking it into paragraphs for easier reading.

And one side point about social license: urban environmentalists should have the same (or less) say about pipelines as rural homeowners had about windmills. Treat all energy sources the same. If 50 ducks beating the migratory rush (and dying from it on an unprepared settling pond) are worth a million dollar fine, then a windmill farm needs to keep close records and pay the same fines per bird.
commented 2016-01-29 07:08:19 -0500
Rick has done so many of these over the years. However this was by far the most important and accurate account that Rick ever ranted. Proud of him for it as a Nova Scotian.
commented 2016-01-29 06:47:25 -0500
amazing the left is turning 180degrees and now like the West. mind boggling
commented 2016-01-29 01:27:01 -0500
Well said Shel!!
commented 2016-01-29 00:31:21 -0500
Sheldon berg, your post is very well written.
Thanks, I agree 110%
Trudeau sucks as a premier IMO he still has diaper rash.
commented 2016-01-29 00:15:56 -0500
WOW! I didn’t think Rick Mercer was a level headed person. Especially coming from the CBC (Communist broadcasting Cranks). Way to go Rick thank you for showing people it is Canada, we think about not just the one area.
commented 2016-01-29 00:10:00 -0500
I don’t always agree with Mercer on a lot of issues (ok, most issues), but he does speak his mind and is pretty much the only show on CBC that I will occasionally watch. Plus, he’s done some hilarious videos, like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2N6d1ljlYI
commented 2016-01-29 00:05:48 -0500
Sheldon Berg…very well said!!!
commented 2016-01-29 00:05:05 -0500
mannie, mannie, mannie…you leftist progressive fucktard. Because one happens to agree with something another has said, does not mean that they like that person. Get help!!
commented 2016-01-29 00:02:10 -0500
Sheldon Berg; excellent.
commented 2016-01-28 23:59:03 -0500
This is no more than CBC spin – promote the economic benefits of pipelines, while sabotaging their creation.

Of course, CBC’s own sodomite-in-residence, Rick Mercer, steps up with a rant that attacks the opposition to pipelines as “just they just don’t get it” in their defense. This is cover, pure and simple: get a sodomite to present the opposing position, where it cannot be touched; then, move ahead with business as usual and thwart the pipelines. It’s not like nobody spoke up for the pipelines, right?
commented 2016-01-28 23:42:26 -0500
May Rick Mercer be visited by the Royal Caber of Scotland.
commented 2016-01-28 23:38:04 -0500
Really good post, Sheldon. Thank-you.
commented 2016-01-28 23:35:20 -0500
I’m pro pipeline and fuck rick mercer. all he ever did was pack fudge and complain about harper.
commented 2016-01-28 23:31:06 -0500
Sheldon Berg – well stated!
commented 2016-01-28 23:10:56 -0500
Thank you Rick Mercer. Finally a voice on the CBC that is standing up for the energy industry, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and for the confederation of Canada. I am glad Rick recognizes the economic importance of the project to Alberta and the energy industry in Alberta. I am glad that Rick is able to make a case that while this is important for Alberta it is also significant and positive for the whole country of Canada. I work in the energy industry. I am not an expert on pipelines or most aspects of the oil and gas sector but I know a lot more than the mayor of Monreal, the current Prime Minister, and almost all of the extreme voices that oppose the energy east project.
Some things that need to be said:
The idea of social license that Trudeau wants to promote for the regulatory process is in my opinion ridiculous. We have energy regulators who review projects from a technical, environmental, and safety standponint. These regulators already consult extensively with provincial and municipal governments, aboriginal and community groups, farmers and land owners, environmental groups, and anyone (and I mean anyone) else who wants to voice concerns. I am all for consultation and considering the concerns of citizens on large pipeline projects but it is getting ludicrous. I want pipeline companies to be held to standards and have projects built in environmentally sustainable ways. I want safety measures and best engineering practices adopted. The NEB and the other regulators work hard to insure this. But where does it end? Social license?! So, if the public thinks a pipeline project isn’t fashionable it will not go ahead? What if some whimsical group decides they don’t like the Enbridge logo will they be able to shut down a project. If some mayor, who has no authority or technical expertise to make decisions on pipelines wants to publicly desparage a project they can do so and have the project cancelled? If some hydraulic oil leaks from a valve actuator are we going to have some environmental terrorist hold the whole industry hostage? Is this social license thing being taken seriously? Where does someone get this ‘social license’? Is there an office for stupid licenses? Is there a bureaucracy for the galactically insane? How would a person qualify for such a license? Is there a test on pipelines you need to take. Would you have to take a climate change 101 course from Al Gore or David Suzuki? What happened to ‘consulting with the experts’? Those are Trudeaus own words. Are the experts now anyone with an axe to grind? Do we need a social license for abortions too? What about immigration policy, should the government be compelled to get a social license? Where is the social license for importing Saudi Crude? What social license do mayors in Quebec have to receive transfer payments from Alberta and Saskatchewan? If you can’t tell I am being sarcastic. What we need is some common sense. What we need as a country is to realize that we are a common people and we should not be standing in the way of progress and prosperity. If someone in Quebec or BC is going to prevent pipelines from being built in this country after a proper vetting process than we really don’t have much of a country. What is good for Alberta is good for the rest of the nation. The oil sands are not dirty or evil. It is a natural resource that is right at the ground level in many cases. It can be found on the banks of the Athabasca river. The aboriginal people in the region used the naturally occurring oil sands for caulking their canoes. They easily dug it up from the ground. We need to keep this in mind when we consider this resource and how the rest of the environment happily lives along side of it.
Here is my next point. If the energy east pipeline is okay then why not Northern Gateway? I have heard no rational argument as to why pipelines to the west coast should not be built. If the reason is because of environmental concerns then I say what makes B.C. so special? I have worked in Northern B.C. and know it fairly well. There are a lot of trees, and mountains, and rocks, and trees, and rivers, and trees, and bears, and badgers, and mountains, and trees, and porcupines, and deer flies, and trees, and rivers, and rocks, and trees. There are also towns and communities and people. I get it, we want to protect the environment. No problem. We protect the environment. That is the job of the NEB. The regulators are the experts. Those who have environmental concerns should expect to have the pipeline built to address those safety and environmental concerns. The companies that want to build the pipelines should be able to get the pipelines built per the regulators requirements. It is both. Now get on with it. And cut the crap!
commented 2016-01-28 22:44:13 -0500
I take people at face value. If they talk like someone who can’t or won’t connect the dots, sort of like our manniegordoduhsylvaboyo here, then they aren’t worth considering. In the past that is what Mercer was to me. He has actually connected some dots here, and said something intelligent, it can’t go unnoticed.
commented 2016-01-28 21:33:54 -0500
Michael Mann
The man with all the answers. Why is it that you cannot answer a few questions. Are you some kind of pussy?
commented 2016-01-28 21:26:39 -0500
lol Ay, just trying to be progressive here.
commented 2016-01-28 21:25:28 -0500
Coderre should be forced to watch this video until his eyes are glazed over and then prop up his eye lids with tooth picks. Just like water boarding only Rick Mercer style.
commented 2016-01-28 21:23:49 -0500
I mean all women to have a penis, testicles, sperm cells, Y chromosomes, and a male skeletal structure. It’s SCIENCE ;)
commented 2016-01-28 21:22:48 -0500

I am very relaxed. Are you sure it wouldn’t make YOU happy. :)
commented 2016-01-28 21:17:51 -0500
And for the record, I don’t have a vajajay. But I suppose I could self identify as a woman to make you happy :)