July 27, 2018

WATCH: Steven Crowder on The Menzoid's viral Toronto shooting video

Rebel Staff

At the 17-minute mark of his Friday show, Steven Crowder walked listeners through David Menzie's viral video — a.k.a., the one with the angry Toronto high school teacher —to illustrate the various fallacious methods leftist use when they're "debating" conservatives:

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commented 2018-08-18 14:16:00 -0400
Is the teacher reponse the same as we don’t need no outsiders coming in here?
commented 2018-07-30 10:17:53 -0400
Go Faith! My thoughts and prayers are with you! Your name alone is going to cause those liberal heads to explode!
commented 2018-07-29 17:14:33 -0400
Tony, you still haven’t answered the question. I never asked about refugees. Germans were not refugees during the war. Answer the question O Gutless One.

What difference does it make that they were at war with Germany? We knew that not all Germans were Nazis. So why not let the good ones in?
commented 2018-07-28 19:40:47 -0400
“Why does anyone in this city need a gun at all?” – ironically-named Toronto Mayor John Tory, July 2018

Violent criminals and terrorists gotta love this guy. Nothing like a city full of soft targets who they can prey upon to their twisted hearts’ content, eh? None of that ‘deterrence’ or ‘stopping power’ stuff for Tory. That wouldn’t be fair to armed violent scum. This clown shouldn’t be running a broom closet, never mind a city.
commented 2018-07-28 01:57:09 -0400
Steven, when you said she (toronto sjw wingnut who interrupted Menzies) may not know that she is that stupid, you had it right. She doesn’t. Someone should tell her.
What she needs is to not be ‘teaching’ children her hate, and lies. I sincerely hope parents have phoned the Toronto school board. If Faith were mayor…..

What John Tory is saying completely ignores that what appears to be a trained Islamist shooter shot and killed civilians in T.O. with an illegal firearm. People are dead, and wounded and scared and Tory is blathering on about legal gun owners when the issue is the Islamic terrorist, killer. Shouldn’t that be the concern?
commented 2018-07-28 00:48:11 -0400
First and only sign that Toronto may still be redeemable… That news did indeed “make my day”…
commented 2018-07-27 21:46:48 -0400
God Bless Faith…