May 24, 2018

WATCH: Stormy Daniels receives the keys to West Hollywood while "resisters" defend MS-13

Rebel Staff

Donald Trump is making the leftists lose their minds. Last week, they felt compelled to defend member's of MS-13 because of Trump calling them "animals".

Now, Austen Fletcher reports that West Hollywood is granting Pornstar Stormy Daniels the keys to the city thanks to the bad press Trump has received because of their alleged 2006 affair.

To see more from Austen Fletcher, follow him on YouTube HERE 

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commented 2018-05-25 03:15:36 -0400
And that’s why intelligent people who have been reading the “signs” for years now have also been “heading north” for years now to Oregon, Washington and Idaho… So much so that some Washington State residents have been talking about “mining the border” to stop the influx!…(As I was reminded by a friend of mine from Edmonds, Washington some weeks ago.) I have to think that Governor Moonbeam also knows the reality of why that is happening but now cannot “dismount the tiger” once having jumped onto its back… I have images of a failed captain going down with his ship?… Except in Governor Moonbeam’s case, given his “flexibility”, he will probably skip town…
commented 2018-05-24 22:26:34 -0400
More proof that California is dying, both Financially and in IQ Points of it’s citizens.
commented 2018-05-24 22:11:25 -0400
She isn’t really all that hot , much less for a porn star.
commented 2018-05-24 22:10:37 -0400
I for one support the self destruction of parts of California and the suffering that idiotic left wing apologists will endure.
commented 2018-05-24 16:48:35 -0400
Stormy Daniels … a fine upstanding porn character’s name. How believable or serious can a person be when they can’t even use their real name? America’s legal system and MSM never fails to prove how lame they actually are.
commented 2018-05-24 16:27:53 -0400
“Stormy Daniels receives the keys to West Hollywood "

Putting a pig on a pedastal….I read something about that once.
Can’t remember if it was in Revelations or Animal Farm. In any event, same message.
commented 2018-05-24 16:14:10 -0400
Strange and terrifying!

“It’s a big gang!” Wow!