April 16, 2015

Watch these parents turn the tables on "gotcha" reporter at Queen's Park anti-sex ed protest

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Thousands of parents from many faiths and backgrounds rallied at Queen's Park earlier this week to protest Ontario's new sex-ed curriculum.

Alan Carter of Global News went to the rally too, and asked the parents "gotcha" questions.

He clearly expected that these moms and dads hadn't read the curriculum -- but he's the one who got "punked."

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commented 2016-01-27 19:46:31 -0500
I’m sorry but some of the parents are extremely biased or have completely misinterpreted things . Granted some people have provided constructive feedback (including some who are religious ) to tailor it to their school . The children are not learning about more explicit things until they are adolescents or near adolescents. I support the curriculum but feel certain things (like masturbuation could be pushed up a grade ) and the content could be expanded upon to include other areas.(eg including asexuality)

Adolescents and pre-adolescents getting comprehensive sex-education does not mean they are getting sexualized ( I do have a problem with premature sexualization and I’m not referring to consenting adolescents who are old , mature and informed enough to engage in sexual activity .)

Also , they could stand to do more research and learning beyond the content of the document including to learn that orientation is not just sexual . Moreover ,Two-spirit is a LGBT identity for aboriginals.
commented 2015-04-22 23:34:24 -0400
I hope there is a way to take Wynne to task for this rot. She really needs to be held accountable. This is for your grandchildren KW.
This sex ed thing makes me pull my hair out. Five year olds have no way to understand this crap. It is child abuse.
You make a good point Erin, and I wonder how many of those new Canadians will be voting Liberal in ANY election from now on, if they weren’t Cons, they are now, thanks to Wynne.
commented 2015-04-21 23:27:31 -0400
Ben Levin, former deputy minister of education for Ontario, claimed responsibility for Ontario’s new sex ed curriculum, and then subsequently pled guilty to child porn charges. He is a pedophile. An admitted pedophile is essentially responsible for drafting these changes to the public education system. And Wynne has the balls to accuse anyone who objects to the new curriculum as being homophobic.
Well, I think the discussion needs to be reframed around the liberal pedophile that came up with the new sex ed curriculum. Let’s talk about what he was really trying to achieve by sexualizing 6-year-old Ontario students, and while we’re on the subject, I want Wynne to explain why she seems to be perfectly okay with it.
Further, I find it very interesting that so many of the parents that turned up at this protest were visible minorities and in some cases were clearly newer immigrants to Canada. Yet Wynne casts them all as homophobic, and Global News paints them all as “conservative”. Hmmm….
commented 2015-04-20 15:28:10 -0400
Six genders? hilarious! Surely they mean “castes.” As in Queen, worker,laying worker and drone? Are these people diploid? or haploid? What is the genetic makeup?
commented 2015-04-20 14:51:50 -0400
NICOLE BEAUDOIN, you pretty well nailed it. Things are simply going to have to get a lot worse before they get better. For a multitude of reasons, ranging from ignorance, stupidity, selfishness or laziness, the public refuses to get up off its arse and take constructive action on important issues. And, unfortunately, blogs and forums like this have become yet another substitute for meaningful action.

So, where do you start? What do you do?
commented 2015-04-20 12:25:52 -0400
I share your frustration Nicole. I think this sex-ed rally is a really good example of getting heard. More passionate peaceful gatherings like this will be noticed. We need to do more of it. We need to keep up the noise about HRC’s in this country, a whole lot of noise. I think the left think we are all sheep and will be led to slaughter quietly. We have to make it more difficult for them. The MSM will never do anything differently because this global fascist rhetoric is their meal ticket. They believe most people buy into it, that they are on the right side of history, so it is their mandate to fan the fascist flame. Cowards the lot.
The CRTC had good reason to make it more difficult for Sun to be delivered to peoples living rooms. They want to control the message. MSM keeps the masses ignorant so all they can do is go along to get along.
commented 2015-04-20 00:09:43 -0400
Does anyone out there know how to oppose and have their opinion be heard? Left wing reporting will have nothing to do with opposition, and since the majority of Canadians believe that their opinion won’t be heard, if it does not follow the common thread or the mainstream media, they don’t get off their duff and do anything except pay union dues, earn more money, spend more money, and watch more mindless television. Sometimes, I wonder why I bother to read Therebel.media, since there is always so much opposition expressed here, by faceless people, but I leave my house to see knuckle draggers everywhere, headsets on, listening to mindless music. Carrying on. Carrying on.
commented 2015-04-19 13:30:52 -0400
I can’t imagine who could of ever voted for such a pervert to run a province
commented 2015-04-19 08:29:20 -0400
Meanwhile, here’s our gutless opposition? Hiding under the sheets? All they have managed to spout are some spineless platitudes along the lines of “parents should have been consulted”. I hope Ezra tracks down Brown and Elliot and asks them if they, personally, think that there is a need to talk about anal sex with11-year olds.
commented 2015-04-18 14:46:01 -0400
Ontarians, demand Wynne’s resignation and keep demanding it until she either resigns as Premier or backs down on implementing her program to reprogram Ontario’s children to her own extremist view of gender identity. Take every legal measure to stop her, or watch your children turn into her.
commented 2015-04-18 12:21:15 -0400
Sex ed curriculum written by pedophile Ben Levin and now forced onto small kids with the blessing of Mrs.McGuinty and her ilk….
Truly disgusting that our main stream liars will never seek the truth…NO wonder our world seems so confused.
commented 2015-04-18 11:31:03 -0400
Canadian MSM is so lame – what a bunch of marshmallows.
BTW, click on the Rebel.media’s ads – let’s keep this site going strong.
commented 2015-04-17 22:54:46 -0400
Good for you Ezra to recognize the families the government was elected to serve
commented 2015-04-17 15:33:19 -0400
Maybe we should abolish the public school system altogether, and hand out the gov. money per child, in vouchers to parents to be used at what ever private educational institution of their choice. Shut the whole thing down.
commented 2015-04-17 13:47:35 -0400
Maybe we should have a secret ballot from our teachers to see if they feel this new curriculum is appropriate. I think they know their students almost as well as the parents(as most of them are parents as well). Ms Wynne and Ms Sandals may be surprised by the results. Oh, and cut the homophobic crap, it just doesn’t fly.
commented 2015-04-16 18:19:47 -0400
Harpo Marx look-alike Wynne is shamelessly anti-children, condones pedophilia, heterophobic, anti-religion, anti-family, and a demonic authoritarian. These are NOT liberals. They hate you. The agenda is perverted and unnecessary cruelty for such young kids. Any normal freedom loving individual can see it. Once again, no mandate was given to her. This is classic Marxist indoctrination, social engineering, where the state owns your children. She has no conscience whatsoever. Expect nothing. The control freak should resign but like all psychopaths would have to be shoved. Then this scandalous twisted sister could hold hands with the dumb clown-ass from Global as they exit this circus to visit their pal, disgraceful Levin. Slime-balls.
commented 2015-04-16 17:19:17 -0400
I agree with Liza. I hope Ontario parents ramp up the protests until Wynne hears nothing but cries of “NO sex education changes”. Wynne really is the epitome of a bully and should be pressured until she resigns in shame (weather she has a majority or not). She is damaging the fabric of the whole country with her planned sex education changes and her carbon cap & trade scheme. She is the biggest threat to Canada as we know it!
commented 2015-04-16 16:24:50 -0400
Kathleen says you must be homophobic if you don’t want your children sexually exploited
commented 2015-04-16 16:07:42 -0400
wynne says," I can’t tell you, the motivation of the people on the lawn."
It is pretty obvious, they are concerned parents who refuse to buy what Wynne is trying to force on them. And she is still calling anyone who questions her homophobic. She is a bully, absolutely. I really hope these parents keep it up, and even ramp it up.
commented 2015-04-16 15:37:06 -0400
whats taking so long with those opp investigations?
commented 2015-04-16 15:22:01 -0400
I happened to catch this brad cast and Alain came off as a bit of an ass. I’m surprised he wasn’t punched. One thing you don’t mess with. Parents raising their children. Six genders? Plain stupid.
commented 2015-04-16 15:01:42 -0400
So…the next time I comment on Ezra’s practice of “gotcha” mock-journalism, remember his intro to his segment.
commented 2015-04-16 15:00:16 -0400
Global News a la Allan Carter is a disgusting media party PC front at the best of times. The key here is that the multicult meme cannot square this Wynne pushed into your face weirdo promoted circle and if the Tories had any smarts they would recognize that there are ethnic and religious communities that are profoundly opposed in their basic culture to this lefty directed initiative.
commented 2015-04-16 14:54:23 -0400
Wynne WON’T quit unless she is forced…she is as hard-nosed as they come, denying knowing anything about McGuinty’s corruption, despite having been in his party at the time, and threatening to sue anyone who doesn’t believe it…Under her, the Ontario Liberal party has used ILLEGAL election practices and refused to own up to them despite there being video and audio tapes to PROVE it. And this sex-ed is a matter of life and death to her…and her cronies…it is EVERYTHING to them because they are determined once and for all to MAKE US SEE THINGS THEIR WAY AND APPROVE WHAT THEY DO. We are required to praise their behaviour as normal…or else. At least, if they can’t force US to do so, they can and WILL influence little children to eventually approve lifestyles that their parents do not agree with. This WILL drive a wedge between parents and their own children! They WILL indoctrinate children no matter what it takes. Are our children as important to us as their lifestyles are to them?…they say they are co-parenting our children…do you agree?

There are a FEW quite inexpensive private schools in Ontario…that almost anyone can afford…and they are struggling to survive against so-called ‘free’ public education, having teachers that are SO dedicated to teaching that they are surviving on very little pay, OUT OF PRINCIPLE. Why are you keeping your children in public elementary schools if you don’t approve of their practices? Isn’t sacrificing a snowmobile, a facelift, or some other luxury, for their protection worth it?…at least until high school?

If enough parents opted out, they could probably find a way to reduce their taxes that, for now, must also support public education as well…

It costs taxpayers approx. $9,000-11,000. for each child in public school…private school parents shouldn’t have to pay exhorbitant taxes, to pay for non-existent children and still have to listen to the likes of McGuinty complain that private schools HURT the public system when they certainly do not…THE EXTRA MONEY THAT PRIVATE SCHOOL PARENTS PAY FOR NOT SENDING THEIR CHILDREN TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS goes to the public school system and shows that McGuinty was not telling the whole truth about the matter.

We need a revolution in education here in Ontario and a CHARTER SYSTEM is the answer (But EXPECT BLOOD-CURDLING CRIES from the Teacher’s Unions) …Charter Systems hurt BAD teachers…as parents CHOOSE what schools to send their children to…and this would remove the cost factor from private schools as well… Charter schools IMPROVE the quality of education and give the PARENTS more say…what say you?
commented 2015-04-16 14:17:20 -0400
My great regret is that we aren’t on the verge of having a provincial election right now. This issue could well be the one that rallies sensible people of all political persuasions to vote for parties or individuals that would roll back these disturbing policies. I also regret that we don’t have recall legislation in this province. Wynne would be a prime candidate for recall if such legislation existed. I am still shaking my head in disbelief that the Liberals were re-elected last year, with a majority no less. In the meantime, I think all we can do is demand her resignation and/or the abandonment of this new curriculum. Also, if there is some way to stop this policy via litigation, I’d be all in favour of that.
commented 2015-04-16 13:56:48 -0400
I beg to differ that those parents on Wynn’s lawn were conservatives, they are conservatives, liberals, libertarians, union people, but mostly they are parents that have a different view than the Liberal government and the lame stream media.
commented 2015-04-16 13:51:58 -0400
Kathleen Wynne wants to remake the human race in the image of her own extremist radical view of gender identity, and she wants to begin with Ontario’s kids. She must be stopped. Demand her resignation and keep demanding it until she either backs down or resigns as Ontario Premier.
commented 2015-04-16 13:47:54 -0400
Brilliant Ezra.
I have said this from the beginning of Wynn’s reign of terror. We will have a gay agenda forced on us. Wynn is making me homophobic.