August 17, 2018

WATCH: Tommy Robinson DESTROYS "journalist" who followed him on holiday

Rebel Staff

As we've reported, Tommy Robinson went on a long planned (and much needed) holiday with his family after he was released from prison.

But even there, the media wouldn't leave him alone. Worse, they put Tommy's family in danger by photographing them.

So Tommy confronted the Daily Mail reporter, and asked him why.

LISTEN to the reporter use guilt by association and other fallacies to try to justify his actions. He can't even answer simple questions!

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commented 2018-08-19 02:53:05 -0400
Smarmy “journalists” who are just asking for it deserve to get their noses bloodied again, and again, and again… Some indeed learn from having been so stupid, but evidently the majority these days don’t… That’s because their mummies and daddies told them already years ago that the world revolves around their dimpled bums and they can do no wrong..
commented 2018-08-18 04:13:15 -0400
Lets see if this fake news reporter will write something vindictive and false in the newspaper.
commented 2018-08-18 02:19:46 -0400
Flatwater well said. HE destroyed this imbecile.
commented 2018-08-17 22:46:05 -0400
“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” – Martin Luther King Jr.
Tommy exposed that “journalist” for the fake that he is. Well done.
commented 2018-08-17 22:15:03 -0400
That a boy… Tommyyyyy…! Smack down… with facts!
commented 2018-08-17 21:49:27 -0400
That a boy… Tommyyyyy…! Smack down… with facts!
commented 2018-08-17 20:59:41 -0400
Thumbs up Tommy!
commented 2018-08-17 20:21:41 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,866 Attacks, 232,610 Killed, 312,384 Injured that we know of
commented 2018-08-17 20:07:07 -0400
Keep exposing the fake news!
commented 2018-08-17 19:32:10 -0400
Well done tommy.!!! Well done.!!