August 01, 2015

Watch Torontonians try to remember a single thing about the PanAm Games

Rebel Staff

As you may recall from an earlier segment, Matt Philips of is a PanAm Games enthusiast. He's sad the Games are over, and tries to find other Torontonians who feel the same way.


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commented 2015-08-01 20:19:36 -0400
Ontario hates your fkg guts PIG WYNNE!!!
commented 2015-08-01 17:37:09 -0400
This is great Matt Philips and it truly sums it up as just nothing more than another lie-beral boondoggle …….But hey the msm will gloss it all over in their typical fashion [LIES]……
commented 2015-08-01 14:12:57 -0400
Still chuckling Mark great post
commented 2015-08-01 12:27:42 -0400
Man I feel for you Ontarian’s, but don’t worry us Albertans will be right by your sides shortly.
commented 2015-08-01 11:41:05 -0400
Another “boondoggle” for the Wynne government at the public trough! Will the people of Ontario ever wake up and learn from their errors? I live in Ontario and I am filled with despair about what is happening to this beautiful province under the management of “Spin-and-Wynne” and her cohorts! She is taking Ontario into a downward spiral of debt! Every time I see her face on television, I hit the “Off” button. She reminds me of a “snake-oil” preacher standing at the pulpit of debt and destruction with arms upraised pretending that she is the “saviour” of Ontario!
The Pan-Am games are an example of what is happening in our province. The people interviewed show exactly how much impression the games had on the public. Nada, zilch, nein, nyet, nie, ……..
commented 2015-08-01 09:14:04 -0400
The only way to cure zombie voterism is issue itemized tax bills.
commented 2015-08-01 08:43:38 -0400
I am stunned at the ignorance of politics by some and their inability to educate themselves with facts instead of being ignorant fools. The minority has had the voice for far too long in this country and people best get out and vote in the fall so we do not fall into the pit that’s Greece, but then again look at Ontario and now Alberta. The 2 economic engines of Canada and Wynne has turned Ontario into a half not province with Alberta soon to follow. We live in an energy world but yet the lefties think we can just turn the oil tap off and the economies will be flourishing, how some think that’s even true baffles me to no end. I say get out and vote folks and put the crazies back in the asylum, Canada cannot afford leftist views, it will bankrupt us financially and morally. I have been communicating with PSAC to tell them my displeasure about them spending millions of dollars on ads during this election and not their members, unions need accountability but yet they think they are above that. Unions wish to keep spending the money of their workers in order to screw the taxpayer, all they want is someone in power so they can have million dollar salaries and have no accountability what so ever, and that’s a shame because that goes against what a democracy is all about, which is accountability. I also told PSAC that they are manipulating the uninformed voters by telling them half truths and not give them all the facts. Unions have become irrelevant in todays society, I was a member of PSAC at one time and saw the waste that the unions do. They take members money and spend it on things that have no bearing on the job itself, thousands of dollars went to Occupy, why? and then when a strike comes there is no money for that. We need accountability in the unions and the unions are fighting back in order not to be open or transparent, and when someone or some organization that fights not to have transparency then one wonders what they are hiding. It could be nothing but I would bet that there is something that the unions do not want the public to know. So is this democracy, a union that does not want transparency but yet wants to hold the government to a higher standard, takes and spends millions of dollars to sway voters by telling half truths in order to win so Mulcair or Trudeau can repeal that law so the unions can go back under the rocks and hide what they do. That to me is the opposite of a democracy and the people need to speak up more, email PSAC and other unions and tell them about what they are doing is wrong and undemocratic, maybe they will get the hint and put the election back into the hands of the people. That is why unions need to go away, they are undemocratic and they would rather screw the whole country and all peoples just so they get what they want, spoiled child syndrome maybe?
commented 2015-08-01 08:17:15 -0400
True North : Wynne will turn Ontario into Manitoba on its way to Greece apparently. The same nonsense goes on in regards to Winnipeg in relation to the rest of the province here too.
commented 2015-08-01 08:12:13 -0400
My most memorable moment was when I learned that this piece of crap of a sporting event cost the tax payers an estimated 3 BILLION dollars! You can’t imagine the joy of knowing that the tax payers in my little town were funding a useless event to entertain the Toronto sports elites, while we, ‘out here’ can’t even afford to fill our pot holes or provide street lights. They spent more on that damned ‘TORONTO’ sign than most rural municipalities in Ontario can spend on their libraries ( should they actually have one).

Oh the joy. OH THE JOY!!!