March 07, 2016

WATCH: "Triggered" protester pours urine on Lauren Southern because she was winning debate against feminists

StaffRebel Columnist

Why bother arguing with angry feminists and social justice warriors when this could end up happening?

On Friday, March 4, The Rebel's Lauren Southern had a bottle of urine poured on her because she destroyed feminists in a debate.

The incident was caught on video.

According to the video description by Press For Truth, “a group of SJW's and feminist gathered outside the Railway Club in Vancouver where a man named Augustus Invictus was scheduled to give a talk. He was stopped at the Canadian border and refused entry on the grounds that he "has no legitimate reason to enter the country and will just cause trouble." This didn't stop the social justice warriors from bringing the trouble anyways as rebel media reporter Lauren Southern was assaulted when a girl decided to dump a bottle of piss water all over her.”

The story has made headlines internationally from Breitbart to National Post.

Southern told Breitbart Tech, “I could go in and report it to the police. However I honestly don’t know if I want to waste their time. I just had a freezing and soaking wet walk home and had to take a shower. I didn’t die. The police have better things to do with their time.”

“The feminist girls all were laughing at me and giving me the middle finger on the street, guys were screaming at me that ‘maybe that washed the scum off you',” she added. “Despite their professed feminism, they don’t care about women if they have the wrong opinions. And despite their professed concern for ‘violence against women,’ they don’t care if women who disagree with them are physically attacked.”

The hypocrisy of social justice warriors and feminazis was certainly on full display.

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commented 2016-03-07 15:09:14 -0500
These idiots would strip you of your citizenship if they could, but not for an actual terrorist, because that would be wrong.
commented 2016-03-07 15:07:45 -0500
Contact makes it Assault & Battery. Has this violent criminal been arrested? Every instance of this should be reported to the police to help the paper trail and make these SJW criminals think twice about racking up additional strikes.
commented 2016-03-07 14:56:27 -0500
When in Vancouver I avoid mentioning that I’m from Calgary because it inevitably leads straight to another tiresome lecture about “your carbon economy” or “your tarsands.” The fact that I have never drawn a paycheque from the energy industry is completely irrelevant to these fanatics.
Last summer in Vancouver I overheard a bus driver advising some foreign visitors to tell all their Canadian friends, don’t vote Conservative because Harper wants to COMPLETELY stop immigration. “He has already slowed it to a trickle.” When I called BS and pulled out a smartphone to prove it, he actually threw me off his bus. Seriously.
No wonder they call it the “left coast.”
commented 2016-03-07 14:47:14 -0500
And Lauren, maybe if they get away with this assault this time, they may use a disfiguring liquid in the future. You need to nip this in the bud. You can bet that those immature children, who are passing themselves off as mature women would cry like babies if they were assaulted in this way.
commented 2016-03-07 14:46:33 -0500
I cannot believe that Lauren won’t be pressing charges for that vile assault. Rewarding them for that disgusting behaviour is not the solution and next time it will probably be worse. Also, I would be very concerned about what kind of disease/infection could have been in that bottle.
commented 2016-03-07 14:42:46 -0500
Lauren, you need to press charges for assault. The reasoning that police have better things to do – INCLUDE leveling charges against people who have done nothing more than express concern for Free Speech, and protecting the scum who act as if you had insulted (assaulted) them, and causing raucous acts against those who they were hired to protect!
You, Lauren are just as (or more) worthy of police protection from the sort that so ridiculously confronted you.
Keep up the great reporting of those insane peoples around us, and do take care!!
commented 2016-03-07 14:32:23 -0500
I hope you press charges Lauren! I also hope that you kept the articles of clothing with the pee on them. They can test them to see who contributed it to the bottle. But only if you have them charged. Lauren, if you let them away without being exposed, then they will do it again to someone else.
commented 2016-03-07 14:21:15 -0500
I wouldn’t even have the patience to talk to those people. Their brains are wired so poorly, it’s of no use.
commented 2016-03-07 14:18:33 -0500
regardless weather it was piss or not it is assault. who ever did it should be busted for it. this display is the true essence of feminism which is one of the primary drivers for the existence of MGTOW. Lauren, one of the things you should start asking feminists about is MGTOW and see what you get for a reaction from them. i suggest you check out anything about MGTOW in depth so you have full arsenal to hit them with when they give you stupid answers about it. i and many other MGTOWs are available for a full interview when ever you want one.
commented 2016-03-07 14:16:18 -0500
This is crazy… if it was the other way around… and someone had poured urine on someone advocating with the LGBTQ, the person would be charged with ‘Hate Crime’ and this story would be buzzing around CBC media…. BUT…. it’s not… and since “tolerance” is a double-standard with these folks we’ll here little of it.
commented 2016-03-07 14:15:47 -0500
That bottle could have contained acid, or poison, or infected urine or other bodily fluids. LS would be quite within her rights to fear death or grievous bodily harm. She should go to the police. These SJW brownshirts need to be taken down.
commented 2016-03-07 14:14:21 -0500
Jay Kelly asked, “How did she know it was urine and not American beer?”

It is true that the two are remarkably similar.
commented 2016-03-07 14:14:19 -0500
You should have body guards Lauren.
commented 2016-03-07 14:12:49 -0500
Those two women trying to defend more than the two genders by changing definitions are unable to maintain their bull crap for long. When Lauren cornered one woman using her own logic (8:23 to 9:00) she just called Lauren hateful and stopped talking to Lauren and her friend took over the pointless defense of this of multi-genders garbage.

There are two genders according to science … and well, just plain observation.

It is very telling that those who support this complete utter crap that there are more than two genders are the ones who were throwing insults at Lauren and became violent. That is always the way of the left/socialists/progressives. When their position becomes indefensible and their little glass bubble of pseudo-reality pops with a superior logical argument and truth, they get vulgar and violent.
commented 2016-03-07 14:09:12 -0500
Ms. Southern should press criminal charges. That was clear pre-meditated assault with the intent to cause bodily harm. I believe, but am not certain, there is a precedent that the use of bodily fluids is considered a weapon to cause bodily harm. By pressing for criminal charges, those that assaulted her are on the hook for legal defense costs, because it will be the Crown picking up the prosecution costs.

There is also the inconvenience the assaulters will go through regarding arrest, fingerprinting, time in holding cells, etc. These cowards must be taken to account whenever the chance presents itself. Like all cowards, once they see they can be held to account, they will starting ratting themselves.

I also realize that I am writing advice as if we actually live in a country with police services and law courts that exercise the rule of law. However, I can dream and it is worth the shot.
commented 2016-03-07 14:09:07 -0500
Lauren, that liquid could have been anything. You need people on watch for that sort of thing,( someone moving quickly through the crowd towards you.) That should have been caught. You need body guards in the crowd.
commented 2016-03-07 13:55:23 -0500
How did she know it was urine and not American beer?
commented 2016-03-07 13:51:38 -0500
Actually most of these sicko activists would stand in line to trade places with Lauren for the thrill. Upside is downside.